How to wash mulberry silk

How to wash silk clothes

Silk clothes in the washing if you do not pay attention to clothing care, then the service life of the clothes will be shortened.

1, when the silk clothing must be washed with a neutral detergent, detergent or detergent, ordinary detergent containing acid, soap and alkali, they will destroy the protein, the silk fabric will change again Hard and yellow.

2, pure silk surface is not easy to contaminants, so wash with cold water or warm water within 30 ℃, add cold detergent or neutral detergent, gently rub the hands can be washed after softening soft to do soft.

3, such as the use of washing machines, please put into the laundry net, choose soft.

4, a slight yellowing can be added in the cleaning 3 ~ 4 ㏄ vinegar, soak for 5 minutes and then rinse with water.

5, after washing if crepe just hanging with a hanger, the shade can be dried naturally, such as ironing to apply low temperature, while using a piece of hot cloth.

6, dark clothing and light-colored clothing must be washed separately, to avoid staining each other.

7, dry to 80% dry temperature ironing, wrinkle removal the best anti-face-up ironing to maintain luster, avoid water spray to avoid water marks.

how to maintain Mulberry silk clothes

Mulberry silk clothes to wear out of texture, to wear a long time, we must do a good job of routine maintenance measures.

1, use a special detergent to clean. If not, but also to use weak acid, light color shampoo to wash.

2, can not use bleach, detergent, soap and other alkaline or alkaline cleaning items.

3, can not be washed with a washing machine, hand wash with cold water, and can not rub hard.

4, after washing, ventilated place on the natural dry, do not dry or wrung wrists. Can not be exposed in the sun

5, can not be directly ironed, can not be contacted. Iron and clothing every 1cm above should be appropriate.

6, in case of stains, should be to the laundromat dry cleaning, and that the material is silk, please note laundry.

7, fire prevention, far away from the stove, can not be placed together with mothballs, or easy to become brittle.

8, silk clothing hygroscopic, do not wear the best hanger hanging and keep ventilation. Such as clothes are not very dirty can not wash, clothes to be worn in the ventilation to be sweat and then wear.

How to identify mulberry silk

There are many types of silk, silk clothes made with different body feel different, different quality, the price is also different.

1, silk is divided into mulberry silk and squeezed silk. Mulberry silk is a farmhouse with silkworms fed mulberry. Extracted silk is wild silkworm stocked in the mountains of northeast China. The mouth of the public said that the silk is mulberry silk was. However, the market is a wide variety of silk, the price from more than two or three thousand have, from the price we can see there must be true or false.

2, combustion identification method. The real silk and human hair is the same, is 100% pure protein. As you can imagine, when the hair meets the burning hair, the burning light will go out as soon as it leaves the hair and will not continue to burn. In other words, mulberry silk will not burn themselves,

So mulberry silk fire burning has the following characteristics: 1, will not burn, from the fire that is extinguished, if the same as burning paper is fake. 2, the combustion is to take the white smoke, if you take the black smoke then it is certainly chemical fiber. 3, burned when the smell of hair, if the smell of glue is false. 4, the burning residue, gently squeezed by hand into a fine powder, will not become particles.