If you are the one most beautiful stewardess in hand success male guest turned out to be

broadcast on Saturday if you are the one, “by netizens called & other; The most beautiful stewardess & throughout; QinSha in hand success, the other is & other; Throughout the history of the most handsome Internet cafe owner &; . Always careless & other; Joy throughout the stewardess &; QinSha suddenly become shy & other; Quiet little girl & throughout; , two people are all match! In addition, a month to 15 day? A debut at female guest instant triggered & other; Love form throughout the &; The subject big discussion. The former should is what kind of a kind of existence? Huang Lan advice, & other; After break up can be friends, but the former is only a kind of interpersonal relationship, don’t and current comparison! Throughout the &;


& other; Throughout the history of the most handsome Internet cafe owner &; The stage & other; Joy throughout the stewardess &; QinSha second change & other; Quiet little girl & throughout;

now has a high level of appearance wangjie chengdu, at an Internet cafe and a friend opened the female guests called & other; Throughout the history of the most handsome Internet cafe owner &; ! Though he runs a net cafe, but he doesn’t like playing games, also don’t like to use social software, more willing to in reality and friends playing basketball. Because of the height advantage, grab rebounds and blocked shots is his forte, watching video handsome male guest on the basketball court in posture, the guests of the female heart. Life, pay attention to outward appearance wangjie is a special people, especially his hair, & other; I’m okay just wondering all hair at home, in points, notoginseng, big slicked back, I have tried. Throughout the &;

in feelings, wangjie said he is a man of a slow type, & other; But as time extended slowly, my passion will be more and more high, which in turn will turn love into a kind of habit. Hope my future girlfriend, can leave me a little more private space. Hope she belongs to able to bear or endure look type in terms of appearance, tall, I don’t like most of the height difference. Also, the best is a chongqing girl. Throughout the &; Female guest QinSha almost perfect match various criteria of the wangjie, two people is also a good feeling. Wangjie originally put QinSha without hesitation in the district, the always careless & other; Joy throughout the stewardess &; After meet the boy suddenly became & other Quiet little girl & throughout; , they also praised the facial level, height, character and so on all kinds of match. In wangjie will do when the choice, finally QinSha hurriedly bowed their heads and finishing up the shoes, two people get in hand.


15 days a month anniversary? & other; Love form throughout the &; Lead hot

fashionable avant-courier of tide male GuWeiDong appearance, no one imagined he was at work is a clothes, wearing a helmet inspector, open bar, music, outgoing personality with rhythm, with sanda, fight, muay Thai, and other hobbies, and tears. Debut at the female guest Tan Xianxiu well disposed to him, but put forward a special request, & other; I am a girl with a special focus on memorial day, fall in love when 15 days a month on the day. In addition to the traditional festivals, like the weekend, for the first time in hand, for the first time to go shopping, and so on, can be memorable. I have a small laptop, will specially note anniversaries from falling in love with her boyfriend. That day, I will ask my boyfriend to wear more formal suit, I will also put on the dress, the table must have a red wine. Also, the moment I get up in the morning to tell me, I love you. Before go to work, want to give me a love hug at the door; Go home at night, the door to give me a kiss. These, you can do? Throughout the &;

after hearing, GuWeiDong a face of meng! The scene also immediately raised about & other; Love form throughout the &; The big discussion. Many women think, & other; Some day really memorable, proper form can bring love the feeling of excitement, expectation and interest, to respect and care for girls were feeling. However, too much complicated requirements, rigid standard can let a day lost their meaning, became a formal stuff. Throughout the &; Zhen-yu jiang, & other; The little book is a dividing line, I think I can accept a girl about some day had remembered, she really is like these. If there is a book, in fact, her mind not, force yourself to wake up every day first notebook, with the formal things for themselves and each other, it will live very tired. Throughout the &;

Huang Lan

Huang Lan talk & other; Former & throughout; : but is a kind of interpersonal relationship, don’t and current comparison!

when the partition for the female guest, all male guest Gong Xinpeng gave very good first impression, every girl when he would seriously consider, careful choice. In university period, he is a literary youth, to his movie dream, has not paid to follow a few photographers around the island four learning in New Zealand. He said, a lot of people work to make money, and pay more attention to what learned and experienced. After returning home, Gong Xinpeng accumulated more media in the direction of work experience, has an independent planning a public welfare micro film and micro won the Beijing international film festival best welfare prize, now a state consumer finance companies responsible for the operation of the Internet channel. Talk about feelings topic, he noted, & other; I can’t accept the old girlfriend compare me with her former boyfriend. Throughout the &;

the female guest, said Hao Wenjie & other; I will than, but not more than a good place, but rather than two people. For example, I would tell the boyfriend, a former always give me a call in the middle of the night, he heard will pay attention to this. Throughout the &; Yang also immediately response, & other; Actually most of the time this is a suggested way of appealing to girls express, is somewhat peripherally to remind the incumbent, just say it again afraid to be refused, will be embarrassed. The final purpose, or hope that current than the former better about themselves. Throughout the &; Huang Lan but don’t agree with, & other; Former for me I think maybe it’s just a kind of interpersonal relationships, he is my former, we have a friend relationship, sometimes friends will appear in the life, and occasionally mentioned, but is actually has no intention, the listener intentional. I don’t think anyone wants to be more, I also often be compared with huang han than the teacher, said huang han your former teacher, somebody else’s culture, you have no culture. No matter how good you say former and current is not good enough; Or former is bad, you say you want to better than its predecessor, as long as you compare him to and former, the incumbent will be unhappy. In relationships, we put forward some hope, simply say the best, don’t go to what the former. Throughout the &; Site, the Gong Xinpeng in xi brother, He Jieqiong elected to the final selection, serve xi brother also insisted on the lamp for last, & other; I feel the male guest is a dream and will put in the heart, which I appreciate. Throughout the &;