I endure her stepfather into father-in-law

another person: Mr. Sun.

age: 50

career: free profession

her stepfather into father-in-law I endure

look: tired middle-aged grey

this is a man is not very neat, hot day, a no longer new gray T-shirt, tastes as if she had not washed two or three days, sit in the chair, selfishly & other; Ge you) & throughout; . He gave his own explanation is: in a bad mood, feel the body is tired. See come out, the middle-aged man had indeed is not satisfied, can also feel his anxiety, talking, always according to their own finger joints, kaka’s noise, seemed to be able to give him the feeling of strength. Just so frequently little affectations, let a person feel not very comfortable. He for the evaluation of others, always a contemptuous, don’t like it. Actually everybody’s state and aura has a built-in color, some bright, some dim, him that full of negative energy, can make the atmosphere all around is grey.

smell: wife a child was abducted the

I disturbed. Go to my daughter’s bridal chamber to see again today, to see where all don’t pleasing to the eye. The house is not big, do not pay attention to decorate, now to put things in grade. The girl married, which when dad may not give & other; Throughout the control &; Fault, is I’m responsible for children. Most of the spirit, that poor boy dumb, don’t speak, don’t respect for me. My daughter, boom I went instead. I am good for who? The boy, now is get me when a stranger, she didn’t tell me where is her new home, or I didn’t know the following her. I know, and the girl and I don’t kiss, ten years, after all, is not life together, and her mother will not say my good things, so don’t like me. But, I to the child, or with.

is that my daughter is leaving me for ten years, because I and her mother divorced. I later married a wife, and my daughter to marry now, is that she is the son of the stepfather. You say, my heart can not uncomfortable? My woman to him, my daughter also belongs to his son. I don’t mean to make trouble, no matter how to say, my daughter is my father, whoever is going to marry my daughter, also don’t deal with, isn’t it. I advise what’s the matter?

when I why divorce? A lot of reasons. When I was young, I catch money everywhere, but I didn’t so high cultural level, how to do business, that’s impossible, it just do some timely relevant business. My wife with my first few years of life’s beautiful. The taste, the flower flower, also when the princess to raise our children since was born. Woman, is not satisfied, I MangMangHuoHuo everyday, she always feel I earn enough. She doesn’t have a look, then make death pay what day? We often had fights with each other. Later, I’m a little bit of money, buy a lottery ticket, at that time, there are some websites have gambling, I play, too. And some friends at ordinary times, also play a game or something. This thing, it is addictive, anyway win less, lose more, slowly, had no hand in the money, then, still owe the debt. Because of these, we play badly, the couple left. Separated, gambling, is really damaging. I have determined to no longer bet, but, life is everywhere, business more does more bad, too. Even though I was so difficult that I gave the child support, spare a little at hand, will give a little more. Sometimes, I also give my wife, well, my ex-wife, and buy some presents. My in the mind are still a little hope & ndash; & ndash; I’ve changed, best can in turn.

I white hard for a year or two, she got a risk-averse married. Before, didn’t there at all and I, of course, I mention back together with her, she never promised. Every time I go to find her, she with all sorts of excuses to see me. I saw the child, the child also old say learning is too busy, no time. I know my wife, such as well, my ex-wife, and when to get married, I was very angry. I told her, & other; You with a teenage girl has remarried, regardless of the child, is you will be in the things you know? Throughout the &; Then I know again, she wants to marry the man with a son, it’s more. I find her every day, is to remind her can’t let my daughter to encounter risks. You said that she didn’t want to think, make a stepfather, there is a small boy, it’s not obvious to take advantage of? But, she didn’t listen to me, then I find her again, she will call the police. This woman, isn’t it too far.

she moved to the man at home, after the marriage began to I didn’t find it, but I don’t trust my daughter, was eventually I found. I blocked her twice, and pressed her children? She said I can’t tube, I am the child’s father, how do I. Again the third time I ask her, see she and a man, and our home girl, talking and laughing out of the gate, I saw the man, also does not have what good, have what fantastic? I to want to and the girl say two words, the child didn’t I, I almost take out her anger. This is clearly her mother didn’t have good effect. Later, the child’s big jiu told me, don’t to harass his sister’s life, also said that our daughter actually followed grandma live, home once in a while, after that dad is good for children. The university after dad take out, the son of the ground, at ordinary times is not at home. As for me, with a grain of salt, for their heart was not happy.

over the years, I didn’t go looking for her, I don’t have other meaning, I just want to see the child. Let the children out, she said that learning is busy. Children went to college, such as more see me, I make a phone call, children nine times hang ten times. The child, is to let her mother to teach is broken, so treat father? Now, my age is big, business is bad to do, do what compensate. I also want to find someone to remarry, it is not a can. I didn’t go to find my wife three or four years, well, my ex-wife. Two years ago, my daughter to work, is about my time, give me clothes, said her first month’s salary to buy. Put me in a beautiful, but she also told me that buy clothes, because I’m her dad, keeping her in childhood, after as little as possible but let me find her. Is this tone, be sure it is her mother taught.

I later learned that my daughter already and after her father, the son of object, you see, let me guess rightness, this man is worse than it. In so doing? When the father mother married, son to hook up with somebody else’s daughter & hellip; & hellip; I speak what is not good? The truth. Since I knew this thing, I often to find them again, I can’t let my daughter marry them home, what’s it called? Son say they deserve don’t deserve my daughter, said this is not good.

this for more than ten years, it’s what I say, my wife, well, my ex-wife, and my girl, don’t listen to, this is the same. It doesn’t go marriage now? I looked for the boy, like his father, a look is loser. Give her to him, I was really annoyed. They don’t listen to me, I propose some opinions also not line?

q: who is to buy gas

richen: & other; You so angry now, is for the children happy? Still want to give the child difficult? Throughout the &; :

Mr Sun & other; My in the mind is not happy, but I also really is good for the child, which girl married now, and when not to give their father? If I was the child’s father? Throughout the &;

richen: & other; You are, but your family pattern after all have the particularity. If it is really good for the children, don’t be too much to participate in. Throughout the &; :

Mr Sun & other; I also did not participate in, my daughter got this object is not to discuss with me, they study marriage, also don’t ask for my opinion, they do it is ok for you? Throughout the &;

richen: & other; Nothing is right, because of the particular situation, but also to avoid trouble and embarrassment. Throughout the &; :

Mr Sun & other; I just feel particularly uncomfortable, how my wife and children, all go to their house. Throughout the &;

richen: & other; Remind you again, she is not your wife. You can’t stand in my heart, is this, if their loved ones being robbed. In fact, from the moment of divorce, and you have their own freedom of choice of a new life. But over the years, people have formed a suitable combination of family, that’s not steal from your hand, is their own creation. Throughout the &; :

Mr Sun & other; That girl now, I can’t comment? I am good for her. Throughout the &;

richen: & other; If only for the sake of good girl, not with emotion. Children married, he is willing to go to, just say congratulations. You see the growth of children in the family, her own choice of partners, certainly also is her favorite. Throughout the &; :

Mr Sun & other; I don’t go to attend the wedding, they are a family of four, I now is an outsider, and went to find their own ugly, isn’t it? Throughout the &;

richen: & other; Have you is not of the snag in my mind. Your own marriage failed, it was so bad, more should consider for children, and their favorite people happiness life. Throughout the &; :

Mr Sun & other; I understand, is to accept this, it’s really difficult. Throughout the &;

cut: have a kind heart call: I’m not happy who don’t also time

a lot of divorced couples will appear a kind of situation, is that one party want to compound, while the other disagree. This kind of circumstance, can appear a lot of entanglement, contradictions, and even tragedy. , have heart to face cannot repair, there are even complain, you can understand. However, because of his goal to reach, because I had a bad, so also can’t let others have a good, such a state of mind, make yourself and others lives quite uncomfortable. And this kind of person, also always pleaded not selfish, on the contrary, feel very grievance, that is others, I’m sorry. To be honest, such a person, it is difficult to persuade, oneself can live our days, depends on yourself. If not others came to harass you, you uncomfortable, is asking for more.