Father-in-law strong lips daughter-in-law, netizens denounced: there is no bottom line!

strong lips daughter-in-law event recently, things happen in yancheng a hotel ballroom.

drunken stumbling father-in-law daughter-in-law with catwalk, MC ceremony to praise the bride & other; Decent, do as the Romans do & throughout; .

the guests from far apart, is a hot chat toast, bless the new couple married, big screen near hot eyes suddenly:

father-in-law suddenly out from behind the suitors, half around the front of the bride, the reverse is a hungry Wolf, using a skilful in a JiaoHaoSheng practise fraud, strong lips his daughter-in-law.

friends screenshot

the suddenly, emcee on the spot was stunned, holding a microphone: & other; Ah! Ah! Ah! Throughout the &; To bother to scold, and was speechless.

looking phones, present in the same kind of eat the melon mentality recorded the whole process of the drama from different angles.

the bride’s family is stunned, reportedly set the old couple with friends and family, the woman brought back home overnight.

chat screenshot

video once issued, fire directly from friends in weibo.

wedding is a festive occasions.

you about harmless jokes, slightly to pour two cups of warm feelings, friends and relatives tinkering around the edges… All right.

although the course of his life, I’ve seen you married a lot.

however, this kind of overt sexual harassment himself under the eyes of the kiss her daughter-in-law, most people still be met for the first time.

marriage gauze, diamond ring, glass slipper, applause, blessing.

is every woman dream of a wedding at an early age, is the most close to the princess of youth day.

who never expected, also is such a day,

looking forward to looking forward to, unexpectedly become the innocent bride the shadow of life.

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1. Drunk strong lips, stoop, father-in-law gaffes torn?

as far as the same elementary school, unit colleague, perhaps from each other’s ex-boyfriend, former girlfriend;

close to various relatives, the husband’s family and her family.

going the rounds the word.

greeting was smashed up, disgraceful thing is door to door on the side of the table, become the spectators in dinner dishes.

son out to his father, family will bring daughter back home overnight.

a drunken appearance, is the year lead half hundred, exposed by the good deeds do not merit is not deep, had deserted him stoop to etiquette.

the generation of cracks, the tear is not only a paper marriage, a pair of conjugal love couple, two families elaboration of bonhomie, also includes the dating market order and ethics.

2. Input, marriage can’t rest, such family and girl dare to marry?

shame groomsman bridesmaid, parody, the bride and groom, in the guise of when in Rome, do as the Romans do play as rogue…

the vulgar ring marriage is not age, but that all kinds of tricks.

once lift skirt on chest leads to no one dare to do the maid of honor, to today’s father-in-law strong lips that no one dared stand up for the bride.

a series drama, insult women at the same time, who exactly is natural and unrestrained?

claps the abominable faces appear in the table who relatives or friends?

to incite the crowd of women hug and embrace, euphemistically called can let the bride and groom: in one hundred, and from which the jaws of a rich man?

every indulgence and participate in the vulgar marriage of the parties, don’t delusion will custom as an excuse for sexual harassment and crime.

3. Complaining slam shut, abused by group of chao, the ideas of the roles which day check elimination?

the most poisonous heart, though, the most evil but in essence.

it, immediately burst out straight men advanced cancer.

suspicion is improper relationship between her father-in-law and her daughter-in-law, wang yan relationships-particularly those founded shut up don’t let all moral kidnapping.

more someone directly admitted that part of the mind is always in the patriarchal head: & other; Daughter-in-law is the highs (our son), how wasted too much. Throughout the &;

the original marriage is holy.

faithful marriage, even with the tonsure practice.

the man decided to from now on for iraqis six clean, no longer have any wild desires for other women.

the wife decided to spend the life with the man, regardless of physical wealth, if not a natural and man-made, is advantageous for the practice in his arms, not lust after earth other scenery.

two people can be in front of all the relatives and friends say, & throughout; I love you forever. Throughout the &;

determine eyes on the grand occasion, keep up how much courage, to declare the great love.

who can think, was his father, kiss my father-in-law a basin of the dog blood spray head.

the pot hot hot dog blood inside, mixed with some cooked by the feudal thought of virulent seasoning.

but it is at the ceremony, all have no later.

under the eyes, the evidence of witnesses. The breaking an engagement breaking an engagement, the alarm and alarm, the dozen of lawsuit, should compensate a don’t fall, the girl has to get out of.

but it happened under the eaves of a family in one thousand, behind closed doors, remove traces.

the storm come quickly, hidden faster.

the girl is afraid is called should not every day, and the ground is ineffective.

we advised the girl before she got married to polish eyes, identification of man, watch family, guard against to guard against, careful careful again carefully, in order to reducing the probability of pillaging.

but in the end, the reflection with what always victims, perpetrators of a building, destroyed many people had a happy family, but also at large?

women are soft creatures, don’t look up their capabilities against dozens.

why don’t always complain about their bad to protect themselves, the critical moment, who can expect even & other; The so-called relatives & throughout; According to reach out to them.

a woman to marry you, no so-called & other; Throughout the highs &; And & other Attachment & throughout; .

decided to them in a lifetime, only love and trust.

more men to use lifetime to defend, is the rights of the beloved woman is a wife’s dignity.