It is worse than cheating

Aaron was derailed, he took his extremely complex mood, write to me has come a long faking part (gather) :

I with she married for ten years, we almost every year will quarrel many times, but again how noisy we can quite in the past. But this time, she is like the sky is falling, couldn’t drink my blood, gathers up my skin, eat meat, I don’t even willing to and I said a word to her. No matter how I keep to no avail, she is definitely the heart want to and I divorce!

it is worse than cheating

I also know that cheating such things indeed violated the marriage of the bottom line. But I am a normal man, I also have desires, also needs to have a woman’s love and admiration. Over the years, no matter how I tried to, how much of a success, how much do household chores, she never told me more than half the words of affirmation, she could not even look at my eye is always light & hellip; & hellip; I don’t know, our marriage is not normal, but when a person lonely, especially in the face of temptation, I just can’t hold it myself. I really want to have a woman can silence speaks to talk to me, can occasionally to take a certain I worship eyes.

so, learn to changsha last month, a woman who admire me for a long time and I was derailed. On the surface, this is accidental, also a little be tempted. But, in fact, it is my speaking in another voice in my heart. I also need someone to love, need to have a woman to moisten, there needs to be surrounded by heat emotions.

yes, I do really hurt her, also deserved it. But ask yourself, my feelings for her but did not reduce because of such a cheat. I at heart or a responsible and sensible man, she gave me the most youthful years, gave birth to a daughter to me, so I must be responsible for her whole life. So, the next day I woke up, I decided to immediately back from the brink, I cut off and the woman of all transactions, and vowed to put the matter lousy in the belly, do back in the old me.

frankly, if it is not because such an affair, I would have to be a good man. Over the years, I put all the all the salary to her, all the size of the family things, all is me a person is doing. She seldom do housework at ordinary times, but didn’t take a day children alone. And I will have to pick up daughter after finished busy work every day, came back to her cooking. And I’m not a little unhappy, she is a particularly sensitive person, I as long as there is a little complaining and not happy, she will be less happy than I am.

but, I do all this, but could not offset the derailed, a chance I fault. I became her mouth real, heinous cheat philandering feelings of man. I was derailed, the next on wheels, should be thrown into a frying pan fry, should clean body leave home, and back from the lifelong moral shame & hellip; & hellip; To be honest, such punishment being too unkind?

I want to ask, don’t I cheat her really fault? Could she be refused to and I sex for a long time, even a whole month don’t let me touch her again, no thought that I would one day can’t hold? Why should all the people are all the fault of marriage derailed imposed on the party? Don’t cheat than marital apathy, lazy and not as serious?

read your letter, I don’t know what you will have feeling? But have to say, but I especially can understand the feelings of Aaron.

maybe most of the time, whether the parties, or public opinion, we all love and it is easy to cheat in the marriage be a party, as the only guilty party or the biggest. And in the case of don’t know anything about marriage the truth, without thinking on the moral high ground, put a struck down all the cheaters, blatantly accused cheaters slag and immoral.

even extreme to cheating is equal to the end of the marriage, is equivalent to burning and killing the same sin, capricious indiscriminately hung tortured & hellip; & hellip; What does not know, so that the language of the public opinion and moral violence, in fact than cheating is much more horrible?

there are too many real cases tell us: in fact, not all all cheating is cheating of this one party’s fault, not all the cheating is bad, not all affairs should be the end of marriage.

these years, I have witnessed many timely reined in, after marriage more happiness ever after. A blessing in disguise, how descend. Derailed in fact most of the time, just a marriage problems, emotional important manifestation of bright red light, and does not have is what most of us subjective imagine the kind of results & ndash; & ndash; Love has gone bad, completely don’t love each other, and even marriage no retreat, only to divorce.

this time, the side which derailed if timely wake up, recognition, and being cheated, the party can timely reflect on yourself, find themselves inadequate, both sides can do some sat down to heart and heart communication, perhaps can move beyond the threshold for marriage, rescue, and from now on to the real happiness.

so, I’ve always thought, the most terrible is not derailed in marriage. In fact is more terrible than cheating, like a dead silent, and unequal status, no communication, distrust, and even legislation, break-up, manger!

this marriage, than simply chance cheating is much more terrible even immoral.

as mentioned in this article the Aaron’s wife. Marry a wife, but they could not do the most basic obligation of husband and wife. Only marriage without soul communication, in the form of the only material for no spiritual pay, only know a face of innocence back, see marriage as a shelter in life and long-term meal ticket, and even see marriage as a splurge wayward mood field & hellip; & hellip;

to tell blue the truth, this marriage is better than not, cheat more moral than not derailed. And this kind of people, although there is no cheating, but no noble than to cheat. & have spent (articles from the wind: the sky always blue)