How to process has been in a woman

guide language: a lot of people ask, why the woman to work so hard? Not someone said a man just earn money, the woman is responsible for the money?

how women have been height

since no princess, that must have the heart to the queen. A woman want to have the absolute independence, want to had been in height, life that you have to work hard, be yourself is more important. Women only economic rich, can in life have been & other Sex & throughout; A climax.

so, how to let a woman in reality does not lose to & other; Sex & throughout; High tide?

1. To their malicious

this world, bad girl carrying a gun to rob someone else’s forehead sugar to eat, good girl careful with their own sugar has been left to broken. & have spent

2. To be positioned for

don’t think that when a small three, can true love endorser. I tell you, I this person is no human nature, not to mention the maternal, drinking green tea like you wear a watch, at I am here.

3. Want to control your emotions

after brokenhearted, if want to cry, to pull down my contact lenses, and then unloaded a makeup, every time I finish unloading makeup, I think just let it be, I should apply a mask, I toil, made such a big pile of maintenance work, that why should I spend it cry!

4. Win to be happy

we all want to win, win is our instinct, is flow in our blood, because we know that if you want to change their own happiness, there is only one way to go, that is to win.

5. Hypocrisy is fashionable

in fact, the so-called fashion, are moving in the false face looking for real; Create a better in real cruel hypocrisy.

6. Calm in the face of misfortune

we grew up, driving on the road, hard to avoid encounter a broken heart, but didn’t also way, total want to accept risk and loss of life, don’t splash some blood, how to talk about life.

7. Confidence respected

you only living well, to let everyone see, see you no one can live, you can die, but death to give who see you

8. Don’t take yourself overpriced

every one of us, think of himself as a radiant big diamond, but in fact, we is a grain of sand in the wind.

9. Can be weak, but stronger

listen to others said before, each girl living in the city has two souls, one is the queen, used to fight with others in the daytime; One is a baby, used to quietly in the middle of the night.

10. Want to live a good, must work hard to

life is so cruel, shallow walk you afraid of tired, so wear sneakers you will lost to the girls standing on high heels; You stay in bed in the morning, so, sleep more ten minutes a day you will lose to those little girls in the early ten minutes.