How to wash the quilt

How to wash the quilt

Wash the quilt is necessary for every family to do housework, how to wash, may be a lot of headache, the following small to introduce to you:

Wash the quilt method / steps

First, no matter what quilt you buy, you must make a quilt cover. This convenient cleaning, especially goose feather, duvet, silk was.

2, the quilt off, it should be turned over, turn around in the set inside, because the daily life of debris are backlog into the corner.

3, burned boiled water, poured into the barrel, and then soaked in detergent, and water and detergent after soaking for five minutes,

4, put it into the laundry tub, and then soaked quilt, during which time to flip about, so that the water is soaked. This is the first time soaking. If the water is still dripping, it is recommended not to reach out Oh, you can flip with other things Oh.

5, and then poured into the soaking detergent water again. Start washing, not too much water, enough to use,

6, rub with a washboard, because the hand is not enough power is normal, oh, every corner must be rub Oh.

7, wash almost, step back and forth with your feet.

8, over the water, at least three times, straight foam gone, and then two hand-wringing, of course, better rejection of the bucket.

9, it is recommended to clean the quilt every month, love less clean will be less sick. At the same time, it must be good weather, so that will be immediately done, otherwise it will taste.

How to wash quilts

The face of such a heavy quilt, how to clean it better? Has come late autumn season, the summer quilt can be washed away, and often, and autumn and winter quilt needs cleaning, and then practical. Xiaobian to introduce you to the following, different materials quilt cleaning method!

1, wool is cleaned

Wool fabric is pure cotton velvet fabric, is an important raw material for the textile industry, it has good elasticity, hygroscopicity, good warmth and so on. However, due to high prices, the production of non-woven fabrics, the use of small, small series or suggest that you clean dry cleaners, as long as this can guarantee the quality of wool.

2, duvet cleaning

In general, the core is not often washed, two or three years to clean once, you can wash, can also be sent to the laundromat dry cleaning. When washing at home, use a small amount of neutral detergent and rinse thoroughly, leaving no traces of detergent. After washing on the dark and ventilated place thoroughly dry.

3, quilt cleaning

When the quilt is being cleaned, it needs to be cleaned in the inside and the quilt, and the surface can be washed with a washing machine. After being washed there, it needs to be sun dried for a few days, and the sun is sun-dried for three or four days. Car body to kill mites and bacteria, if the cotton used for a long time, then there will be cotton board knot, you can pine loose cotton, winter will be more warm.

4, silk was washed

Silk is divided into three layers, from the inside to the silk, inner sleeve, quilt cover. Synthetic silk and inner core, generally not washable, not dry clean, not chlorine bleach. Usually just the outermost quilt can be cleaned.

Silk can not be washed or dry cleaning, such as the use of stains need to clean, please use special detergent for local cleaning, placed in a well-ventilated and cool outside the natural air-dried. If the core is accidentally contaminated stains, it is best to send a special cleaning shop. You can use a neutral detergent to clean the dirty parts, and in the shade to dry.

5, the fibers are cleaned

Fiber washes can be washed directly into the washing machine can also be warm hands wash. Use gentle detergent when cleaning, do not use washing powder, washing time should not be too long, half an hour is better. Can use the washing machine dehydration, but not dry cleaning. After washing the fiber is to be thoroughly dried, otherwise in the humid summer moldy worms.

What the quilt is the warmest

Winter comes, what is the quilt the warmest? Some people will choose to cover the thick quilt to warm the body, it is not heavier quilt warmer it? In fact, not the case, the quilt cover warm and not warm the most important thing is to see the quilt’s air retention. So what is the most warm winter cover what it?

What winter cover quilt the warmest – duvet

If you are a kind of people who demand high quality of life, may wish to choose a good duvet, it not only has a good warmth and softness, and no sense of pressure and sultry, but also with moisture wicking function. And duvet is very durable, not knot, no deformation, usually for as long as two or three decades.

What winter cover is the warmest in the quilt – porous fibers are

People usually say that the four holes are, seven holes are, nine hole was, in fact, refers to the multi-fiber was. Now, these cores are “holes” in an increasing number of more and more advanced technology. Like seven holes hollow structure design, not only has high resilience, fluffy, but also enhance the cohesion and warmth of fiber function. It also has a big advantage that it can be machine washable, will not be deformed.

Cover what winter is the warmest quilt – silk was

Silk cotton is the material used is natural silk, breathable, soft and light, comfortable touch is its greatest characteristic, some people even describe it as the second layer of skin, visible silk cotton “close” level. Silk is pure natural animal protein fibers, has a very high moisture absorption, permeability, is known as the “Queen of fibers.” With silk silk was filled, allowing the skin to perspiration, secretion, keep the skin clean, it is comfortable.

Winter what cover quilt the warmest – camel hair was

As the camel living environment is strong solar radiation, temperature difference between day and night and arid desert, so the camel hair has an ideal heat and humidity control function. Camel wool fiber high degree of fineness, excellent thermal insulation, good air permeability, good elasticity and fluffy feeling, suitable for use in the cold and wet areas.

How to buy quilts

As an essential quilt of home life, there is also a lot of knowledge in it. What is the quilt the warmest? Winter cover what quilt good? How to buy quilts it? Xiaobian prepared for you a bit, hurry to find out about it.

Method / step

1, good quality quilts, fluffy soft hand touch, no obvious shavings and hard stem flu. If you feel better, but less flexible, hand quilts after a long time can not be restored swelling, it may be mixed with other textile materials. If there is rough, granular and other strange feel, is the velvet in the times.

2, silk has the effect of health care, very soft and smooth, we feel the comfort of the silk when we touch the silk was the core is the other chemical fiber bedding can not match the same, covered in body The silk is comfortable but to the extreme, very few quilts can make people feel that sleeping is a kind of noble enjoyment.

3, silk slippery, breathable, gentle, moisture absorption, anti-itching and anti-static characteristics make it become superior material production of personal clothing, and silk as the endoplasmic reticular silk is more personal warm, fluffy, breathable health Unique quality and advantages. Natural silk contained in the special “sericone” SERJCIN ingredients, with anti-allergy, skin-friendly and other protective effect.

4, silk was the material is natural silk, it has excellent ventilation, moisture absorption, feel comfortable and so on. High-quality silk is due to the use of pure natural silk, it has environmental protection, no stimulating effect on the skin, of course, is also very strong on the warmth. However, the price of silk is quite high, which is more unacceptable to ordinary consumers.