Happy together 20 years | we look forward to the reunion, because no one will have been waiting for you

54th annual golden horse awards will be held on November 25, in addition to the star-studded red carpet and intense exciting competition award, the golden horse awards will also be cutback wong kar-wai’s classic movie “happy together”, after the 20th anniversary of ho po-wing can finally say that: HKSC, we from the beginning.

in 1997, wong kar-wai with” happy together “to take the first 50 cannes film festival best director award, also with ho po-wing and HKSC this a transcendence of other love, also went into every audience’s heart.

in this love, ho po-wing left HKSC unashamed, again and again to find new partners, others around forever. And when he was down and out injured, 1 & other HKSC, why don’t we again & throughout; And hug him HKSC take care of him, cooking for him to buy cigarettes.

a man is happily stray outside, will have a place to go back, behind HKSC is ho po-wing like home.

until one day, ho po-wing play tired, want to go home, turned around and found that HKSC had left. Ho po-wing back to HKSC dwellings, with good HKSC to buy cigarettes, repaired the lamp that waterfall together buy desk lamp, scrubbing floors, packed up the room, waiting for him to come back. HKSC but never came back.

this is not only the story of HKSC and ho po-wing, is also often happens around us love story. If there is a personal favor on and arrogant, he must be guaranteed a person always give him shelter behind them. But most of the story in the end, & other; Throughout the HKSC &; Will be turned to leave, & other; Ho po-wing & throughout; Suddenly found that the pain of loss.

after the 20th anniversary of the cutback, seems like a time machine to ho po-wing, only this time the end of the story is still the same, destined to meet again and, respectively, at the end of the story, ho po-wing sat on the bed, holding the old flames blanket, crying like a child.

this is a acquisitiveness, happiness, wait, let go of love and war, maybe you have a heart you think not to leave. May be a lover, relatives, or friends, the security has not come easily. We don’t have a time machine, can only treasure immediate.

may you travel together, also can return together.