Former girlfriend wanted to ruin my wedding, I’m lucky I left her

former girlfriend wanted to ruin my wedding, I was glad to leave her

xiao-li zhang is three years older than me, at first I say to her when she was so tartly rebuffed me. I am importunity lai, didn’t give up. She looked at me so determined, slowly moved by me, accept me. Fall in love, I’m very well, XiaoLi almost she want, I will meet her.

XiaoLi take me home to see her parents, but her family situation is more complex. Her mother keeps a person XiaoLi, although her mom and dad didn’t divorce, but because of her father in jail, so it doesn’t and they grew up together. I do not know the specific problems, only hear XiaoLi said her father, her father at that time because of the massive fraud involved will be closed more than 20 years.

I’m a little afraid, there is no way, I’m a normal person. My parents once you know these things, they would never agree to let XiaoLi with me. So I consult with XiaoLi, see you later my parents just don’t tell her dad. XiaoLi promised me at that time, but I never imagined that XiaoLi recently and saw my parents for the first time face, she said her father according to the facts.

sure enough, let me break up with XiaoLi after my parents know, and I promise never don’t associate with her. I am very contradictory, to be honest I like XiaoLi, even also had plans to get married. But I also respect my parents, I don’t want to let my parents worry for me, so I can meet the requirements of my parents as much as possible.

but this time, XiaoLi and I break up, she felt that we look down on her, so feel hurt her self-esteem, say what all want to break up with me. I retain, pray for her even don’t leave me, but to no avail. No way, I and XiaoLi split up. After break up, I had a very decadent, what all don’t want to do, also have no passion for anything. My parents see me like this, very heartache, and they tried to introduce me to mutually close, I hope I know other women, and they hope the girl fall in love.

in the case of desperation I know the small fang, small fang is my parents give me introduce girl. Her gentleness docile, beautiful generous, is a very suitable for married girl. Exchanges after three months, I will propose to small fang, small fang also promised to marry me. But as we prepare to get married this time, XiaoLi again to contact me. She said to me, since I after breaking up, and she had a bad, thought I was the only the best of her and I hope I can give her a chance, let us begin anew.

I told XiaoLi, I going to get married right away, please her not to harass me again. But XiaoLi know these situation to make in my home, even in my work place, said I deceive her feelings, said I and find small three outside. In short, my days are destroyed by XiaoLi mess. I think because of these things make small fang suffered injustice, break up. But small fang said to me, though she can’t know my past, but the future I will face all things together with small fang.

I feel I am lucky, and found such a perfect woman. I want to treat the woman in the future.