Husband, mother-in-law brother-in-law to me take turns to scold, because…

the world innumerable strange flower, is everyone can hurt people.

my ex-husband was a wonderful work. Things in the past five years, I have another home, have your own baby, but I still couldn’t resist poking fun at a battle on one of the wonderful work.

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we flash marriage

first of all, tell me about that fellow appearance, is not unique, height is one meter seven or eight, is handsome. I met with him, originated from a party, he stopped several boys vomiting-inducing toasts for me, it makes me very good feeling to him, but I did not want to associate with him.

shortly afterward, I was in a group chat casually mentioned computer need to reinstall the system, he immediately come to see me, want to come to my house to help my computer repaired, I am very touched and turned him down.

but he did not lose heart, all the following follow to my home, help me to install the system, and then say a problem, lack of accessories, need to come again the next day. My mother out of politeness, leave him to dinner, he naturally merrily merrily, agreed, also contracted for the work of the dishes after dinner.

the next several days in a row, he is not to say that my computer has a problem, here is there need to change parts, mixed up fast in my house for a week before and after meal.

my mom asked me if I talked with him, I said no, my mother is very seriously: & other; This can have, you also to talk about marriage theory to marry the age, the young man’s enthusiasm, also diligent, do you think about it. Throughout the &;

so he through to get the curve of the mother-in-law strategy for national salvation, became my boyfriend.

then came my home and he combined urge marriage war, under the circumstances forced me to bring gifts to see his parents.

according to our local customs, keeps his girlfriend for the first time, parents should give a red envelope, his mother did not give me. Go home after I told him: & other; Your mother may not agree with, why don’t we forget it. Throughout the &;

he said & other; It doesn’t matter, I marry daughter-in-law, I agree, big deal I’ll take you away. Throughout the &;

I listen to this, also comfort him not to work against at home.

he said later, his mother is a happy forgot. Well, if it is not what happened afterwards, I think I will believe it.

after the visit, his parents also joined the forced marriage wheel war, I soon caved in.

wedding preparations thus begins.

let’s go to take wedding photos, picture taken on the same day, say good one-on-one photos into a pair of 2. And because I didn’t buy the base fluid, photo studio to recommend to the photographer attitude is not very good. On the way back I wept, said to take photos, wanted their money back again in a photo studio.

he comfort I said: & other; Ok, wait and see photos out, true not line I negotiate with them. Throughout the &; Also very carefully looked at me and said: & other; I would rather go to upset people, I didn’t want anyone to say you is not good. Throughout the &;

a moment, I feel his eyes like the moon in the sky, bright, bright, pure.

but as the wedding day approaching, I suddenly feel we associate only four months to get married, things too fast, want to retreat.

he asked me: & other; I am not sure you are right? Throughout the &;

I can’t say to him I was silent, just to comfort me: & other; Don’t be afraid that people get married the day before the first meeting, don’t love each other forever, will you marry me, I’m sure I can’t live up to you. Throughout the &;

no matter that others believe it or not, at that time, I believed.

the wedding host routine asked him: & other; What advantages of the bride moved you, he made you decide to marry? Throughout the &; The general answer is simple & other; Beautiful & throughout; , & other Good & throughout; And so on.

but he said that a long, & other; Her beautiful, gentle, reasonable, intelligent, she has too many advantages, the more I count, in front of her, I think I’m in the shade. Throughout the &;

then had not popular what & other; Harps in royal & throughout; , & other Years static good & throughout; Such sentences, but my mood is, just like that with him forever.

this is a sweet story, if it is a fairy tale, write here, this is & other; The prince and the princess got married, their happiness of life together & throughout; The end of a line.

but life is far more complex than a fairy tale.

in the fairy tales are lying

wedding the next night, he was relieved to say to me: & other; The za mom calculated, married a total spent more than forty thousand, return calculate can. Throughout the &;

I freely asked: & other; There is what? Throughout the &;

he said & other; CAI li, alcohol and tobacco, hospitality, buy clothes, eat & hellip; & hellip;

I said: & other; Eat as you said, hospitality is not eat? Throughout the &;

& other; Certainly is not the same ah, entertain guest is a wedding day please relatives and friends to dinner, we are not eating out to fall in love? Throughout the &; He said.

I said: & other; What? A za a pair eat a meal at ordinary times you charge back to your mother say? Throughout the &;

he said & other; Certainly, the cost of all of this is to get married. Throughout the &;

I said: & other; That sometimes drink a bowl of hot soup hu are 35 dollars? Throughout the &;

he said & other; Oh, that’s not the money? Throughout the &;

this is the first time I was experiencing a vestige of their & other; Throughout life &; .

to my first lesson: then his mother cooking. In a job at a pot of water, a bowl of rice is one people add a bowl of water, the last half bowl of water is more birth evaporation amount.

you might think these behaviors just behind closed doors to his home, a foreign won’t so strange flower?

then please hold your glasses look down.

one day to go home, I saw the earth have two boxes of gifts, this New Year’s day is not a holiday, where gifts? I asked his mother, his mother, his brother talked about a girlfriend, contacts for half a year, today went to see the parents. But parents don’t agree, civilly said let him put the gifts are walking away.

I wonder it is so well? No longer fight for? Take away the gift, is not completely unable to visit again?

the mother-in-law said bitterly: & other; Miss me, I also like, want beauty! Come back with me to eat! Throughout the &;

after marriage because the place is limited, I have to marry him quilt on the upstairs. Mother-in-law after see, three transgressions of five times nagging, one thousand quilts stolen by someone else to do.

I said: & other; What s the, several quilt isn’t worth much money again, is so heavy, who want to ah. Throughout the &;

she said & other; You don’t know, man can have the strength, to put the quilt a steal away in the evening. Throughout the &;

I didn’t ignore her, quilt upstairs all the time, no less.

marriage after three months, because the downstairs room humidity, we moved to live upstairs. Her mother-in-law repeatedly told me, said her son on the night shift, let I must lock the door, or over the wall to come in to do one thousand other men.

also changed from time to time then just asked if I was not born, otherwise how still not pregnant.

5 months after her marriage I’m pregnant. I thought the exotic and exotic mom will be better for me. But I didn’t think I was wrong.

ex-husband, (then) or the husband very happy to hear the news of my pregnancy, and then said to his mother. I said I don’t know for several months, I am not very accurate period.

his mum said firmly, & other; More than two months. Throughout the &;

I’m surprised: & other; How do you know? Throughout the &;

she proudly said: & other; I give you counted the sanitary napkin in the toilet! Throughout the &;

hearing her reply, I can, I feel there is no privacy in an instant, my mother is afraid of all did not hold the heart?

I was born woman.she, didn’t rest assured, this matter is over.

two months pregnant, and my morning sickness is serious, very afflictive, many things can’t eat. My mother-in-law said before the exotic people quickly gave birth to still go to the field to break off the corn, what matter all have no, which is so precious, also told my husband said I was.

my ex-husband letter, also run to my house, find another, say I don’t have a meal, also finding fault with his mother.

my mom told him that pregnancy is terrible, he said, & other; She hasn’t to let me to serve to the sake! Throughout the &; My mother said is one leng.

contradictions soon broke out, there is rainy, his brother, and ran to my house to ask me: & other; Which point on my mom I’m sorry you, that you every day. Throughout the &;

I’m surprised, I said: & other; How to say this words, I which point I’m sorry your family? When the younger brother, you run to the sister-in-law room right? Throughout the &;

when his mother came in, swearing: & other; You used her pregnancy for family & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

this or do I puzzling, then also don’t know what’s the matter, an impulse I have to go out on his way home.

my ex-husband chased me all the way back to my home, just come to my house, my mother-in-law phone call, ask he did not get wet in the rain, how to don’t dozen umbrella, but said nothing about has just called me.

I’m more angry, just ask him today about what this means, he said: & other; You are too far, why do you work every day in bed don’t want to move? Throughout the &; I said: & other; Somebody else’s daughter-in-law is pregnant the family not to be able to ache, you make me to live up to what? I’ve washed clothes in the wash, I just don’t have to cook. Throughout the &;

I said in a rage. & other; You want to think I’m going too far, that don’t have it. Throughout the &;

I didn’t think he’ll say: & other; Ok, a divorce. Throughout the &;

I said: & other; Ok, you signed the agreement I’ll write. Throughout the &;

my mom heard, hurriedly block let we all don’t say angry words. She also let my ex-husband back, she advise me.

my ex-husband says no, to write.

he couldn’t find the paper, with my nephew wrote a divorce agreement on the back of the homework, content is roughly: abortion, I am clean body leave home, all of the property is his.

I saw is mad, immediately signed to him. The subsequent day is Wednesday formalities, etc.

during this time, my mother advised me to don’t be impulsive, said: & other; Impulsive you pregnant, what matter, you and so on, his home for sure, to let I what all don’t say, follow to go home, want to come back after a while back. Throughout the &;

I’m beginning to think whether I am too impulsive, acquiesced in my mother’s advice.

wait until Wednesday, they don’t have any movement, I phoned him, he said: & other; I’m in a hurry, just hang up. Throughout the &;

and I said to play in the past, & other; Divorce is not good? Your agreement to I write good ah. Throughout the &;

he said & other; Ah, for a while I go looking for you, and then hang up & throughout; .

I waited for a day at home, didn’t see him again.

he flicked down to play I pregnant

then is continuous rain, my clothes are in his house, I not line, cold clothes, give him a call to let him give me the guard there he sent to my work, let me to send text messages.

I came back he wept. My mom said: & other; To meet the three points, he always see what’s it mean? Don’t let’s go to look for his grandma? Let his grandma and say? Throughout the &;

in the evening we went to his grandmother, his grandmother said not tube, but I still gave him a call. Soon, he and his mother, his brother came, then began to blame me, I argue that his mother finally the feeling, said to me: & other; Well, I was wrong, wrong zha? I give you kneel? Throughout the &;

I at that time the anger blunt head, said: & other; Ok. Throughout the &;

his mama a listen to these words of mine, began to sit on the ground crying day land grab, said I forced her to kneel down to me, said she has a good son, married a good daughter-in-law, not old yet so I bully her, as she is old, I’m sure to toss went out to feed the dog, she also said that her life is so bitter about how & hellip; & hellip; While crying with thigh and wipe the tears, but I didn’t see her tears.

see this scene, the exotic immediately sit not to live, began to shout, I said: & other; You really dare to za mom gas to responsible for you? Throughout the &;

my mom to see not bottom go to, say, & other; I say, have words to speak, this cry to shout, neighbors heard the joke. What you see, your mother is angry, your daughter-in-law also angry, you are pregnant daughter-in-law, angry is not good to the body, you are male, you’ll have to coax coax wife coax coax mom & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; null