Divorce women being paid a “virgin proof”

a was reluctant to the failure of the marriage (canopy image: creative)

about people: nana, , years of age, divorced.

my mother education since childhood, I must be totally, must not go to bed before she got married with the man. I also strictly stick to the line. Before I got married, also a few, including during the university, but is confined to her hand, a hug or something like that. These with my mother every day to pull the ear has a lot to do, my mom to premarital sex is to the point of hatred, despise everything bad girl, in her eyes, who don’t own a good girl, your girl is the most pure, for the sake of her can be shy in front of the foot, I will keep the purity, oneself also think, want to give love, for the first time I the man, get married is very sacred thing. & have spent

in almost 30 years old, my parents sat not to live, I find object, all day worry I unmarriageable. In Beijing and I a person struggle, wearing out day by day is also. Condition not good don’t want to marry, good character and not appropriate. My home in liaoning, the condition in the local is fairly good, saloon car, but I don’t want to make home for me to bear too much, in addition to try to live on their own, I also want to find a condition better, because you know, a girl in Beijing, a month LiuQiQian dollars, simply not enough to do. And I’m used to living in Beijing, don’t want to go back.

in 29 years old this year, finally met a looks the right people, two years older than I am, who looks not so handsome, but not annoying, the most important is the family is in Beijing, my parents also give him ready to get married, house and car, his parents were used to be a unit of middle managers, only a son, or a civil servant, I can find some in Beijing, also calculate. Is an interesting place for a period of time, each other, then I told my parents, my parents, ten thousand agreed that my dad think I can find a room have a car in Beijing, just god, also very admire me. My mother if I get married, I can find that, she also can carry up to in home, she always thought she cannot marry the girl is not good, so she didn’t face. & have spent

then, we get married, are quite good at wedding party, my mother gave me 500000 yuan of dowry, I live in Beijing, also have no pressure, bent on having a baby, the last class, too.

but things didn’t work out! Wedding night, we have nothing to do, feel each other are tired at that time, also don’t want to. Later, he doesn’t work, thought still haven’t recovered some tired. Until he again and again not to find that the seriousness of the problem. Finally the coercive, it turned out that he has never done. His face is just speechless, but already married, I would be at best, and start treatment, can always see improvement. & have spent

so exotic things, can let me catch up with, is lower than the chance of being hit! At first I didn’t tell my parents, just go home also not happy, my father said I am not satisfied! Later can’t, told my mother, my mother was frightened, and then went to Beijing, together with a promising treatment, but finally failed. & have spent

in the past two years, and others cannot explain why don’t I pregnant! Is not pregnant so simple, no sex!

have to divorce in this step. Rv is in-laws, they said give me one hundred thousand dollars in compensation, I said I get married with you, to find, who can also believe that I’m a big girl! Then he wrote me a proof of a virgin. I don’t want any trouble, can thoroughly liberation, even if! Reality is so terrible, say what’s the use of feelings! The dog blood, the real staged in my life! & have spent

I believe that some of the rules, but in reality a hit! If I am smart, try with him before marriage, also need not be married. Now the whole so bizarre, estimate the relatives and friends once you know, it’s hard to believe. They just know that I got divorced two years of marriage, is a sigh sigh and said how to look at the good left! Why ah? & have spent

I am a girl of the traditional Chinese education is deep, marry is to get along in order to have children, just met such a thing, not a divorce, and what is the way to go? Originally I was heading for happiness, in the end with a sieve! Although my mother also don’t like the identity of the second marriage, but this is my life.