Hung shelling d dense show: treating women, the fashion show when fresh meat

on November 20th, high-profile & other; Victoria’s secret & throughout; Underwear show in Shanghai, the heavyweight big show called 55 supermodel in 17 countries. & other; D close & throughout; Open show for the first time in Asia, keen fashion all went to the people can go to. From fashion editor Sue mans to & other; Throughout the husband & its people; Sicong, but also about haletone Ryan and other entertainers, everyone lined up for the angels to play call ~

hung post fun d close field

once the fashion magazine publisher hong huang, but sent a different voice, netizens. She thought the d field not only beauty, there are even & other; Objectifying women & throughout; & other; Meat & throughout; The suspicion. Direct attack on the scene is too low, tough-talking ~ old talk didn’t go to the scene, but from the blanket coverage feel supermodel or’s beautiful. Has been holding the manner which enjoy, or feel hung teacher & other; Objectifying women & throughout; Point of view slightly serious oh ~

interact with online are more fun

in interaction with netizens poking fun at

in interaction with netizens poking fun at


hong huang, CEO of China interactive media group, iLOOK magazine editor and publisher. Who writes a column for the sanlian life weekly “magazine.