Marry at a mature age group the more massive natural “only the lonely” has been out of date?

the Spring Festival will come, & other; Urge marriage & throughout; Topics will usher in a wave of public opinion. Recently, the discussion of first marriage age delay on network hot search list. Why are more and more Chinese young people choose to marry at a mature age? & other; Single family & throughout; Large and will bring what’s the problem? Now, how the public view & other; Is natural the lonely, & throughout; The traditional concept?

data diagram: a pair of singles play interaction at the scene of the blind date activities. Jiang Qinglin taken

marriage age postponed discussion of

not long ago the media reported that in 2017, jiangsu people first marriage age of 34.2 years on average, women 34.3 years and 34.1 years for men. In 2012, jiangsu people first marriage age, 29.6 years on average, 32.4 years in 2015.

news, first marriage age delay will cause a lot of netizens, someone said, & other; He has 30 years old, did the worry & throughout; , some netizens also complain, & other; House prices so high, how to knot marriage? Throughout the &;

in fact, is not only in jiangsu province, according to previous media reports, guangdong, Shanghai and other places also repeatedly delayed marriage age.

in addition to delay marriage age, China’s marriage rate continues to decline in recent years. , according to the ministry of civil affairs in 2016, the civil affairs departments at various levels and the marriage registration organ for marriage registration in accordance with the 11.428 million pairs, falling by 6.7% over the previous year. In addition, from 2013 to 2016, Chinese marriage rates declining, from 9.92 in 2013 & permil; Fell to 8.3 in 2016 & permil; .

data figure: on September 24, 2017, in dongguan, guangdong province, the 22nd blind date will be held in dongguan, guangdong ten thousand people from guangdong and Hong Kong region attracts thousands of thousands of single men and women, to fight off single. Image: visual China

why more and more people marry at a mature age?

zhang is a graduate student at the university of sichuan, 28 years old, his hometown in the countryside in yunnan province. Today, zhang hua childhood playmates has parents, some children have even elementary school.

and zhang hua, don’t seem to worry about their marital, he told the news agency reporter, recently got the school push from Dr. Qualification, ready to continue their education.

& other; Doesn’t even have a girlfriend now, talking about marriage? Throughout the &; Zhang hua said, his from the countryside to today’s university is not easy, now still don’t have a car didn’t room, want to foothold in the city still need to struggle, as academic well first.

is also older single family, 32 li bo is a from Harbin & other; Throughout north bleaching &; . Li’s parents now retired, spare they just looking forward to an early can have grandchildren.

in the face of single distress and pressure from parents, li bo told a reporter, oneself also don’t have the heart to let the parents worry, but, after all, marriage is for life, and must be careful. & other; I’m dating some girl before, but always feel inappropriate. Throughout the &;

in recent years, because of the busy study and career, or because of social competition pressure, more and more Chinese young people actively or passively & other; Throughout the rest &; , marry at a mature age seems to be inevitable.

& other; In recent years, marry at a mature age in the world is a common phenomenon, China is no exception, first marriage age increasing. Throughout the &; Researcher at the institute of population and Labour economics at the Chinese academy of social sciences zhang CheWei analyzing news reporter.

CheWei zhang said, marry at a mature age behind the phenomenon, reason, for example, subjective aspect, today’s young people to become more independent, higher level of education, they are more willing to pursue the realization of his value. Objective factors, social development also brings more stress in your life to the young, the social factors that affect marriage more complex, these will affect the first marriage age.

data diagram hua-feng Yang taken

marry at a mature age may lead to what effect?

this year, 26, and wang xin is don’t want to be a & other; Marry at a mature age group & throughout; Walk down the aisle, last October, she just. & other; My husband and I want a second child, this age should be ok now, again a few years later, the best reproductive age, afraid of bad to the body. Throughout the &;

, said wang xin will be themselves on the Internet to see a lot of discussion about the best childbearing age, but did not find a unified standard. & other; Some say women should within 27 birth, also some people say that women should be within 35 years old, I am also very confused, so might as well as soon as possible. Throughout the &; Said wang xin will be.

as said, wang xin will be in the public opinion for late marriage topic discussion, & other; The best childbearing age & throughout; Urge marriage one reason.

& other; From the perspective of human science, indeed there is the best reproductive age. Throughout the &; Tongji hospital affiliated to tongji medical college huazhong university of science and technology professor of center of reproductive medicine han-wang zhang told reporters.

& other; From a purely physical law, 23 years old is the best childbearing age, but with the development of the social environment change, and & lsquo; Comprehensive two children & rsquo; Such as policy, people of childbearing age delay is an objective reality, women may also more and more. Throughout the &; Han-wang zhang said.

and observed phenomenon of marry at a mature age more profound social influence, zhang CheWei said, at present, China’s fertility rate is low in the world, if further delay marriage age, the fertility rate will be even further. In the long run, the impact on population structure will also, an aging population will intensify.

data figure: & other; & lsquo; Kiss love green & rsquo; Throughout 2017 matchmaking conference &; The scene. Tan Xia taken

how & other; Natural to the lonely & throughout; ?

& other; Natural to the lonely & throughout; , this is the traditional Chinese concept of marriage. Nowadays, with the development of social economy, people become more diverse with the opinions about love.

& other; Of marriage must still want, & lsquo; Natural to the lonely & rsquo; This traditional idea can come down there must be the truth, to maintain the stability of the society and the family is important. Throughout the &; Executive director of the m red population and development research institute, zhejiang university, told reporters.

CheWei think zhang, & other; Natural to the lonely & throughout; Concept in the contemporary society also hold up, but with the development of society and economy, people’s behavior and choice but not necessarily consistent, this also is very normal.

in zhang CheWei point of view, the Chinese traditional thought is early early childbearing, but with the development of the society, young people now HunYuGuan has appeared and the traditional thought, more diverse examination idea and way of life is being accepted by the society.

in addition, zhang CheWei also stressed that now & other; Comprehensive two children & throughout; Policy has be born two years, it had certain influence to the Chinese concept of examination. Guided policy after all, though, is only a supplementary role, is the key to personal and family will. (at the request of the respondents, part of the figure is not her real name) (finish)??????