Experts reveal: Chinese wife affairs all over the world the highest proportion

pan is 67 years old, from renmin university of China in 1985 the first courses in the sociology of sex “, has been engaged in social science research. This is why China s sex changes. Since 2000, this is known as the “godfather” China sexology scholar rate, every five years on a “Chinese sex and sex” random sampling survey of population. In this lasted long enough, problems comparable studies, the Chinese sex change is reflected.

look more and more Chinese women aspire to show “sex and the city” lifestyle, data has showed more picture below: about 10% of Chinese women, haven’t had sex to 30 years old, and the data is growing; For women of sex toys on the market is becoming more and more to buy the subject but not women. The lust of the Chinese women the world what’s the matter? DetailPic

China sexology godfather: women’s cultural level, the higher the more asexual people

” characters “: in your study, 30 years, what changes have taken place in Chinese women’s sex?

pan: in general, I think the biggest difference is that now more and more multipolar, and with the difference between larger and larger.

we found that 27-35 years old, male or female, with 10% of people have never had sex, the female growth is much higher than male, but also continued to soar.

in the group of women, the higher the cultural level, the more asexual people. There are two aspects of subjective and objective reasons for this. On the one hand, the education, the older you get, the more the more there are all kinds of concerns, all kinds of measure, all kinds of fear. On the other hand, the higher the level of education, who can communicate together is also relatively less.

but at the same time, there are too many woman life partner, in 2000, only 9.0%, but in a short span of 15 years after they reached 30.5%, increased more than twice.

the longitudinal than, the overall situation is far better than the past. Thirty years ago, even had sex of husband and wife can’t admit it, at least now you are no longer ashamed to admit that the sexual life, but also hope to strive for better sex, the progress is not small.

: people over the years, what is the most let you unexpected change?

pan: China is the most unexpected of extramarital affairs, whether men or women, the proportion is on the rise. Especially his wife’s affair, is the highest percentage of all over the world. China approximately every three husband or wife every 7.5, there is a ever cheat.

it is worth mentioning that most of Chinese women’s extramarital love is oneself, is the real affair, but also have a lot of concerns can’t divorce, is likely to be in desperation.

I think that is really importune grow old marriage system is not reasonable. In developed countries, more and more people would have to figure out the problem. If fall in love with people outside of marriage, nature is to remove the old marriage, to marry the man, so there is lack of furtive in affairs demand. So foreign increased rates of divorce and remarriage, more and more people are married many times in my life, but in every marriage can be fully on both sides.

“characters” : what kind of people are more likely to have a marriage outside love? Are the people who are not satisfied with marital sex?

pan, cannot treat as the same. A more interesting finding is that within marriage derailed sex life satisfactory women tend not to go, the more male marital satisfaction more easily derailed. , that is, women tend to focus your sex life satisfaction on a particular person, thought to be with this person so well, with another person. Men, on the other hand, he would think that he is his own ability, will also is very good with others, and then the old wanted to go out to prove that.

“characters” : in addition to cheat, women are not satisfied with sexual life: are there any other way? Such as masturbation?

pan: in the investigation of female masturbation, we discovered a strange phenomenon. Had masturbation from 2000 to 2000, the proportion of Chinese women all the way down, in 2000, about a third of women have masturbation, in 2015, the proportion of falling nearly 10%.

if he married/cohabiting women, in the 21st century in the first 10 years, the proportion of masturbation has been on the rise, but during the period of 2010 to 2015, the proportion is on the decline, and the damping is small. The reason, to be honest, I do not yet understand, perhaps some alternative ways to increase.

another interesting finding is that in a survey about the Chinese use sex toys, we found that both men and women, the proportion of buying sex toys are on the rise, but the latest survey, only 5.7% of women confessed to buying sex toys, this number is only about half that of men.

it is important to note that the sales of sex toys on the market in China, most is for women to use, so there are two possibilities: one is that women really need is embarrassed to buy, can only ask a man to do it; A second possibility is less glorious, whether there are some men in forced women to use?

“characters” : from the perspective of the data of masturbation and buying sex toys, feel women also can’t face up to their own desires. Chinese women more and more open, isn’t it? Many women love TV show “sex and the city” state of life.

pan: Chinese women are in change, but far from sex and the city. Europe in the 1920 s the sexual revolution, sexuality is slowly shift for 100 years. China’s change in sex it together, that is, 1985 years later, within a short span of 30 years, suddenly want to become a new person, will fear and anxiety.