Every woman love to complain about the back is a man not to force

guide language: once read before feel justified: behind every long fat woman there is a bed for men. This is the current situation of many men and women in marriage, because of a lack of exercise, because marriage is lack of passion, because the man on the bed not to force, so the woman figure is gradually expanding. If a woman to the man behind the bed, she must be o, complexion is ruddy, body is getting better and better, momaihanqing, corners of the mouth, and eyebrows rose, speak more and more gentle, can’t hear any complaints, some just untold JiaoChen. But, in reality, I have a lot of female friends, get satisfying sex in marriage, miserable & hellip; & hellip;

woman not happy men don’t give force to blame? (photo: canopy originality. Graphic has nothing to do.

when I just graduated in a book company work, a coworker do administrative nannan, she is very traditional, has remained a virgin, decided to give their husband on their wedding night. Then, introduced she met a local boy, two people got married after a period of time. She found that after marriage, the man was not on the bed. But her parents think she had a good, because this man is very honest, very hard, very will. Nannan after listen to, have bitterness could not say. Over time, she began to criticize, complain the husband of the food too salty, complain about husband’s clothes are too soil & hellip; & hellip; The husband said, the taste of this dish and original is same, the clothes are all she had ever seen before she got married. Actually, nannan also know that only she can not be said, pointing to the man’s nose: & other; That you can’t, I don’t. Throughout the &; After all, this belongs to the privacy, involving a man’s self-esteem and face. So she can only pick every day from anywhere else. In a bad mood, see what all don’t pleasing to the eye, naturally would complain that, complain about it. In the end, the husband can’t stand her complaint, and she got a divorce. Later, she said: & other; Later, in any case, I will try before deciding to pay, otherwise, the risk is too big. Throughout the &;

I have a friend a dusting of snow, and her boyfriend just two years of marriage, perfect match, have a lovely daughter, the other people all envy her very much. Two people are very good, very match. They are always smiling in front of strangers, light snow is always a happy woman.

but, one day, the happy woman suddenly complained to me, & other; In fact, my husband and I married for two years, have sex two fingers. Throughout the &; I started with a listen to, and this is not a long distance relationship, and is not a multinational love, be together together every day for young couples, a bed, two years more than seven hundred days, sex less than 10 times, absolutely too scary. I said: & other; You are not quite happy? How did that happen? Throughout the &; She gave a wry smile, said: & other; Happiness is installed to others see, back home, we say a night or not more than three sentences, or quarrel with each other. Throughout the &;

the thing is, on examination, her husband’s situation belongs to sex apathy. Light snow is a party thirty years old women who have a demand, each late into the night no tear, helpless, can only swallow injustice in the stomach. Once, she tried to take the initiative to tease your husband, the husband is a push away her, subconsciously suspicion, & other; What are you doing? Throughout the &; That sentence, break a light heart, she felt as if she had done not to do. & other; At that time, really want to cheat! But, I don’t want to become a kind of woman I most despise. Throughout the &; Light snow said.

a dusting of snow in the heart not happy, began to complain about the husband does not know care about yourself, don’t know the care for children, her mother-in-law is too stingy & hellip; & hellip;

yes, once upon a time, we despise those who cheat a woman, but, sometimes cheat behind tend to have we don’t see the truth.

no complaints in front of the old light snow, grievances are buried in the heart, because she is better, but it may be more dangerous, over time, certainly will. On one occasion, she finally uncontrollable roar to the husband: & other; I so hard, so good, is to find a husband like you? Throughout the &;

now, she told me her grievance, feel relaxed a lot. Light snow just 30, daughter just one year old, after the way how to go? Light snow says she now has everything, all kinds of evidence, the work are more and more money, oneself is more and more outstanding, is becoming more and more successful in others’ eyes, but only regret, is their marriage is not happiness. She said, she and her husband have a good communication to achieve harmony, if really can’t give up.