From the perspective of physiological explain why women prefer “small”

导语:女人很容易爱上“ Gigolo & throughout; , in addition to because they are & other; Appearance & throughout; , this was hidden behind the science! Come and look at!

women like gigolo physiological reason

women are easy to fall in love with & other; Gigolo & throughout; They should, because can be called & other; Gigolo & throughout; Men grow good-looking, including appearance and comely, skin white is a big characteristic, especially the latter, it is the key to recruit women love.

if medically analysis is more reasonable, because the white skin is good evolution as a result, women take a fancy to the opposite sex, in addition to accord with the aesthetic, more accord with people’s biological instinct, because any species, including humans, instinctively choose excellent, good genes and evolution to help their offspring, only the human civilization, will this instinct and attach the aesthetic sense.

China has had an & other; A white make ugly & throughout; Theory of TCM, will also have color black (the black not insolation after healthy black) as the body becomes poor, signs of the illness is aggravating, black and the Chinese medicine said & other; Kidney & throughout; Corresponding, & other; Kidney empty & throughout; When the skin will become black.

this, China academy of traditional Chinese medicine vesper teach once a monograph “virtual card pathological reverse a repeat of the law”), he points out that traditional Chinese medicine said & other; Kidney empty & throughout; Is actually the body function of aging, degradation, and even back, once the pathological process, before the evolution of good white skin, will return to the relatively low-level black color, the degradation is a process of disease, is moving towards the process of death, is not a good one million head, even famous doctor the doctor in the past, because of concerns about curative effect is not good to hit the brand and helped objective basis.

so you can see, women like white skin of the opposite sex is actually a kind of instinct, to a certain extent, is instinctively identity and a choice of health inside with white skin, because it is called & other; Gigolo & throughout; Man, in addition to the skin white, grow well, certainly also young, the latter is more biological instinct demand when the choice. Both history and present of women who lived in ages past, high and low, regardless of social status will be too crazy for such a man obsessed with or even to understand, the kind of love can go through fire and water, but by human beings duty inner drive.