“Lewd women” readme: what problem we focus on men

guide language: Chen kaige’s ex-wife huang once said that if the man’s lower half a chance, on the other half were not much better. Thus, if a woman really fall in love with a man, is impressed by his lower body, not hypocritical upper body.

if a woman fall in love with a man, because of his lower body 70%

if a woman fall in love with a man, 70% because of his lower body, and the remaining 30% is likely to be the upper body can also be other.

however, innate shyness and the fear of man lower body, most women will not show, but the woman is also very lewd, but we do not say, walking in the street see handsome handsome boy we will peep, just not as obvious as boys.

we women together in addition to talk about clothes, the rest are all men! Those talks their husband, married children, how to. The unmarried how talks recently new clothes, boyfriend.

by around when it comes to bed; By the relationship to recent far away; From the man’s nose, eyes, mouth when it comes to a man of self-restraint, tolerance, virtue, etc., are talking about the topic of no more than in addition to men, or men, that is only a man.

a woman, after all, is only half the sky, the other half the sky is a man, for the married woman, a man is a whole one day. Women gather together together to talk about topic core will always be a man! We also feel that should not be so, then we agree with each other: don’t talk about the man in the future.

but, when we started to carry out the decision, we have several women party since the beginning of the first appearance of the ice, we all don’t talk. We are all in the struggle for has nothing to do with a man, we found that, in addition to the man, we don’t know what we should talk.

we are very ordinary woman, the most important part of our life is a man, don’t talk about men, is that they lead us to shut up. You smile at one another.

but it’s good, let us also understand that men are not we reject object, even though we often said thousand is not a man, even sometimes hate to them, but we still cannot leave them, and they are the most important thing in our life, even, perhaps really is the meaning of all.

a woman fall in love with a man, largely because of his upper body, which is external, that is to give people the image, a representation is presented to the people of a state of life, social status, etc.

to know a man’s appearance is very easy, sometimes a business card can make the story clear. Or a passbook. Woman will also pay close attention to some details, such as what brand suit, is which school diploma, the car what kind, how many square meters house, etc.

women rely on a man, usually because the man’s lower body, is the essence. Nature refers to a person’s character and his own quality and accomplishment.

character is what he inner, hide in the inside is not easy to be seen, men generally don’t want to expose his instinctive quality, especially in front of the woman, always the first decent upper body out, hide his true colors.

it is decided to a man or a virtuous, or battle righteousness, or gentle, or cruelty, or distorted, or selfish, or violence, etc.

as firewood and pear wood can discern them, rarely can see men like women is not a lot. If nature is internal, quality accomplishment by a person of the behavior of others. His manners and people skills are a person’s quality and the cultivation of the identified, including love.

if a woman really fall in love with a man, is impressed by his lower body, rather than the upper part of the body. But most of women to men of lower birth have a fear and helpless, so they often show for men are not interested in the lower half of the exposure, and turned his attention to a man’s upper body only decent enough.

once China’s ancient civilization education a woman, in not married before, do not have to have sex with men. The sort of thing, in fact, sex is sex early, most can show a man’s true colors.