I go to the park walking the dog run into the wife cheating scandal


my wife go to the park walk the dog caught cheating scandal

net friend letter:

my wife and I are married for eight years, has a 6 year old son. Marriage in recent years, the wife all let me very satisfied, family, work in her busy busy outside without any complaint, don’t let me worry about son.

the wife recently fell in love with a square dance, originally I think she likes to dance, let her jump. Actually I have some opposition at the beginning, because she go to work every day is very tired, came home from work you should take a good rest, but she said can exercise the body and a tough attitude, I don’t have much say acquiesced.

the wife to the heat of the square dance is very high, eat a meal after work will go on time. Several times, work overtime because she came back late, even without having ran to square dance. Occasionally I also very upset, because my wife since I fell in love with square dance is not so concerned about for me. Son always wants me to solve, home health and some bad. Very not easy to wait until the evening wife dancing over, want to chat with her, but her topic is always dancing.

I rest on that day, son just back to his grandparents’ house for two days, the wife still went to the square dance after dinner. Idle bored, I thought about a dog for a few days did not go out to walk the walk, on a whim decided to take it out. Are former wife take it out for a walk, but the wife love to dance, it is ignored.

I take the dog out for a walk walk, just found that night in the outside to the park for a walk, chat, also have plenty of square dance. I think it is a kind of good way of relaxation and decompression, thinking of the wife is no wonder that tired not to insist on square dance every day.

I took the dog around, suddenly saw the wife took a man’s hand, that moment I don’t know why there is a wife seems to be in love of attraction. This is going to do to think of them? Up my feet are curious, they had to single apartment there, until I saw the elevator on the 11th floor. After about half an hour later, the wife is out, her hair while said: did you see my hair look, my husband can’t find what?

are you husband don’t work overtime every day, which could find us, say you are out of square dance & hellip; & hellip; Say that finish, the man also helped her to cut hair. My wife said: is at home today, not to work overtime, we’d better be careful & hellip; & hellip; I stood in inconspicuous corner, anger, that moment my intuition is wife betrayed me, and she cheat this object, actually very young, looks a few years younger than she is.

, I looked at his wife with him to the park on the square of music sounded, the wife should be started to dance. I looked up again, the man and wife should embrace together. I didn’t know his wife said this square dance is jump ballroom dancing, and the other men playing kissy-poo, skilled, didn’t feel shy & hellip; & hellip;

I suppress their own mood at home, the man thought of his wife and five Chen miscellaneous images of heart. The wife square dance even helping at home every day, thinking of her and it’s rare to have a hobby with her, never thought she would be so shameless ballroom dancing with another man. In the dancing when they were still talking and laughing, it doesn’t seem that their familiarity.

that night, the wife came home later than before, I tentatively say jump square dance with my wife, can ask her not to go dancing. The wife did not refused to ask me what’s the matter? I said since her square dancing, care less, to the home to take care to have a son, this home all have no previous happiness & hellip; & hellip; The wife after listening, keep silent, but she actually cried.

later that day, the wife seldom go to square dance. Occasionally take the dog to walk the walk, I think the wife gave up dancing. But later, I gradually found out that she is still in the dance. She will find all sorts of reason to go out, then don’t timed to go home, more make me feel sick, she still kept in touch with him & hellip; & hellip;

I love the wife, have been also tell myself to give wife happiness. But after this period of observation, she really betrayed me. The day before yesterday, I talk to her, but she doesn’t admit that betrayed me, also said that the boy is just a coach, though they liked, but I’m sorry I didn’t do? I asked her why she go to apartment buildings, she is taking something went up with him & hellip; & hellip;

I don’t know how to get along with his wife go to, she acted like nothing happened, but I can’t pretend what all don’t know. In the summer of the teacher, what shall I do? I can’t forget the wife dancing, and even have the urge to want to divorce with her. I should divorce? Also, I would like to know, she ever betray me? In fact I loathe to give up a divorce, the son is only six years old, don’t want to let him live in a broken family, what should I do?

summer mo re:

trust, is the foundation of marriage. Without trust, love will be as if questioned, and the contradiction that marriage will be accumulated, step by step.

when you find the wife go out to dance every day, it is for the sake of ambiguity, and a strange man you should prick the relationship. But you choose to be a 7), as a result, your wife, unscrupulous continue to dance with her partner. Later, you give an excuse for his wife, but she chose silence. In this part, you do not have the effectiveness of the proposed conditions, not in time to stop her behavior, cause her pain, even often find an excuse to go out to meet with partners.

instead of questioning whether his wife betrays you, as evidence, quietly take evidence to speak. Instead you doubt whether love you wife, direct tests her actions to verify everything.

in order to save the marriage, the best thing to do is talk to find her, and she and the man cut off contact, flash your own bottom line and principle. At the same time, let his wife to stop similar square dance, say out loud your inner feelings, guide her empathy. And I told her that if she again so continue, would you consider a divorce, but don’t rush to divorce.

if the wife can timely reflection, and their convergence behavior, take care of your feelings, then you can consider to forgive her, accept her again. Best can cultivate love together, restore confidence, strengthen your marriage.

don’t cry because it is a child and swallowed a marriage without love, between husband and wife of the cold war and the cold, can cause children grow up without a stable and healthy environment, and you get along with between, will directly affect his view of marriage. So, on a broken marriage, is not good for children. There is love, is to continue to a marriage the best reason.