Japan’s princess suddenly postponed the wedding striking insider

ever been praised Japan braganza civilian students all over the world of fairy tale, ceased on February 6th.

, I said in a statement that the chamber was held on November 4, the true princess wedding, because ready to rush, decided to postponed until after 2020.

sudden published, the Japanese archipelago. Because the true princess is long granddaughter emperor akihito, in September last year, after the emperor and empress, true child with boyfriend small room, the both met with reporters announced an engagement, said & other; If can establish a warm and comfortable, full of happy smile of the family, will be very happy & throughout; . And iha has released two people for this wedding schedule: on March 4, 2018, held & other; Na in the instrument & throughout; (note to give dowry). On November 4, for the wedding ceremony.

true princess

for emperor akihito, true son wedding as the third generation of the first royal wedding grandchildren, nature is very seriously. Therefore, in the true son announcing an engagement with the boyfriend, the emperor and queen in the palace please two people eat, said to the children. And abide by the royal tradition of iha, but also in accordance with the imperial family, strict rules on the necessary performance of the program, two people walked into the hall and set a timetable for getting married

so much royal wedding, suddenly to a & other; No time to prepare & throughout; , let the Japanese find glasses on the ground.

let’s take a look at the iha’s true princess statement.

true princess in titled & other; My mood & throughout; Said in a statement: “because last may suddenly be reported to get married, so issued earlier than the day of the scheduled to conclude the news of the engagement. Since announced a series of service content and time, also really feel too busy.

true princess say: & other; We recognize that scheduled autumn marriage now, because of mixed with a variety of activities, and considering the life after marriage, time is not very ready to feel. Although you can choose to continue as planned, but, in discussion with all parties, thought to have plenty of time to prepare for appropriate. Throughout the &;

statement said: & other; We feel that this time delay marriage, is preparing to start a new life of a good opportunity. We will cherish this a chance. Throughout the &; True son also said in a statement: & other The emperor and empress majesty respect the delay of our decision. Throughout the &;

true princess apologize for this delay in wedding also to people from all walks of life, said & other; Because we are mature enough, just for this kind of result. Feel the profound reflection. To help our people caused a great deal of trouble and burden, feel very sorry. Throughout the &;

true princess

the imperial family members to postpone the wedding, this is not the first time. Hirohito’s wedding, also once was delayed because of the suffering from the great kanto earthquake. Also has appeared after world war ii, Japan temporarily postponed because of the royal family’s death mourning release engagement, but in & other; Prepare too late & throughout; As the reason for delay wedding, apparently to give a person a kind of unreasonable & other; Word poor & throughout; Feeling.

true princess has 26 years old this year, since said delay, it will delay to what time? Iha, to put it off until after 2020, because at the end of April to may, 2019, emperor akihito would abdicate in advance, the crown prince is going to inherit the throne reign. Need to wait until well after the end of a series of rituals, to consider the true princess wedding.

true princess

true son get married in the autumn, the throne replacement in May 2019, in time, the two are not conflict. As a result, when suddenly the iha postponed the true princess wedding, many people’s first reaction is: & other; The royal family to breaking an engagement? Throughout the &;

true princess boyfriend chamber is an international Christian university (ICU) for students, two people are in a school of oversea conference met, then begin to love.

small room, the is not only a commoner, and single parent families grow up children. His father died in his early years, he was raised by mother alone. His mother in a cake shop in yokohama odd jobs, there is no formal job. Therefore, the small room for college, his work around also. Diligence may be little room, and hard life, moved by the princess, true son resolutely fall in love with him, and the conclusion of the engagement.

however, when two people announced an engagement, some of Japan’s media, the first is a small room after graduating from university, with a working in the lawyer’s office in Tokyo, has not obtained a lawyer qualification, belong to the ordinary small staff. Followed by, the small room of the home is an old apartment, let the true princess’s mother lived together with a small room in the apartment, obviously detrimental to the dignity of the royal family.

in order to give a true princess to purchase an apartment as bridal chamber, the Japanese government in 2018 year’s state budget, an increase of 150 million yen (about 9 million yuan) a special budget, special expenditure as a true son get married. Housing problem is resolved, however, some serious conservative media, still think that marriage is not appropriate. Since last year, some of the weekly magazine continually showed the small room home & other The scandal & throughout; , one of the most lethal, it is the true son in the future mother-in-law have boyfriends and money dispute break up with her boyfriend.

true princess

the first reported the news is a weekly women magazine. The magazine in an article published in December last year, according to the primary school in a small room, his father died. Her mother, then made a boyfriend, in the process of communication, gradually accepted the boyfriend of more than 400 yen (about 240000 yuan). And the money, besides as the cost of living, also paid a small room for college tuition and study abroad. However, when two people break up, the man said that more than 400 yen is a small room mother to borrow, for the sake of their return. And little room mother say that money is the man himself is willing to provide grants, so until now, the money did not return. null