Husband and wife life three big taboo

guide language: in love or marriage, you need to understand a truth: everybody is not worth relying on, feelings in the end the only person who can rely on and rely on is only yourself. Although it has some let a person feel despair, but this is an eternal truth.

3 great taboo in life of husband and wife

in general, the most taboo thing between husband and wife mainly includes the following three aspects.

1. Infidelity

couples the most taboo thing is to cheat. Betrayal of marriage, this is not something that no one can tolerate. We said to sustain a marriage is the most basic norms and standards do not cheat. If you are in the marital infidelity, or pedal boat, then the relationship will collapse. Because marriage first requires loyalty to each other. If you are not responsible for the marriage, then you don’t get married. Once you choose your marriage, you please take the initiative to assume responsibility and obligation of marriage, to keep their lifetime of sincerity and specificity. Don’t break-up, don’t cheat tricks.

2. Selfish

between husband and wife the most taboo thing is selfish. Too selfish people can let people despise. Just want to himself all things, for example, completely regardless of their partner’s feelings. Have what good, you want to eat, don’t know how to share. Or on their own side of the family, to your partner’s family is indifferent to the extreme, such selfish performance can let the marriage. Don’t be too selfish. Marriage also pay attention to benefit sharing, the rain participation of. Benefits all let you a person, don’t even give a person leave a soup, this is also too said in the past.

3. Lying

the most taboo thing is to lie between husband and wife. Even if it is a white lie, also will divide the occasion to see opportunity, say as little as possible. Because a lie said, after a there will be thousands of lies in the first class you to lie well. A lie is endless. Lying is a point of no return. When your marriage filled with all sorts of lies, you feeling lost trust. A marriage without trust, it is unstable, will be in danger of collapse at any time.

all in all, if you want to live in harmony between husband and wife, must want to do is not cheating, not selfish, don’t lie. Each other sincerely, mutual trust, mutual tolerance. Only in this way, your marriage is solid, is everlasting and unchanging.