Father violated own daughter mother afraid of divorce four years did not report to the police

guide language: for parents were children sheltered harbour, but the age of 17, lili is living in the shadow of the invaded by biological father, mother, for fear of divorce, and the eyes of another without alarm. Recently, with the help, lily finally ended the nightmare. DetailPic

father enroach on own daughter mother afraid of divorce 4 years did not alarm

the chengdu commercial daily reporter learned from the shuangliu court that the communist youth league to apply for cancellation of the children with father’s guardian qualification case in shuangliu court sentenced. It is understood that this is from October 1, 2017 officially implemented since the civil law general principles, the first case. According to the method for the qualification of a guardian of chengdu At present, the only guardian is mother.

a number of legal professionals to the chengdu commercial daily reporter, said in a court case, cancel the custody situation is relatively rare.

four years after the nightmare violate his father for the daughter mother know no alarm

17, lily (a pseudonym) is a reading of high school student, but a nightmare to accompany her for four years, father’s in prison until February, to get her peace.

lily lives in a normal family, and my parents live in the countryside, parents earn their livelihoods from agriculture, usual calm life. But all this since her 13-year-old junior high school because of his father’s strange broken. Father, lily recalls, Li Gui (not his real name) when she was 13 years old will always show a strange move, often in violation of her and lily, and mother talked about the matter, mother asked Li Gui, but did not admit or deny Li Gui, mother about strangers, afraid divorce Li Gui no cost of living, and there is no alarm. Day after day, the father Li Gui make lily feel scared, she found the opportunity to tell grandma, grandma say is lily’s own problem, also scolded her.

appeal father was sentenced to eight years in six months the guardian qualification has been revoked

until February, lili because one thing she had an argument with my parents, this let lily go to the brink of collapse, she summoned the courage to report a case to the public security organ, telling his murdered after. On February 19, lili’s father Li Gui being detained.

in July, by chengdu shuangliu district people’s court court decision, Li Gui rape was sentenced to eight years in six months. Staff of the court, police report, lili express ideas to drop out of school for many times, and got the hope cancel father guardian qualification idea, court officials on the psychological counselling, explain told the guardian’s qualification and initiate the process of law.

on November 15, lili apply to the court by the communist youth league shuangliu youth corps committee for Li Gui revoke its father’s guardian. November 17, shuangliu court thinks, Li Gui behavior has severely hurt by guardian lili’s physical and mental health and the legitimate rights and interests, it is no longer qualified continue to perform the guardian. Shuangliu court for the communist youth league shuangliu district party committee to our request to cancel Li Gui guardian, its reasons, shall be allowed. On this basis, according to “the general civil law of the People’s Republic of China” third paragraph of article 36 (1), and so on, the guardian of a sentence to cancel Li Gui qualification.