Help: for many years I saw a woman is the heart beat faster


for many years I see a woman is heart rate

net friend letter:

the sky always blue teacher, hello! I am a middle-aged man from henan to guangdong to work, work out since 96, has been outside in silence for twenty years. Over the years a person outside, also made some money, but also had good big, basically all dirty nobody do I did.

ten years ago, I met a female sichuan, had a brief marriage, she had better, had run away with somebody else. From then on, I am a person living a single life. Is, after all, a person, no one tube I, together with the workers doing things together, everyone’s quality and environment is just like that, so private life is also very confused. Hands were a little money, we will regularly go out natural and unrestrained, three years ago, I and a boy in the village to find a woman, let the security zone to catch, not only be fined, but also up for several days.

from then on, I dare not go outside looking for a woman, even if again big, also will suffer. As a result, I was basically have never met a woman for two years. But my heart is very depressed, mind always keep thinking about that kind of lens. See those clothes in the street wear less of a woman, I will have to rushed up to touch the impulse. Rent in my upstairs is a pair of college students in school, they affectionate when noise is very big, in the evening to hear the voice of my heart will jump quickly, will think over and over again.

now I also have my own a woman, although the age is older, appearance also is not very good, but is also have their own private life. However, I still feel kind of sick before still not good, outside work easily distracted, always likes to stare at a woman has been, sometimes up to touch the somebody else is particularly impulse. Once on the bus, I was really did that, but still get control of himself. Blue sky forever teacher, I now bus are all afraid of sitting, more afraid of close contact with a girl, because I’m afraid he is out of control to make some wrong. I now because this sick is very vexed, I don’t know what to do, so I’d like you to help me give an idea, what should I do? If you can help me to correct, I must be grateful.

expert reply:

hello! In fact, I have been concern you such groups, namely the years of drift in the bottom of the single workers. You moving around, there is no fixed income, desire is anger, have wronged complained all the time, at the same time, you do not have enough culture, to carry out self-regulation. , whether it’s physical condition and mental status, physiological needs, or mental health, there are suppressed and the pathological changes of huge risk.

there is no doubt that you mentioned in the letter, reactions to resist outside woman, which is very typical of a situation. And, in fact it is not a simple physical pent-up demand, but rose to the level of the psychological problems. To tell the truth to you this kind of situation, I personally is unable to give you a professional guidance, or advise you as soon as possible to find related psychological doctor for treatment. But for you I trust, if necessary, the sky is always blue can help you in your city, related to personnel aid agency for help.

of course, is your current state, if conditions permit, suggest you consider back to their hometown suitable place to rest for a period of time. May change an environment, go to a special familiar with like, can help you relax and relieve the nervous anxiety.