Love is the most expensive in China? Hong Kong and Shanghai on the list

guide language: recently, deutsche bank published the 2017 global cities index map, as the only cities in mainland China, in Shanghai to fall in love high cost has not fresh topic for Chinese netizens.

which love is the most expensive in China? Hong Kong and Shanghai on

recently, deutsche bank published “the 2017 global cities index map”, the report detailed contrast the price index in the great cities of the world, get a series of interesting results.

, for example, fitness is the most expensive city in Copenhagen, the most expensive place for a holiday is milan this weekend. As for the cost of the young people fall in love, Zurich, Switzerland, to become the world’s & other; Love costs & throughout; The highest city, at the same time, China’s Hong Kong and Shanghai on the list.

according to deutsche bank, in Zurich, a common date is about $195.9, 1.47 times that of New York. No wonder deutsche bank experts report sincerely suggest people in Zurich, & other; Either you early get married, or when choosing date’ll have to consider very carefully. Throughout the &; China’s Hong Kong and Shanghai dating costs in 20 and 32 respectively.

in & other; Throughout the American version zhihu &; Web site, and some even questioning, & other What is the experience in Zurich fall in love? Throughout the &; It seems that living in a big city & other; Single dog & throughout; Is really worthy of sympathy.

love highest cost Zurich

Shanghai Hong Kong list

the bank when calculating the cost around the world dating after detailed consideration, final cost quantification for taxis, the date a double meal, two tickets to the theatre, the combination of soft drinks and a few glasses of beer. Zurich for $195.9 & other; Won the top & throughout; , the number has dropped 7% than in 2016. Followed by the city of Oslo, Norway, Tokyo, Japan, Denmark Copenhagen and Stockholm, Sweden. Miserable, however, the top five cities even cut costs are high, looks like date & other Preparation & throughout; Don’t save money.

six love rising costs of Hong Kong, China ranked 20th, while Shanghai edged down a number 32. According to deutsche bank, Shanghai’s love cost has become the 2014 decrease $94.7 to $81.6 in 2017, only about 61% of New York levels. In on May 7, exchange rates, a common date in Shanghai cost about 563 yuan, the many & other; Shanghai bleaching & throughout; Youngsters is not cheap.

as the only cities in mainland China, in Shanghai to fall in love high cost has not fresh topic for Chinese netizens. According to the media used to be a project, a Shanghai netizens had burned a & other Love bill & throughout; , the local cost is far more than 25000 yuan a year in shenzhen, wuhan and other cities the level of the respondents said.

can also be found in the search engines, many netizens have proposed & other; Love in Shanghai high cost & throughout; The topic.

in the big cities around the world love cost is not high. Deutsche bank according to the report, southeast Asia and South Asia’s biggest cities in love for the lowest cost. Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and India’s two major cities, new Delhi, bangalore where the bottom in the list of cost of love. According to the calculation of deutsche bank, even considering the difference of income level, Zurich youth if immigrants in southeast Asia to fall in love, still have to save a lot of money.

and other big cities; Single dog & throughout; The Gospel:

high income is the future capital

high date cost could let young people feel poorer in big cities. Think about your career has just started, all the city & other; On the tall & throughout; Enjoy both out and, in the heart may not be. However, deutsche bank, also hidden good news.

the bank report the quality of life and after-tax income both rank as two of the most important indicators, which are also indeed there is a strong correlation between indicators.

date and the highest cost of living in Zurich ranked first, in the income list also weigh down Zurich ranked fifth in terms of quality of life. Followed by the Copenhagen is famous for its expensive price, too. In Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, mumbai and the four cities, although the cost of living and dating is low, but still scored the first four from bottom in the quality of life rankings.

it is important to note that since June 2016 pound fell sharply after the referendum, after-tax income in dollar denominated in London. This change leads to London on the quality of life rankings from top fall to the 33rd directly.

, according to deutsche bank experts & other; Sometimes sacrifice short-term quality of life, strive for long-term high income opportunity is worth it. Throughout the &;

according to the national bureau of statistics, China statistical yearbook, Shanghai urban per capita disposable income in 2015 to 52961.9 yuan, the first in the nation, followed by Beijing with 52859.2 yuan. Young people can hope to increase income, the hard way and in the future & other; Roll over & throughout; .

the bank report have a appointment save money & other; Tips & throughout; . Cost a five-star hotel in Shanghai to $292.3 to 30th, to about 68% of the New York level; But in the daily rental cost a, Shanghai ranked 35th for $27.7, the cost is only 19% of New York.

look in high-end cluster hotels and restaurants in Shanghai, to save money to fall in love, not rent a car at the weekend and love towards the & other; Poetry and the distance & throughout; !