Marriage is the most difficult to prevent three types of “small three”

guide language: a few days ago, there was a net friend complain letter: you have children and so on, the quality of life. Apart from the husband concern for their reduced, mother-in-law and therefore to his home, the pipe it, sometimes will not knocking at the door in the middle of the night to come in to help the baby and her son, cover with quilt son! A and girlfriends go out shopping will be the nagging mother-in-law, early know will become like this, it is better to start not to have children & hellip; & hellip; The content of this letter is not very special, but it is a common problem in modern couples, therefore the sky always blue want to talk about the most difficult of marriage against three & other; Small three & throughout; .

business marriage needs three prevention & other; Third party & throughout;

the first is a baby. the sudden arrival of & other; Third party & throughout; Disrupted the life and even emotional world of two people, not ready for psychological preparation, a pair of young parents don’t know how to arrange their own heart. Let us, for example, if two people of lunch, but more don’t pay a big stomach king, what would you think? Confused about the big eaters come from? Or more angry with what to eat my lunch? And then, to worry about in this big stomach king how much will eat their lunch? For the children, do you know where it comes from, you can’t angry about it, but you are still worried about it for your other half care & hellip; & hellip;

in second place, the two old man. in ten thousand, the same topic, but also cannot change the condition of the ten thousand & ndash; & ndash; Only two feelings, marriage involves two families. Which bring more turmoil, is usually the mother-in-law and mother-in-law, they don’t care about the generation gap, positive environment; their children to build a better life Live together, because of maternity, the hard to avoid the shield or spoil behavior would be in the life of a young couple two or even three emotional conflicts.

and in the end, is the hidden characters in marital problems, friend girlfriends. them with both men and women and for pleasure, not have two situations: has your partner, and possess you. Friend wife impolitely examples have become common, you don’t have to do more description; And homosexual is possession, is also cannot be ignored to affect the feelings of two people, it is a kind of dependence between friends. And modern way of life is limited time to rest, if take up too much, that family time is bound to reduce communication problems.

these & other; Small three & throughout; How to solve? Accuse them of, get rid of the old man, reduce social activities to keep love fresh? Keep the marital relationship is mellow?

this is not the right in the forever blue sky appears to be obvious. We want to change is not so much the external, we complain and not someone else’s, we actually care about is just half the attitude. We want to learn, how to buy a more amount of lunch, who won’t be hungry.

may be a piece of music, a film on the Internet, a book two people love & hellip; & hellip; To cause two people’s tacit understanding and empathy, suggesting that language, vague expression, or silence, solitude can also help promote emotional communication between a couple.

the most important thing is to see how do you balance yourself and see the world.