Chinese men the world girls – map: single Russian beauty

guide language: recently, according to reports in the past 34 years, about 30 million men. Fifteen years later, for every 100 girls around 20, will be surrounded by 118 suitors of the same age. China’s birth population sex ratio has more than 30 years more than 107 consecutive: the highest line 100. Accordingly estimation, male, born in 1990, there will be one 6 always single, male, born in 2000, there will be one 7 of a lonely life. Don’t worry you SAO years, not crowded, take a look at below, where you can find your future partner & hellip; & hellip;

0-9, 2010 population sex ratio, ratio of more than 125 red said: 100. (photo: SMW weekly)

and according to the author’s estimation, with corresponding 20-22-60 years old of the male population, 58, female population, let’s define that part of the male population more than women for & other; Singles & throughout; , so after 2010, China & other; Singles & throughout; Number of rapid rise, more than 20 million, 2022, more than 30 million, 2028, will exceed 40 million by 2041.

the existence of such a large single in the future, will certainly affect the traditional Chinese marriage, causing instability of the family. The women will be more and more insecure, not you & other; Otherwise & throughout; , someone is coming for you. Sex ratio imbalance, but also inevitably raise the cost of examination (now in some places the dowry is far too high), thereby lowering fertility.

there used to be & other; The college entrance examination immigration & throughout; , in the future will have & other; Marriage immigration & throughout; Gender, by comparing the reasonable place to find a wife easier. Domestic market competition is too big, rather than at home, not go abroad, another & other; Marriage road & throughout; .

southeast Asia: the number of girls in the ocean

however, due to the normal sex ratio at birth is 104, most countries are boy a slight surplus. According to the UN world population prospects 2012 edition, 2010, 30 years old the following the crowd, more girls than boys only 21 countries and regions, the total only & other; Excess & throughout; 1.33 million girls, including Malaysia, 507000 people, 253000 people in Nepal, Burma’s 120000 people. Even if the 1.33 million girls all want to marry to come to China, also is just a drop in the ocean!

but only sex ratio at southeast Asia under the age of 30, 103, a total of 160 million girls. & other; Pan-asia railway & throughout; But not & other; The road to economic & throughout; , & other; Throughout the course of true love &; . From the central television program of the distant, in guangxi, yunnan border has took the lead out of the step.

Japan: although a lot of pressure but can try

2010 Japanese sex ratio for people under age 30 to 105, the marriage competition pressure is not big, and the total number of girls, 18.15 million, Chinese boy to Japan study abroad is a good way, not only can learn knowledge, also can harvest love. It is best to take the wife and children back home, because Japan’s aging is more severe than China (warning: don’t forget to support my father-in-law).

India: it is the world’s second largest single power

Indian girl more than absolute number, a total of 330 million people under the age of 30, but India’s sex ratio is as high as 110, 32.97 million (the world’s second largest single force) the boy. Although China and India trade is increasing, therefore, Chinese products are Indian markets, but China is difficult to from India & other; Import & throughout; The bride. But if there is a tang’s monk teacher and pupil after wringer retrieve true through perseverance, or can return from India to marry the bride. Is said to be the third Eurasian railway bridge will be built in the future: – myanmar – Bangladesh, India, China – Pakistan, Iran, Turkey – Europe, from the economic point of view this is undoubtedly the most economic vitality of a railway in the world, because along the densely populated, structure young; But this is not conducive to China’s west & other; And throughout the &; Ah, because Indian boy will be the obstacle, supplanted in her love will.