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I peep husband cheating addicted to do

net friend letter:

I never thought the husband the tree will have an affair, we were married for three years, a year old daughter, has been very good feelings. Before marriage, and the tree was a poor boy, in my father’s help, open a cake shop, he is a man who has a good head for business, after two years of struggle, we have opened in xi ‘an four cake chain. Since I am pregnant, her husband love me, let me do a full-time wife at home.

I always thought that the feelings of my husband and I are is secure, we couple in others’ eyes, is also a model husband and wife. Until one day, I occasionally see a vague from the husband on his mobile phone number, says it is ambiguous, because a woman’s instinct makes me feel, it appears the frequency should not reach a dozen times a day. I use the husband phone dialed the number, the other is a woman.

in the evening, her husband came home and asked him about the number, he does not admit, only general friends, I said I believe you. And each when his wife, first I also and his noisy over, make, but to no avail, he never admits that he was having an affair.

the husband if more and more, also explained to me at the beginning, later just when I was air. And I seem to be addicted to, but I fear and very eager to know what have they said together, in what to do. So, I give the husband bought a mobile phone as a birthday gift for him, I was installed inside the cell phone secretly eavesdropping chip. All this husband did not find, he readily accepted.

every time the husband went out to meet with a lover, I am at home, listen in on their secrets, it is more like a kind of can’t resist the temptation. Listen they say sweet words, I seem to return to the time when my husband and I fell in love.

now, I was secretly in her husband’s phone installed miniature camera, at home to see what they are doing. Every time I see them naked body intertwined, feels like watching porn, watching crazy sex belongs to my man and another woman, I have A feeling that can’t, that kind of hot and romantic scene, can let I can’t help but touch my body & hellip; & hellip; I know I shouldn’t be so, but I couldn’t help it, I am afraid that it will one day be no more crazy.

watch the husband philanderers, I also don’t know their whether voluntarily, exactly how much longer you can hang on, how far is from the edge of collapse & hellip; & hellip;

she answer:

for a relationship, who is not the only way, because it cannot solve the problem. If you want to get rid of the current situation, you have to communicate with my husband, asked whether he was thinking. You willingly, he had been put your air, for you, so what he has is necessary? Couples are used to care for each other, love each other, mutual heating, rather than a person by another person to ignore and shamelessly abandoned. That way as separate directly, not to interfere in each other’s freedom, themselves more freely, and the right to continue to choose other men.

but, have the marriage, is different, marriage is two people running help each other forward hand in hand together, if it distorts the shape, just hurt, that what is the point of it? Now you need to do is openly and said he understands how you feel, if you still tho, that be inferior to let him go, also own the right to freedom of, don’t for a man who is not worth, ruin the happiness of his life.

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