“If you are the one” in foreign fire! Reason is “honest” cold!

& other; China’s variety show on this blind date & lsquo; Extremely close to the life & rsquo; Throughout the &; .

has been 8 years of & other; Large living service program & throughout; If you are the one “is one of the reality world old qualifications in China. But recently, this domestic old variety fire went abroad. The daily mail said on March 5, due to the variety show on a blind date from China & other Joy and candid artful & throughout; , are rapidly popular on twitter.

if you are the one”

the daily mail: the Chinese version of “hand”, because the guest cold open, some say, for example, he likes food rather than beauty.

if you are the one”

according to the report, the gear to a group of single women with a single man for dating and compete for the characteristics of variety, is winning the west.

in foreign audiences see version, attend to guests said or mandarin, but on the screen with English subtitles.

like this & hellip;

if you are the one”

the daily mail seems to be very interested in male and female guests in our program uprightness: a female guest on the show in admitted that he is not sleeping all day is on the Internet bubble, while a male guest said bluntly, & other; My mouth water not because saw a beauty, but saw food & throughout; .

if you are the one”

this commented, the daily mail them and what is wrong?

reported close to introduce to the readers, this variety show very much like the United States and other Your hand, Take Me Out, the FOX television production on a reality show love) & throughout; , there are 24 women standing behind the counter of a light, if they don’t like male guest appearances, they can & other; Destroy the lamp & throughout; . Male contestants will play video clips to them to show their personality and talent, female guest if you are interested in, can choose to keep the lights on, if you don’t want to dating with him, you can turn the light off.

report notes that, if finally no female guest leave lights, male guest had to go home empty-handed. & other; Don’t like it, don’t light & throughout; .

introduce the basic situation of the program, the report can’t wait to continue to bask in the protruding from the upright guests mouth & other; The quotes & throughout; .

such as the little elder brother said: my ideal type is & other; Female gender, hobbies male & throughout; .

if you are the one”

and the sounds of joy: I don’t need too many people like me, as long as there is a man (like me) will be enough.

if you are the one”

a: the most happy when I was in salary.

according to the report, put the screenshots to twitter, was a man named Bobby Sun users from London, he wrote in the tweets: China & variety show on this file to other Extremely close to the life & throughout; .

if you are the one”

according to the report, the tweets has gained more than 100000 praise, many users in the comment area also drying out their favorite screenshot. Reports, including screenshots are very popular among common for foreign net friend, that is male guest when failure left lonely face.

the expression is his little brother, for example, he said: I am ready with the results.

if you are the one”

, such as the elder brother of the thumb, comment on the daily mail says: he absent-mindedly shu thumb, walk off the stage.

if you are the one”

login attempts to report mentioned in the move if you are the one “screenshots on popular twitter tweets, but found that the page has been won’t open. This blogger from London Bobby Sun’s page is displayed, the user does not exist.


but on twitter can also see many net friends were the mysterious blogger & other; Moves throughout the &; After the enthusiasm of the ignition.

Internet ZroHour (Jon) : & have spent Yes, the little elder brother is my food!

the net friend Frank Derbing: & have spent I want to into the pit!