Female college students to apply for the best don’t meet the BOSS

it’s that time of the golden time in college students winter graduation to find a job. That day, I pass by a company, on the way went in to visit the big BOSS of the company, due to the past and the big BOSS friendship there is deep and the doorman, security guard, and the receptionist familiar to me, therefore, no report I went all the way of the elevator on the floor, office secretary told me that the big BOSS is the conference room to attend this year’s recruitment and was shortlisted for the primary students for a final interview.

female college students to apply for the best don’t meet the BOSS

I knocked on the door of conference room, wanted to just say hello, told him that I’ve been here, the leadership is busy I can be here to see another day. When he saw I was very happy, took my said & other; You are a management and psychological experts & throughout; Let me sit next to him, say good staff staff can help him, some reference opinions. Immediately, he to apply for the position of self-introduction is beautiful girl introduced me.

I have a look at this appearance also sorry to refuse, then sat down in his enthusiasm. The following, is I heard the big BOSS’s questions and test content. You have seen, however, it would be nice, don’t reserved seats.

big BOSS when an applicant introduces oneself, picked up the applicant resume began to browse. At this time, I will look at this girl, overall feeling this girl is really pretty and beautiful temperament, but not show outside or in the hui is a vase and embroidered pillow? Don’t know. Think is famous university graduate, however, should not be too bad. Was thinking of, big BOSS pass me her resume, let me have a look.

calendar table type content are: liu & times; & times; , female, 19 & times; & times; Born on November 12, birthplace: & times; & times; Province & times; & times; City & times; & times; County & times; & times; Streets, height: 169 cm, 49 kg. Education: university degree, graduated from colleges and universities: XXX university (domestic famous university); Learn professional: marketing; English: cet 6. Next, what is the specialty, to get any rewards, is to what, what position, imagine wage income level, etc., the content is various, design and meticulous, comprehensive, is this company is really talented, undiscovered talent, management norms.

big BOSS first in English and talk to her, ask her and your past experience, the basic situation of the girl obviously didn’t think BOSS will directly use English to talk with her, seem a bit nervous, always a little tongue-tied when first answer in English, may be see one big BOSS face to face with a smile, confident girl slowly, speak also began to flow, afterwards, this girl was also in the conversation with some humorous statement, this make big BOSS a more smile, nod from time to time, I can clearly feel the big BOSS is a little bit began to like the girl.

some time ago, the big BOSS has asked me to help him looking for two kinds of people, men and women there is no limit, one is to be experienced sales, and it is best to act as sales of international trade, and the other is the BOSS’s office of the assistant, to help him finish the business information, can make the meeting record of meeting minutes. Because the demand is higher, I am not the circles ups and downs in the business world, so I can’t help it.

at this point, they started to switch to mandarin conversation, then I can fully understand the dialogue between them.

big BOSS asked: did you ever do business with foreign experience? The situation of the knowledge of international trade?

miss liu said: before before graduating from university, ever worked as an intern in a provincial foreign trade companies, however, is a intern, so can’t accept and handle business alone alone, just follow and.

big BOSS ask: if I agree with you into our group, what is your ideal job? How much is the psychological level of remuneration?

liu craftily answer with a smile, post it is best to use it, of course, if the BOSS feel me for which I have no opinion. Reward, I also don’t know your group’s compensation policy, just conform to the stipulations of the group.

I listen to their conversation, looked at their home, suddenly worried about the girl. I know the man the wife has been sick for almost eight years, at home to settle sex need is basically impossible, over the years, he basically & other; West east playing a shot to play a gun & throughout; To solve. So congenial girl, will be the future sister-in-law? However, think they age differ for nearly 30 years, I not only slightly shook his head.

big BOSS misunderstood my meaning, whispered to my impression of miss liu? On this occasion such conditions, how to talk? So, I then said with a smile: are you in the recruitment, of course you feel is more important than me!

big BOSS turned and miss liu said again: do sales is sometimes very hard, not only should efforts to maintain good relations with customers, sometimes to drink more working dinner party, I do not know whether you have prepared?

as soon as I listen to understand, the big BOSS to tentatively to cut to the chase, if liu thought open enough, the reaction is sensitive enough, mentally mature enough, should certainly know what big BOSS the following topic.

I would like to listen to Ms. Liu how to answer the tough question to answer, she smiled and replied, if can be accepted, so, how to complete the work performance, and get the trust of the leadership, it must be the first thing I want to consider the problem. Second, the normal work of social drink is inevitable, as long as oneself hold good.

big BOSS looked at me, and then pretended to easily ask her: if there is a customer want you to accompany him, or even want you to accompany him to sleep?

I didn’t think miss liu is very calmly said: it depends on is worth it.

yes, answered the humble, so, I looked up to the girl again, I feel she is very thoughtful, we usually see is definitely not the kind of big chest no brain, pretty face stupid little girl.

big BOSS is very satisfied, on the spot, he said to the personnel department manager to do hiring formalities, and back to her international sales department assistant secretary position.

I didn’t think, at this moment miss liu said, were not busy, busy, I have just arrived in the city, remember, let me find a good place to live, think about it and give you a reply in three days.

liu left, I asked the big BOSS, you are miss liu is really so good? She is able to undertake the work of competent to got the job?

big BOSS say: above and secretary and vice minister, isn’t it? Here also have a lot of sales staff? As long as her efforts, what to do?

I know the arrangement of the big BOSS next, just embarrassed to say out.

three days later, I’ll make a phone call to ask the big BOSS, miss liu to check in? Big BOSS replied in a tone of regret to say that I: everyone else in relationship to come in, I didn’t think she is not willing to, I really don’t understand what she was hesitating?

put the phone down, I end up a tea cup, looked out the window of the distance, I smiled, I admire liu interview of mature and calm, and not smooth, this is the first time I feel pretty girl will have so of wit and intelligence.

of course, I also know what miss liu in apprehension, hesitated, worried about what & hellip; & hellip;