How to wash sports shoes

How to wash sports shoes

Wet shoes: throw the shoes into the basin, the basin filled with 2/3 of water, washing temperature not higher than 45 degrees Celsius, so that shoes are soaked with water, for general mesh shoes water can add some washing powder. Note: Do not let the shoes soak in the water, can not be thrown in the basin and soak the same clothes, and only half a day later to wash, so your shoes dry easy to open the plastic.

Wash the soles: This is very easy, with a shoe brush to brush the soles and then brush the soles, what pebbles in the soles of the plastic seam can be picked with a toothpick clean.

Wash the upper and shoes: the old toothbrush, but not the kind of old hair are curled, in fact, you can also buy a more than 3 dollars more soft hair brush new toothbrush to do special shoe brush, shoe brush also Yes, but if it is professional track and field shoes, if the usual running shoes can be too hurt the net. Brush a little soap with a toothbrush, then brush the net, which also can brush, wash the shoe must be removed before the shoelaces, rubbing the shoe with a grab on it, with a toothbrush brush tongue.

Repeatedly washed shoes 1,2 times, dirty water drained for clean water, do not brush the soap brush with a toothbrush to clean. For leather parts only with water scrub, can not add any detergent, or leather yellow, cracking phenomenon, and avoid contact with organic reagents and grease solution.

Throw water: you do not want to put the washing machine thrown, you can put the shoes in front of a sponge and more water after the first thumb squeeze some water. Then grab the middle of the soles, the direction of the heel to be in front of Oh, toe behind, began to lift your arm before and after planning a few times, the more the rejection of the shoes the better.

Drying: You can wear lace just a few holes, and then tied to the triangular clothes rack, while hanging a shoe and hanging clothes hanging in what ventilation will not be exposed to the sun to the place to dry. Precautions

Do not dry the sun when the sun should not be used to avoid heating or open fire, or your shoes will turn yellow hard.

How to wash white sneakers

Now everybody at home will have one or two pairs of white shoes, the summer is beautiful and comfortable, and it is very suitable for sports. If the white shoes are dirty, how to clean it and clean it when it is bought? No matter how to wash, white shoes always leave yellow stains situation? Here to talk about how to clean white shoes, white shoes so your white as new!

The first step, brush the sole. First of all, to use brush the most dirty place is the sole. Use a hard brush to brush the soles of your shoe soles or brushes on the brush with soap or detergent to clean the dirt. If there are stones or sand in the sole, use a small screwdriver buckle out, the texture is also clean brush.

The second step, brush shoes inside. The interior of the shoe is the easiest to forget brush, in fact, easy to accumulate sweat stains inside the sports shoes, it is also necessary to clean it. Put the trumpet brush into the inside of the shoe, brush it underneath, and rinse off with water.

The third step, brush the upper. Sneakers have different materials, different materials have different cleaning methods. Mesh part, you can use a small toothbrush brush, and then rinse. If not clean, you can use some detergent, remember to brush in one direction, or reticular areas easy to fluff. Part of the cloth can be washed directly with water, add some cleanser brush on it.

The fourth step, wrap with toilet paper. This is the most important step in cleaning white shoes. Take toilet paper, the white shoes clean all wrapped in toilet paper, according to the shape of the white shoes, the toilet paper cling to it, do not leave gaps.

The fifth step, air-dried. Put the white shoes wrapped toilet paper in a cool, ventilated place. Remember, must not be placed under the sun sun, white shoes easy to aging shoes material, reducing its service life.

How to wash mesh sneakers

For the mesh, as most of the common PV mesh surface, so you can use the old toothbrush stained with water, then brush from the inside, such as: the mesh is in front of the shoe, you should shoes from the upper to the shoes The direction of the head brush, the only way, it will not make dirty things still remain in the shoes. It is best to use a soft toothbrush dipped in soapy water gently brush it again, and then dipped in water or toothpaste with a toothbrush to the dirt brush off, and finally wrapped in white toilet paper.

After wiping the test and wrapping it, do not put it where the sun can be directly exposed, so as not to turn the white part of the shoes yellow. Should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, if the place is still a little bit of sunshine, the facial tissue can be completely wet, the shoes all covered and placed flat, so there will be no yellowing phenomenon.