If you do not understand a man’s psychology, but also how to fall in love?

Have you ever thought about it?

Why does not your love go well?

Why is your relationship so bad?

Why are you always very confused in the workplace?

Why are you so hard to be really happy?

In fact, all of this, because you are not enough to understand yourself, but also feel the minds of others, if you can understand the point of psychology, what else? Your love will go a lot easier, your career will continue to improve, deal with relationships, family relations and much more.

1 “may seem perfect lover, in fact, he is incompetent love”

Love incompetent people do not necessarily have to stay single, and may not necessarily exclude romantic relationships. Their real “incompetence” is that they refuse to communicate and communicate with others in depth. They just want to stay in the shallow touch.

Although they have no love for others, those who love incompetence are not the same people who often say “dregs” and “dregs”. They are good people so that they can not be easily identified by their problems and may even be Many people as perfect lover.

– “Those who love incompetence, all have these five characteristics”

2 “Communication should not harbor the trauma of the past, it is light, can shine into life.”

When I feel I do not want to care about you, do not want to reply to you, because at that moment, I most need to take care of and concern is my own. I have not dealt with the emotions, thoughts, can not be temporarily out to care about people and things beyond me, I need to get myself.

– “Why did not I reply you to WeChat? ”

3 “The other half that gives you satisfaction is something you can accustomize”

Some people say that lying too many times, they will believe it. I think it is appropriate to put this phrase in marriage. When you are willing to recognize each other more actively and comprehensively, that view of him will gradually become true.

If you are willing to categorize the other half as “the most promising person”, with enthusiasm and hope, encouragement and affirmation, beautiful changes may happen at any time.

– “Will” lie “long before the love”

4 “measure the standard of friendship: be willing to encourage you when you are bottoming out and willing to offer your blessing when you stand high.”

From your own point of view, you are trying to run straight forward. The person who truly deserves to be a friend not only applauds you, but also absorbs the light, heat and strength from you and strives to keep up with you.

We do not have a thousand eyes and eyes and are limited in their horizons. However, dealing with different people to make friends is equivalent to giving birth to more helpers and more eyes, leaving us no longer alone and no longer neglecting The blind spot of life.

– “I have a really LV, but can only say that A cargo”

5 “Too much exposure to your privacy becomes the burden on others, but also a self-cultivation.”

Regardless of each other’s wishes regardless of the relationship between sparsely and indifferent to all the way down to confessed his past life, not only for their own non-restraint, but also the disrespect of others, essentially the same as interfering in other people’s lives because you occupy others without any explanation Time and energy even affect the mood of others.

– “Do not dare to come near you because you exposed too much.”