I regret having married a young beautiful wife


I regret having married a young beautiful wife

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I’m 48 years old, although the age is not old, but due to business matter too grinding at ordinary times, can’t take a good rest, also can’t eat well, a suit by the one hundred and twenty old trouble, so whether it looks or body state, I was like a 16 old man.

in 2009, I met my wife love never fails. She just graduated from college at that time, have a job soon, she looks very beautiful, young and lively, full of youthful spirit. And her cousin’s blind date, eventually because she and I fall in love at first sight, into me and kissed her. I asked her, I so big age, why willing to follow me? Is it because of my money? Her answer is very honest, she said, I find you the money must be considered, but not a major, major is I can find a sense of security from you, is also seem to feel. I hope you can be my tutor in life.

soon, we are in love after six months, get married. At the end of 2010, we have a son, and she didn’t go to work. On the one hand, I have the conditions to feed him, both mother and son son was a little on the other hand, it is a good mother is better than. Although she started don’t agree with, but eventually get used to that.

in five or six years of time passed. We have three days, although have a dull, but also very sweet. Just, in the last six months, as her back into the workplace, I feel the contradiction between us is more and more big. I also admit that I because of age, because the body is not good, not only can’t let her outside to have a face on the image, but also on the life of husband and wife, also is often overwhelmed. She also repeatedly, revealed to me in a variety of ways. We are going to a hospital checking treatment, but the effect is less obvious.

now estimated time is long, my psychology has changed because of this. I become particularly prone to anxiety, no matter eat sleep, or work, feel very ungrounded. Sometimes, as long as the outside on a business trip for two days, the evening was particularly not rest assured. Four or five call one day to go to home, play more, she will say I bother.

last weekend, I inadvertently found out that my wife’s cell phone chats. The other is her high school, a male student, chats very ambiguous, her male classmates said: even after, that old things not line, your family can look for me!!!!!!! Though my wife didn’t reply him, chat content as you can see a lot of problems. I am a little depressed mood now, I dare not go to the hospital, can’t let she found, or more disadvantage. I don’t know what to do.

when I was young just try very hard to make money, not conditions also didn’t mind contact with too many women, just waste the time. Middle-aged, there is some wealth accumulation, and married a young beautiful wife, a lot of people envy me the old cow eat young grass. But, my body is bad, the heart is unable to do, can’t be with her together and slowly old, also afraid of being cuckolded.

so, now my heart is full of regret, want to marry such a beautiful young woman go home, what is right or wrong? More do not know how to get rid of this trouble. I know one day, I will first she left this world, she was at the back of the days are long, with her condition of feminine beauty, there must be a man to replace me… Thought of here, I can’t take the place. Don’t know if the sky always blue teachers have come in contact with my situation, also please feel free to move, help me!