I interviewed three couples, they more than Mr. Chan’s “three minutes” tear

for many families, husband and wife company is the norm, but for those who work in railway system, the conductor couples, is a kind of luxury.


meeting time is limited, let me have a good hurts you

wife: Jia Mingping husband: high auspicious

marriage age: two years

I interviewed 3 couples, their stories better than Peter chan” three minutes “tear

a month only 4 days will be able to together, it’s husband Jia Ming peace auspicious meet high frequency, most of the time, they are all & other You come to me to & throughout; Type of brush.

& other; The Spring Festival, lunar 29 I go, he came back in the day; My second day back, on the day he walked; My people go, he came back in the day. Throughout the &; Jia Mingping accustomed to this kind of device with a finger to calculate time of life, good the days of together, two people will be in my heart quietly looking forward to, it may be gathered from much less usual life.

& other; A girl, alone in this city, and then marry me, I have a good to her. Throughout the &; After marriage, for the day of gathering is too little, high auspicious more love his wife.

he can’t cook before, had been taking care of the parents, but in order to Jia Mingping, he began to learn cooking, download recipes from the Internet. Two people together of that a few days each month, he will give Jia Mingping ready to eat.

in addition to meet at home, two basic see on the road. How many times, they only know that two people in the car passed on the way, but don’t have a chance to meet, even have no chance to see each other shadow from the window.

train, flight attendants are not allowed to use mobile phones, only the conductor need to 24 hours. Not only do the first years of marriage, two people meet, few phone calls.

after a year of marriage, Jia Mingping become the conductor, New Year’s day is a holiday, she at home in the car will give high auspicious send a greeting message.

two people only once on the road & other; Meet & throughout; That is lucky accident in intercom hear Jia Mingping.

the day high Jia Mingping auspicious and trains have been Harbin station, because the radio at the same frequency, high auspicious overheard, as the conductor Jia Mingping are working arrangement, the in the mind a thrill.

a lot of day, the face also can’t see, the phone can not play, very accidentally hear the sound of the love, that kind of excitement and surprise is unspeakable.

& other; A chance to meet too little, most of the time, I went to the unit, he will send me. Or, when I arrived, he’ll go to pick me up. Throughout the &; That is small the couple walked countless times, they have been enough.

although the love of two people, a lot of time on the road, there are too many miss, but never give up looking forward to reunion, young couple don’t give in every reunion day, trying to fall in love with each other.


what all don’t,

after a just want to let mom and dad to accompany his

husband: wife: yun-peng yan ying-ying cui

marriage age: nine years

I interviewed 3 couples, their stories better than Peter chan” three minutes “tear

yun-peng yan and ying-ying cui’s birthday is on the same day, and year. But until now, two people also didn’t have a chance to celebrate together.

this decade, two people encounter on the road only twice.

the yun-peng yan to train for the first time in the shandong yucheng station stops, is preparing to start when he inadvertently see opposite stopped a car to wenzhou, ying-ying cui ran is wenzhou car, a look, again unexpectedly saw ying-ying cui, he excitedly picked up radio, cried out, ying-ying cui’s name.

ying-ying cui heard shouts, twist a surprise he came running, through the window, clap your hands with yun-peng yan, sleep.magic blinked.

yun-peng yan standing by the window side, also clap your hands, smiling happily, & other; Next to the passenger just looked at the two of us, but what was helping, just want to see more of each other. Throughout the &;

after the event, yun-peng yan just know, ying-ying cui the bus was late, just had the worst two people a chance encounter.

ying-ying cui said, had already gone on the road for five days, all of a sudden in unexpected places, see oneself of lover, that kind of surprise is unspeakable.

at another time in xuancheng, two people have a rendezvous. This time, the yun-peng yan to train the early, in xuancheng stop for a long time, the results met ying-ying cui’s train.

at that time is at 11 PM, ying-ying cui has slept, the conductor asked need wake her up, let the couple talk, yun-peng yan didn’t want to wake up, with the conductor smiled said: & other; I go home and see her in a couple of days. Throughout the &;

because work too busy, daughter follow grandma some more time. Yun-peng yan remember my daughter more than a year old of that year the Spring Festival, he would be home early, blunt daughter ran into the past, who knows her daughter should be cry, while pushing hands don’t let him.

yun-peng yan was silly, sad heart, he thought: this is going well, don’t even recognize the father?

Spring Festival was supposed to get together with relatives and friends, but that a few days, yun-peng yan don’t want to go anywhere, specially at home with her daughter, was willing to let him to the daughter, also are willing to call milk acoustic milk gas & other; Dad & throughout; . Yun-peng yan said, it’s so good to her daughter in her arms, several times, listen to the daughter call daddy, he is particularly moving.

in 2018, yun-peng yan asked his daughter what is New Year’s resolutions, to want what gift? Daughter said, what all don’t, just want to let mom and dad to accompany their for a year. Yun-peng yan listened, the nose a little acid, yes, more than 10 years, the family didn’t have a year together.

the team leaders heard the child’s wish and agreed to let yun-peng yan husband and wife together with their children for a year.

yun-peng yan is going to take a family go to Harbin to see snow this year. Yun-peng yan also ordered a cake, on the day of the year, and his wife live together for a birthday. Yun-peng yan too many & other; Also want to & throughout; , there is a Spring Festival, he and his wife, already very satisfied.






荆杨洋夫妻结婚已经有18年了,在铁路上工作也有20年了,两个人只有在谈恋爱的时候有一个月在同一辆车上走班,剩下的时间都是“ I walked to him; He had to go to the, I walk, can encounter at home two days at most & throughout; .

when passing each other in the same place, know the husband Li Shoujiang car fast to the region, even in the sleeping of time, jing Yang Yang will stick to the sleep, such as his car passed, she would stand by the window and stared at the opposite side, although can’t see the people, but only after it’s good to look at his car.

there is when two people stand in the front or rear position appointment, just for the moment I miss the train to look at each other, often only see a shadow in an instant.

because of busy, and a couple of daughter neglect. Daughter. She 4 years old, one day, because the temporary task, Li Shoujiang to ride more than 10 points, in order to save his taxi, jing Yang Yang decided to use electric cars sent him to the railway station.

the couple out, when she had slept, jing Yang Yang and lights on the TV, afraid she would wake up scared. Who knows, when she came back, she stood in the doorway, he will find, carry a small bag, little anti wear on your foot.

a see jing Yang Yang, she ran up and hugged mom’s leg wept: & other; Mum, where have you been? Throughout the &; Jing Yang Yang special sad when the tears fell down, she squatted down to hold. She said: & other; Baby, mother no longer free to leave you in the future. Throughout the &;

later, jing Yang Yangcai know, that night, she’s back, a small bag, close the door, plan to go to mom and dad. Jing Yang Yang were dying, she did not dare to think, if didn’t meet her, when the day she go out, what will happen.

since the conductor job, two people’s burden is heavier, the work is more busy. Most of the time, life difficulties and suffering are not decided by us, how to let the couple did not think of, in 2014, she suddenly fell ill, and was diagnosed as allergic lupus erythematosus (sle), advised them to Beijing in the local hospital treatment.

the couple with 13 years old. She leave to Beijing to see a doctor, though the sick, but that day is the happiest time of she, she and jing Yang Yang said: & other; It’s nice to be sick, mom and dad finally can accompany me. Throughout the &; Jing Yang Yang listened, carry. She dropped tears.

today, she was in stable condition, jing Yang Yang feel, everything will be better and better. The gathered from much less days, the family also will be more and more love each other, because happiness always on your side, never go away.

although the railway couples gathered from much less at ordinary times, can know each other dependent pity, has always been the heart at last.

time flies, maybe they want to partner with and family said: dear, lost in in the winter, let me pay you back in the spring.

this article reprinted from phoenix: marriage and family magazine