China’s rising divorce rate the culprit turns out to be to have two children?

divorce registration office of the young men

marriage registration office in Shanghai pudong new area there are two kinds of color changes in temperature and clear. On the left is the marriage registration office, a red background, pink is hung on the wall, love letter & other; Today, we’re married & throughout;; The divorce registration office on the right, white is given priority to, simple but elegant quiet, people sitting on the small round table, bickering, and signed the divorce agreement is made in separation analysis.

divorce registration office of the young man: full-time wife, two children and family is a high-risk group

the same handle affairs in the hall, there are less than 10 square meters of marriage between two consulting room, every day is the human sentiment changes in temperature. When it is, a consulting rooms day in and out of more than 30 couples. Have cried in, hug; In a sulky, cry out; There are twittering approach, silent.

, according to data released by the ministry of civil affairs, starting in 2002, China & other; Rough divorce rate & throughout; All the way higher, from 0.9 in 2002 & permil; Rose to 2.8 in 2015 & permil; . In Shanghai, married in 2017 to 2017, 25509 for a divorce.

after 90 s girl Wang Meiyan is a marriage between the two clinics, director of the social work service, director-general of the Shanghai home. Farce home service for the price of more than 40, ten thousand yuan a year to undertake the marriage registration office in pudong, marriage family welfare counselling services, mainly for those with the civil affairs bureau registration divorce of husband and wife. Over the past eight years, service received a total of more than 100000 couples (including marital counseling), great efforts of more than 2500 for & other; Must divorce & throughout; Husband and wife, great success rate at about 6%.

in Shanghai pudong new area, area of the largest and fastest growing economy, 2017, a total of 2017 couples divorce in registration, of which 3119 is 80 after couple, and in 3119, marriage within 1 year of 507. & other; Now need to focus on young people with a divorce. Throughout the &; In the communist youth league and the people’s congress, CPPCC member of Shanghai face-to-face activities, their appeal to the relevant person in charge of civil affairs bureau of pudong new area ShiQuanPing & other New concerns & throughout; .

full-time wife, two children and family easy divorce

because who is responsible for washing the dishes, who is responsible for the care of the dog, the husband can’t go home on time every day, such as chores, after 90 s girl qian qian to the marriage registration office. Divorce fuse, it is a dog food bowl.

after eating dinner, her husband ronaldinho in the qian qian, under the command of the pet dog bowl to wash. After washing, dry bowl, ronaldinho did not directly put the bowl on the edge of the sofa. Qian qian was outraged, & other; Bowl to dry, have to put in toilet & throughout; .

before marriage, qian qian like princess by parents dote on, by boyfriend loved, every day after work, her boyfriend will pick up on time at the gate of the company; Married, qian qian husband complain almost never on time to go home, often mix, drinking after work friends, rarely go home for dinner.

& other; Less than 1 years of marriage, because a little small things, is about to divorce. Throughout the &; Farce home service part-time professional volunteers Zhou Xingrong every week to the marriage registration office on duty for two days, in recent years, after she met after 80, 80 young people more and more, & other; The woman to love, the man want to independent space, a word, will leave & throughout; .

Wang Meiyan finishing the farce, the case data in recent years, pudong area divorce presents a younger crowd, irrational, impulsive, unfocused, etc. Currently, divorce, the crowd of 25 to 29 years old age the largest number, followed by 30 ~ 35 people. From the perspective of the length of time of marital life, those who most 3 ~ 5 years of marriage, the second is 1 ~ 2 years of marriage.

that is to say, within 25 ~ 35 years old, married for 5 years in the divorce of husband and wife & other; High-risk stage & throughout; . And in this age the full-time wife, two children in the family, is & other; The high risk population & throughout; .

a full-time wife nana, 33, divorce, the child was 2 years old and a half. Her to pursue their own life, every week to go out with friends on a regular basis, each party shall pay. She wants to achieve their life values, going out to read further, also going to start looking for a job.

but such & other; Reasonable requirements & throughout; Has repeatedly been husband refused, & other; You are a kindergarten teacher, go out to work can earn? It is better to put their children at home teach good & throughout; .

until property in the marriage registration office calculation, her & other; Code farmers & throughout; Husband found out, the home not only 1 cent savings, still owe a debt of $60000. Even children childcare class tuition last month, is wife asked friends borrowed. & other; Money earned is to flowers, keep doing. Throughout the &; This is holding & other Must be good to yourself & throughout; The idea of a full-time wife.

alienated from society for a long time, make nana become vain, love is in front of your friends keep up appearance, she thinks she is at home & other Waste of talent & throughout; & other; Sacrifice & throughout; All and all, blame her husband and the children.

the other extreme is in full-time wife, completely give up self. & other; Husband development better and better, more and more losing charm and personality. Throughout the &; Wang Meiyan said, & other; Comprehensive two children & throughout; After the policy, more and more women to have two children, choose a full-time wife home, become a divorce at higher risk. A lot of people at home & other; Milk child & throughout; Milk, milk, themselves out of the depression.