His girlfriend with exotic girlfriends and I live together, I pain

girlfriend with exotic girlfriends and I live together, I pain

net friend letter:

the teacher, hello! I fell in love with his girlfriend for more than four years, the sentiment is stable, plans to get married at the end of this year. But from this year Spring Festival then something happened, I plan to get married some hesitation.

is that my girlfriend and I after graduating from college, work together, and came to guangzhou. Before long we will live together, have seen their parents, also is in the name of husband and wife live together, at ordinary times had two small mouth sweet life. But after the Chinese New Year this year, in her college roommate and girlfriends, but from Qingdao to guangzhou to us. From the Lantern Festival to the end of march, never find a job, not only eat and live in my home, are particularly meddlesome, due to his girlfriend’s face, I was always self-surrender.

later since early April this year, she got a job. For convenience, she will move out, I also relieved. But she lived in outside for less than a week and moved back, said on the other side of the house is not good, life is not convenient, or habit. But everybody knows, she this is obvious to have been free to live here. So from the beginning of may, I and my girlfriend said seriously, and let her find her girlfriends to share the rent, every year to pay some cost. When my girlfriend said, she is also very readily agreed.

but after this matter, I can feel her this person would be a little different, everywhere when talking or doing things for me, always stirred up the relationship between my girlfriend and I love, tone of voice also always got. I bought my girlfriend a few snacks, she never you’re welcome, most of the time my girlfriend didn’t start eating yet, let her eat. Press the shoulder, I will give my girlfriend knocked on the back, but she always pushed me away, says she has to be according to the weather.

there, and she will now run to our room to sleep, I hurried to the sitting room sofa bed. Is a week before the appearance of a night, now basically have three or four days a week, I have slept for three days this week the sofa. Again, time to work in the morning, she didn’t take the subway now, don’t want to and we sit together with my car. And she go to work, and was not close to my girlfriend to work away from where I send the girlfriend, send her again, I will catch time.

the day before yesterday is my girlfriend’s birthday, we have an appointment together to go out to eat. This is I before marriage, to his girlfriend last birthday, so I prepared some gifts. But I didn’t think she has bought a big bouquet of flowers for my girlfriend, and her love to eat snacks. My girlfriend, it is gift for me feel completely, take the limelight. They chat together, talking and laughing, also don’t pay attention to my feelings, especially makes me feel uncomfortable.

there are a lot of other things, it is a small matter, but especially to bear. She doesn’t like girlfriends, but are like a third party, sweet, my girlfriend and I live there’s absolutely no relationship is as good as they used to. Actually her girlfriends is what kind of person, as I’ve said many times with his girlfriend, every time I didn’t say that finish, she said all people to get married right away, after days of still have a long way to go, let me first endure a endure. Also said that her girlfriends a girl, came to the strange guangzhou, just the two of us acquaintances, want to take care of the family more, although there is no name, but the implication is that I am a big man shouldn’t and a little woman dispute, don’t think I mind are open enough. Am I really don’t open like this? I believe that for any man, in the face of such a wonderful work, without self-knowledge girlfriends a third party, who all can not stand, I do not feel what is wrong. Also please the teacher and you give me a little analysis and views.