Hong Kong media said China should continue to encourage birth: direct subsidies

Hong Kong media said, in 2017 China’s economic growth data released last week may serve to confirm the flexibility of the Chinese economy, the United States in the future can no longer continue to be the largest economy in the world, but another about the number of birth population brings the new challenges to China’s long-term growth potential.

Hong Kong media said China should continue to encourage birth: direct subsidies or tax cuts to her parents

according to Hong Kong in the south China morning post website on January 28, according to the national bureau of statistics, in 2017 China’s birth population is 17.23 million, 630000 fewer than the previous year, well below China’s national health and family planning commission of expectations, they expected even in & other; The low fertility & throughout; Cases, a new two child policy can also make a break through 20 million people had been born in last year. But as China’s husband and wife income increasing, although the policy allows even encourage birth two children, they are now with Japan and Germany’s husband and wife to have children will fall.

the traditional view is that China is really too much the population of the world’s most populous nation, it seems this view is not correct. China is now facing the reality of the population is aging faster than the imagination rate, labor, students and the number of babies will reduce at an alarming rate.

according to the report, the population will be in China’s economic and social development have long-term and far-reaching influence. First, although China over the past 40 years, there are many factors underlying economic miracle, but is a key factor in its massive workforce. Hundreds of millions of Chinese workers from the rural hometown, to factories and construction sites, for China’s economic boom and made tremendous contributions to the rapid urbanization, China’s workforce is ageing, however, the new Labour is in short supply, pension and family burden is getting heavier and heavier, and even the whole countries in dealing with the aging of China haven’t prepared to plenty of social problems.

second, reported that the population of China last year the median age of about 37.4 years old, is larger than the population of India the median age of about 10 years, some might say that India may be the world’s most populous country. China’s age structure will be adverse to the real estate developers, etc, because people on housing, education, entertainment and even consumer demand will reduce gradually.

reported that over the past 20 years, China’s economic performance is particularly strong, thanks in part to people born in the 1970 s and 80 s, many of them and settled in the town. However, as China’s birth population began to decline, this joy soon disappeared. Admittedly, young population does not guarantee economic success, but if there is no enough workers, not enough consumers, but there are too many people get old-age pension, seeking economic growth is not realistic.

report, said in Beijing at the end of 2013 to cancel the one-child policy, allowing at least one party is only children the couple have two children, two years later, all the Chinese couples to have two children. As a matter of fact, now in China, dink family than families with three or even more than three children is more common.

according to the report, China must realize the domestic present situation of the population, to encourage birth policy, such as issuing direct subsidies to the newborn, or their parents’ personal income tax relief.