Dongguan mother and daughter with second pregnancy: 48, mother gave birth to twins

guide language: this is not a joke, the guangdong dongguan, 48, Ms. Li is pregnant, and is the second child, or a twin, more rare is, her daughter is pregnant with two children. DetailPic

dongguan mother and daughter with second pregnancy: 48, mother gave birth to twins

the ms li joy but somehow worry: advanced maternal age and twins, worry about children’s health, worry about postpartum can take care of children, worry can’t take care of daughter, second child at the same time, concerned about their children life after learning & hellip; & hellip;

gradually, Ms. Li the symptoms of insomnia, irritability, more and more serious, can only turn the psychological doctor, fortunately, finally gave birth to twin boys.

48 mom sleep after having a second child

dongguan psychiatrist Hu Qingju, director of the introduction, the third people’s hospital, 48, Ms. Li has a daughter, his daughter had married a few years ago. Since comprehensive two child open, Ms. Li has a plan to have two children, shortly before finally pregnant, and are twins.

coincidentally, almost at the same time, Ms. Lee’s daughter is pregnant with the child.

before having a second child, Ms. Li sleep soundly, more delicious work also has the momentum. Very not easy having a second child, Ms. Li think of themselves as women, and women pregnant with twins, start often worry about their health, child development situation in the belly, postpartum older children’s education, their children after aspects of parenting, relatives and friends opinion, economic work pressure, and unable to care for her daughter and two grandchildren, etc., gradually and fidgety, not in the mood to work, the symptom such as difficult to fall asleep.

with the increase of in children, the body weight more and more big, the closer the child labor time, Ms. Lee increasingly heavy heart, worry about the cost of the confined her please, twins nanny to the cost of a month later, to take care of the twins would affect the work, the cost of their children to school in the future, coupled with their age is big, if the body becomes poor, cannot take the child, is increasing the burden for his daughter, and his old age to have two children, so worry about the people around you don’t understand, such as discrimination against Chinese children go to school in the future.

& other; Ms. Lee worries caused a series of bad feelings, physical discomfort, and sleep problems. Throughout the &; Hu Qingju director, says ms li is very serious, can’t sleep all night.

after treatment smoothly gave birth to twins

Hu Qingju director, said the second child after opening, women, many of the 70 after even after 60 pregnant with two children, women not only appear a series of health risk, mental health also cannot be ignored, nearly time accepts a few cases of women suffer from insomnia, is can’t sleep all night, seriously affect the life during pregnancy, Ms. Li is one of them.

Hu Qingju director says, pregnant mother insomnia, anxiety can cause adverse effects on fetal development, considering that she is pregnant with twins advanced maternal age, namely cannot use have an effect on children’s medicine, and to improve as soon as Ms. Li sleep and stable emotions.

& other; For this kind of maternal patients with insomnia, mood swings, mainly in family therapy and psychological counseling, relaxation training, meditation, music therapy, etc as main treatment means. Throughout the &; Hu Qingju director introduces, Ms. Li with the help of the above psychological therapy and family care, prenatal improve sleep, mood, become stable, has now gave birth to twin boys, postpartum sleep good, have no too much worry, every day is happy and take care of two children.