Female star cry: why do Chinese men grow up

hao ziming insists he has with children,

but he jie rebuked him can’t even diapers

why Chinese men grow up?

alas He Jiehe inscription both of the couple holding three years, a few years time witnessed the birth of a mother, but the growth of the slowly, dad.

rule out & other public figures; Show & throughout; , & other Packaging & throughout; Composition, can still feel he jie in addition to work is to take over the years, hao ziming these years but didn’t seem to work also didn’t take her, even often complain that the woman has a bad temper, make to today it also has a track record.

this really should be: when the feeling is good, have a baby. If one is not enough, then one more & hellip; & hellip;

even if continuously reported the so-called & other; Compaction hammer & throughout; Said he jie marital infidelity, don’t let hao ziming visiting children, fight hysteria what of, but the recording, many & other; Eat the melon throughout the crowd &; Or because the man was accused of & other; Rectified to see children, don’t ask children & throughout; To mad.

and the man said he would give a baby diapers, accompany sleep said the tone directly detonated her anger, visible father absence, absence of husband how serious.

of course, we are not gossip, we concern is not the crowd watched annual & other; Fight wars throughout the &; Wrong, but to understand why male and female in the family life will be like this? & other; The he jie & throughout; And & other Throughout the hao ziming &; What’s the matter with?

in our ordinary life, & other; Disappear father & throughout; Also is not the case, even can be said to be very common.

He Jiehe son Ming the fracas in particular resonate in others maybe is that take off star aura after they are & other; To juggle career and home superman mom & throughout; Vs“ Children grew up in oneself grow up forever don’t worry about dad & throughout; That is no different with ordinary people.

a famous male number ever push a article about the men in the delivery room to show, the comments section is & other; Cheat philandering feelings men throughout the arena &; , all kinds of messages revealed their excessive behavior when wife is in labor (male number: & other; Throughout Britain those things &; , the article “the female life child, really have a husband sitting room, the detachment in game) :

& other; Ask buy big of small, her husband said bao small. Throughout the &;

& other; Some husband really low to the fullest, having children, second child/daughter, is unhappy, don’t take care of maternal postpartum to drink water, a care about words all have no, don’t want to stay in the room even for one minute. Throughout the &;

& other; I have a classmate is her mommy in the delivery room to give her grandmother with her dad said: you go back to sleep. Then her dad really go home and into bed. Throughout the &;

& other; Haven’t born, he play games late into the night every day affect my rest, basic angry every night. Having to work low back pain. Don’t know why. Throughout the &;

& other; SHH, I’m ready to take five kill & hellip; You quiet life. Throughout the &;

feel familiar with?

as he jie said, I know that I’m into the role of a mother, I have to take care of my child, why can’t you? Are you every day or the gym fitness, the why and why, to own a full schedule every day, not because the child change a little bit of life.

& other; Throughout the hao ziming &; Perhaps feel wronged:

we men without pregnancy and birth, October is very normal that slowly into the state.

but in fact even if can’t empathy, but at least have witnessed their love of the people’s hardships and change is a kind of preparation. Ten months isn’t long enough?

& other; A man is later than women enter the role & throughout; Just excuse to avoid responsibility, the most important thing is to see how play itself.

to know some husband will also appear after the wife’s pregnancy weight gain or even similar to the reaction of morning sickness, what’s more, even if there is no any physiological change, also have big men in the growth for & other; A good husband & throughout; And & other Good father & throughout; The practice on the road, and his wife share family responsibilities.

by comparison we can not help but ask, why there are some men never grow up, the same, of course, also have never grow up, learn to assume responsibility of women)? When combined with family is two people, but in the family responsibility but left everything to his wife (husband).

hang it all!

in northern Europe for several years, has already been used to seeing lean muscle male, small cool dudes pushing a stroller sneaking around, supermarket shopping after came home at home, meet even a few stay-at-home dad take care of the kids party, the picture not acosmia but very beautiful.

swedes they developed a special word & other; Places Pappas” , of course, this is thanks to countries such as Sweden, Norway and other Snap aggro & throughout; The system of parental leave. In Sweden, for example, one child couple can be Shared 480 days paid vacation, and there are two months must be enjoyed by children’s father.

this system not only makes the already believe in the family life of Swedish people enjoy more family time, also promote the gender equality in the field of home and work.

women have more power and safeguard in the workplace “, while men also can lay down their concerns to take care of the family, not just on & other; Disappear father throughout the &; In the drama.

when I just entered the lund university school of law, not two days, the dean is crossed to run home to take parental leave & ndash; & ndash; His wife’s adult, who work in the European parliament affairs is busy, the burden of children falls on his shoulders. In many Chinese view of things, in his view is very simple, & other; The job is even more to her! Throughout the &; .

it is because of the similar system guarantee, the Nordic people are more open mind, get rid of the limitation of gender bias, between men and women have more respect and understanding, to share the burden of family life, just a chance for both sexes to learn and grow.

in & other; Throughout the hao ziming &; So lucky, in a sense, was called for & other; Cheat play throughout the feelings of men & women; They are victims of broken the gender bias of pan.

our society seems too habits & other; Men, tying the & throughout; Criteria, a generation of generation concept is how many will be around for this.

grew up in this kind of social concept of children? Every day to see his father in his work or live interests, housework never touch a finger, and my mother is busy in all day, greatly small thing is she undertakes alone in the home, the child will feel so & other; Division of labor & throughout; Is & other; Normal & throughout; , when they become a father, mother is likely to repeat this scene.

but the social structure really ideal?

once the Japanese society is even more extreme: man completely stripped out of the family, most women are taught to become a housewife. This will not only women in the family, also hostile to men. Although at home can be bossed around [1], but men of social division of labor required to career success.

it is no wonder that men love after work in the wine house, because only the dinner party or pretend to dinner party can be successful, but it cut off their links between families and children, and children are lack of father’s role in the process of growth and the direction of company.

if the boy were education only earn money for the family, it is easy to be outdated ideas & other Used throughout the &; The absence of people.

a man’s native families spoil him.

Shanghai that pile for trivia to kill his wife and the body frozen in freezer case shocked society for 105 days, for we did not conclude the case inconvenience, but let me have a details are very alike.

reporters suspects mother, daughter-in-law asked her why she didn’t suspect always not at home? The old lady said & other; She is not a child again, I do. Throughout the &; But when it comes to age, the son of the old lady’s tune into & other; My son is honest, he was a child. Throughout the &;

the man of more than 30 years old, his mother took him as a child care, maintenance, completely ignored an adult, a husband should bear the responsibility. Ecological deformity of the family in, the man was denied the right to grow up.

couple ever look is also a pair of golden couple

the man’s wife would spoil him.

because the world taught her & other; A motto shu DE & throughout; And teach her & other; To follow & throughout; And teach her & other; A woman to take care of the children’s family for granted throughout the &; & hellip; & hellip;

so just can have so many wife subsist on 7 every day, think of yourself as the superhuman powers of superman, fight in the workplace, home, & other; Wash your hands throughout soup soup &; , take care of small, and the responsibility should be with her husband was taken care of by her.

a man will spoil themselves.

man who grew up under the teaching of the misconceptions, naturally think that they just outside fight good, such as household chores and children 7 pieces of eight things has nothing to do with himself, marry a wife is used to dry the home, also feel & other; For the family & throughout; Nobody understands pain, alas.

in the final analysis, & other; Throughout the hao ziming &; Or was it to be used in the patriarchal society become & other; Carried out throughout the &; .

the power of the rigid relationship between gender and gender stereotypes make men and women with different gender role expectation, say simple point is & other; Men and homemaking women & throughout; .

a man is traditionally considered the busy career, woman, take care of everything in the home, even now many women like men in the workplace also struggling, comes back from work or be expected to housework. Was busy woman, the man can sleep comfortably play to play games.

you have children, easy to form a close relationship between mother and baby, father should work harder to catch up with, but it happened that a lot of men with & other; Children don’t I & throughout; , & other I’m not milk & throughout; The rhetoric of his picked out from the responsibility to care for children.

children born many couples will be got the house, she didn’t want to always have a mother-in-law mother accuses: & other; How so don’t understand, he will work during the day, not rest well how line? Throughout the &; But my mother not to go to work during the day and take care of the kids, don’t need to have a rest?

simple and crude gender binary structure is behind & ndash; & ndash; Even believe good shu virtuous women, served her husband’s own duty, and to other women. In this way, starting from the Day 1 men are invisible from the family responsibility, once again opened the first want to track is more difficult for him to break off the back.


a few tips.

when dealing with such as the beginning and then polish eyes, carried out the characteristic is obvious, even if the other party said sweet words beautifully, we should keep a rational.

such as before the family is going to clear the responsibility of both sides, although each have a dynamic relationship, that don’t have to have a standard template, but who also shouldn’t throw the work all give each other a man, his comfortable & other; Enjoy your life & throughout; .

you have children, should let when dad to adapt to the role of a little also don’t softhearted, bold and throw her problems in the past, don’t spoil him.

like children night cry only mother will be wake up most of the time, that by the way, please put the side of a deep sleep that one big kick only wake: sorry, this night wake up N & other; Military & throughout; There are half of you, it is need to spend the difficulties how let you sleeping? You can shift son ~ & other Total have bitter & throughout; Talent qualified & other; Joy & throughout; Is not?

the most fundamental or to change the power structure between the sexes: interdependence, dynamic equality, especially family relationships formed naturally have to have cooperation and division of labor, but no problem because of domestic commitments of Shared responsibility, how can only have one to carry health?

& other; Throughout the hao ziming &; Very sad, & other; Throughout the hao ziming &; Not happy. Someone should teach them to take care of the children don’t throw a person, family instead will not be able to play.

although boys will have their own life trajectory, but having children, after all, a fate, hope they can have a happy, who also don’t want my children to grow up after being scolded for & other; Cheat play throughout the feelings of men & women; , & other Slag female & throughout; .

in order to their future can more spacious good roads, we not only need to learn how to raise a feminist girl, a boy wants to be able to raise a feminist. null