Female American man said I was Chinese men drove the life cannot provide for oneself

& have spent guide language: writer Shi Kang after went to the United States, once issued & other Don’t want to marry a Chinese woman & throughout; Regrets, because Chinese women than foreign women on the ball. A return from accepting education in the United States, the development of China & other; Female man & throughout; With his own experience tells us that & other; Throughout the life cannot provide for oneself &; Chinese woman and Chinese man actually can’t get away.

female man was forced to become lovely girl

when I was a child, I often listen to mom when she went to college in Shanghai, will those fashionable & other Throughout the &; Shanghai female students is how to put the boy sent task to the servants, 1 water is usually a spare tire, spare tire 2 notes, spare tire 3 one’s deceased father grind together, together with her boyfriend to go abroad & hellip; & hellip; Mother about the tone is always full of resentment in the melodramatic: & other; I don’t have somebody else’s Shanghai girls hair dia type of skill, natural life. Throughout the &; To get my outlook on life is very confused, and she is let I don’t learn this is? Or is the ability to let me have a good practice? Many years later, I just know, my mother you don’t know what is right. Now she’s reach, walk on the life’s tail, still confused about what to do on this issue.

writer Shi Kang after went to the United States, hair regrets say they met in the past many Chinese woman are like & other; Disability & throughout; , that kind of woman is probably my mother admired & ndash; & ndash; Face, the bird in accordance with the people, to walk from the chest to leg quiver to spring cleaning. For a man is always a glimpse of the stars, a face of worship. Such women catering to the psychological needs of the most Chinese men and protectiveness, by showing weakness in life comfortable. Don’t do anything, its men fart dian fart with when & other; Cash & throughout; + & other; Throughout the land &; . When I was in college, see the mother say that Shanghai & other; As a woman & throughout; , the voice of dia dia, have a boyfriend with open water every night. The south of the thin boy a man carrying a pot of boiled water, four arm was dragged changed shape, back is bent, the girl beside a reed walk while eating meat in his hand. I looked at them and suddenly realized that she had the mood of the despised, envy.

unfortunately, I haven’t how to enjoy the Chinese boyfriend & other; Take care & throughout; And were sent to the United States. In the United States, Asian women is very popular with international friends from all over the world, I think I this is Shanghai & other; As a woman & throughout; Run into the corner of & other; Man & throughout; Spring has finally arrived.

the first go to the supermarket, I buy things would buy many, bag filled with rice, with milk and oil, and go to return the half of road. So I call a car for the American white male classmate, please take me home. Classmates is a good time to come, send me back home happily, but face awkward and finally could not help but ask me: & other; Do you know why don’t have a car, also buy their own do not carry so many things? Throughout the &; I understand, I add trouble to others, afraid to his boss when the driver next time.

there is a Canadian white male suitors, invited me to go to old books when dating market. We went out a day, play very happy, but in addition to eating is say good he please me ahead of time, all sorts of overhead is full of AA, the fare even to tip the taxi is calculated to yuan Angle points with me. He didn’t buy what book, I bought a lot of, there are two full feet tall. He is looking at a book, and I see two head shorter than he, very passion: & other; So much, why are you back to it, let me help you! Throughout the &; Once I listen to and DianEr delighted with arms extended and went away. The somebody else old man squatted down as a result, the book is divided into such two COINS, also amount to than to attune to another, until perfectly. Then he put a crib, stuffed them into my bag, I’m back up another crib, went away in a very bold, also rushed me credit for playing: & other; What do you think I to hello, two piles to share the same high. Throughout the &; Atmosphere made me feel like don’t brag about his bad, but think along while didn’t understand what he wanted me to boast which point he is. Home after that, I thought for a long time, if in China, the girlfriend must want to open to scold, if is the first time, will not have below, but the foreigner was quite let I praise him. He is thought to help me share is worth being praised? Or the weight of the precision of 50% shows the equality between men and women deserves some praise?

later lived in America for a long time, I’ll get used to that, the AA dating, but men and women relation. Heavy physical labor hired worker rather than to find a boyfriend. Go to later, I learned to shovel the snow, ikea furniture assembly, tyre, repair electrical appliances, network installation, move, loads that house on the website, in short, a Shi Kang’s & other; Female American man & throughout; . To associate with my boy, I always carefully maintained reciprocated to balance, following the don’t bother, don’t disorderly use, don’t take advantage of & other; Sometimes & throughout; The principle.

at that time I haven’t realized that I became & other; Female man & throughout; Until after returning a dating men complain to references, said I insisted that take the subway home and refuse his pick-up, made him feel no man. To dine with male friends in Beijing, they never let me pay, I embarrassed to blush thick neck. And a group of old classmates to K song, sang the natural and unrestrained go girls, the boy left the bill, I was surprised. In DaoChengYa Ding Haiba the mountain of the height of 4500 meters, a boy, a thin white white, wearing glasses, carrying almost as tall as his girlfriend, two people hung on the neck of the bag, go step one breath, profuse sweating, face lost color, nearly fainted. And he’s back his girlfriend little smile ying ying, looks just play the woman, and nothing works. I was shocked, I thought this is a boyfriend or a servant?

in the United States, the basic form my outlook on life, childhood mother put forward the problem of no longer bother me. My heart very despised & other; Green tea & throughout; And the Shanghai & other; As a woman & throughout; , and clearly draw a line with them! Probably because my body with the american-style rough gritty style, boys around not suspicion I & other; Female man & throughout; , is suspicion I heavy taste. And I was in all kinds of ABC and cruise around in Hong Kong and Taiwan compatriots, never talked and Chinese boys love, until I met the former boyfriend.

former boyfriend is a Beijing boy, with a full set of Chinese men great man’s doctrine of complex and the north man respectable living death. Just know before long, he to buy a car, don’t want to in the evening peak sihuan away from east to west in financial street I go home to work on, but my family only lives half station on foot in the unit. I think there is no necessary so & other; Throughout the &; , repeatedly said: & other; Don’t don’t have to. Throughout the &; Afterwards, he said he didn’t think I’m cute. On another occasion, I bought a ikea bookcase, former boyfriend offered to help me to assemble. I think he is likely to be polite, or don’t bother to others, just installed it himself. The former boyfriend whine for a long time for this matter. I move, see things too much, call her boyfriend to really feel sorry, pack your call moving company done & hellip; & hellip; I think considerate became former boyfriend in the eyes of stranger. Suppress have nowhere to vent the former boyfriend finally hide from me to run to his female colleagues to move, I found that a big fight, a beat two scattered.

this failure experience let me realize my & other; Female man & throughout; Attitude is a little problem, doesn’t seem to adapt to the trend in China. From these mistakes, I am looking for a dating site in the high-end matchmaker to close to guide me. Matchmaker is a round short henan sister, from the grassroots, without background without appearance without record of formal schooling, but catches you are admitted, live on the tall fuli city double Wells, day and night with me too: & other; You are looking for is to find a special man like my husband, particularly hurts people. Of course, you also want to timely weakness, that men can feel you need him. Throughout the &; & other; How the weakness? Throughout the &; I asked. & other; Very simple, just to be incompetent ah. Like one time my house is a mess, heap for several days to eat instant noodles is everywhere, he said he would come to see me, I have deliberately not pick up. He took one look and said you how so don’t take care of yourself ah, left me how can you live, and then very good is very good to me. Throughout the &; I just silly. This inability slovenly lack basic life self-care ability to half a degree of disability of women is benchmarking? China man: what’s the matter? One of my girlfriends also demonstrate to me: the light bulb is broken, you will also don’t trim, must make the man came back, waiting for him to do a good job in the more gratifying praise. I coldly stared at, he husband was in this little trap, drill ever deeper, enthusiasm. This recruit really spirit! Originally Chinese men like to be a bother! When we move in the office, I started, obviously they can carry the box and found a male colleague, holding his throat false false gas to ask him: & other; I can’t carry & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Affected the matter himself comfortable. The male colleagues unexpectedly fart dian dian moved for me. After the second box, in a male colleague, still so. The third box, and changed their male colleagues, to and fro.

after that, I slowly learned eyes take the expression of the stars, the mouth is becoming more and more sweet, go out to eat don’t pay, men love a taxi across ten ring will come to pick me up. Now of I, need not spend money out, car to car, generosity to accept man expensive gift. But, my in the mind still despise & other; Green tea & throughout; .

a psychologist once said, there is sexual selection phenomenon of human society. If always choose big and strong men like women, so small men will gene extinction because of not mating opportunities, then the rest of the male height will be more and more high. Sexy woman is selected by the same token, if men, then women appearance changes on earth will be in this direction. This is a kind of similar to sexual selection theory of Darwin’s theory of evolution. If this conclusion was established, then don’t complain the Shi Kang China woman is not independent, because it is the result of men to choose; And Chinese women also don’t complain about men ugly, because ugly and rich man still can marry the wife, so men have no power to improve appearance. Why do Chinese men like those weak to the woman of the life cannot provide for oneself? Inner weakness, because Chinese men need to do some simple work, in the woman’s praise must confirm self-worth, dignity for face. Because of so many great things in life they won’t solve, cruel male competition in the society let them very self-abased, so they need to exist in some small things, can sense & hellip; & hellip;

so, want to be & other; Green tea & throughout; Sisters grasp the discretion, looking for something he can finish the jump foot trouble he is & other; Weakness & throughout; , really let him solve the big problem is & other; Throughout the &; . Chinese men don’t really want to help you anything, they are just looking for on you & other; Dignity & throughout; Just. Deformity of the Chinese men personality, shaping the Chinese woman morbid personality. Abnormal condition of Chinese women are anxiety continued to rise the Chinese men. So, who also don’t say who!