Emotional interpretation: prosperous husband long what kind of woman

introduction : when people have problems, always complain god unfair, probably all attribute source above the fate! Actually faces is flourishing, also just got up any psychological effect, let me together we follow signs, pay attention to the Buddha said that how to make a prosperous husband woman.

flourishing, women face sketch

since the ancient times only & other; Wenger’s & throughout; A word, there is no & other; Women throughout the &; A word, visible only men, women and men can’t popular woman. What reason? Faces, according to a woman faces to find wang zhen, such as round, glossy, soft, etc., are not fundamental reason, also can’t do absolutely accurate. Now, experts from the Angle of the dhamma talk about fundamental reason to everyone.

think that traditional culture, women are made of water, and water as wealth, is therefore, women are born rich life, the woman here, refers to all the women, rather than a another woman. And a man of wealth, just hide in five lines of water, the water, just a small part. So, for a man, there is a word called & other; Adults & throughout; , only have a family, to establish a career, so, the man need a woman to wenger to thrive. Behind a successful man there is always a silent dedication for women. After understood this, wang zhen, women can be a large number of replication. Let’s see what water signs:

1, on good if water, water flows downwards, because, like a woman in family relations, it is Ken, a lift home. Women thought that women hold up half the sky, the loss of water duty, argue with a man, no space, g, certainly, it is easy to divorce, can’t even have money to enjoy.

2, take knife broken water flow, is to soft water, water flow through the place, the obstacles, will automatically turn, will not play hardball, water will never be hurt, in the face of the man break into a furious rage, the water of the women are good at, with only soft can overcome just because, just not soft, so, like the woman in pettish, hair hair dia, play play to depend on, a man they don’t have a temper, so like a woman is head of the family forever. Give priority to with rigid against women like men, this is called & other; Eggs touch stone & throughout; Forever is a woman, was black and blue all over. I have ever had a head beauty, she told me that her husband before be subordinate to oneself, to get married soon after her husband had an affair, I told her that, can you arrange you limited the number of times, can’t you arrange you for a lifetime, only you made a true woman, men will wholeheartedly for you for a lifetime.

3, water can nourish the growth of all things a trace, like a woman, always can find the man’s benefits, praise of men, men praise, vomit a lotus flower, let a man feel he is a hero, full of power, was determined to protect their weak wife, two close relationship. On the other hand, women often find fault with a man, a man’s heart is more and more cold, more and more no confidence, feel like a fool, feel oneself is a waste, can become more and more downhill. Beijing a woman said to me, her husband to find small three, neither her beautiful, nor her degree is high, earn the money didn’t she, she don’t understand her husband sees in small three, I told her that your husband like each other gentle love, she was speechless.

4, unmarried girls, in the family, society, in the company, if can do really like woman, find people benefits, vomit a lotus flower, wide knot good causes and conditions, meet others to lose his temper, can also had, smiling face, carry heavy burden, suffering from, must have superior recognition, promoting to a higher position.