China vs Japanese women, who are happier?

a message said & other; Envy Japanese women who don’t have to work, but also half of her husband’s pension & throughout; , but at the same time, there was a very interesting survey results: more than 70% of Japanese women want to marry Chinese men! Isn’t surprise? Meaning not surprised?

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2017 Christmas for a few days, I went to Japan with my family.

in the bus, listen to our Japan to meet the tour guide talking about such a joke:

he said, a few months ago the Japanese television stations, on the street at random over its women make a questionnaire survey, the title is: if China, France, Japan, Germany, Russia, you had your choice of men, a few countries would you most want to marry what nationality?

the answer unexpectedly unexpectedly consistent: more than 70% of Japanese women want to marry Chinese men!

why? According to the television interview last summary out of the three main answers:

1. The Chinese men married, parents can help their marriage room ready.

the Chinese marriage, condition is good, the man directly to prepare marriage room; Conditions weaknesses, parents try very hard to gather together a down payment, pinch and scrape, even borrow money to his son’s marriage room & other; The countrys & throughout; , less to even bring guilt;

but not Japanese. Japan each distinct home, now that you’re married, life is your own.

Japan had no children of their parents to buy their habits and consciousness, and even the economy is also very clear, don’t lend money to their children.

because of this, the Japanese young people marry, zero down payment to buy a house that rent a house, it everywhere.

2. The female life children, generally by grandparents to help with.

the most common sight on the streets of China: grandpa’s grandmother with grandchildren (female) on the park, stroll market, travel, computer parts, it almost extinct in Japan.

as I mentioned earlier, each distinct home in Japan. Japan’s parents even if their retirement, still feel about their lives to help children with children is a great bother, they like to go fishing, play CARDS, skiing, travel, abetted.

they don’t love your grandchildren, but their love, is at an emotional level. Neither the output (help), also don’t pay (the Japanese tour guide said that his four-year-old son grandma that receive red envelopes from Japan every year, also meet 60 yuan money).

so, Japanese families raising children, is Japanese women own business.

3. Chinese men are more family, buy vegetables, cooking, with Eva and attentive care.

it is well known that Japanese women are notoriously will take care of the family. Their bones, as if born to take care of their man no dead Angle of 360 degrees thorough careful, don’t bother men lift a finger in the home.

but this does not mean that Japanese women have no complaints!

especially when they know that only a shore between Chinese men, but to the kitchen, stroll market, chicken broth, proud of when dads, a teapot and occasionally to coax a wife is happy, is just to surprise off chin!

what’s more, Chinese men only dare to waste a moment in the car after work, to be my wife too; While the Japanese men is to be looked down upon his wife’s home early! So they went public drinking after work & hellip; & hellip;

it’s no comparison, no harm!


we Japanese tour guide said that day this time, a lot of the bus passengers laughed.

the back has an elder sister said: it was, now just feel oneself live earn! There but for the former in-laws help to buy a house, and then help with childcare, how could your little guilty now walks with sister out of Japan.

but it was quickly put forward another voice:

& other; Want me to say, so watch or a Japanese woman handsome!

just take good care of the family and children when they are young, without the need for a career, family, two phase equilibrium, and the old will be as long as yourself, we would like to how to play how to play, and completely don’t have to take care of their children;

and, the somebody else why can zero down payment to buy a house, and peace of mind when housewife? Because of their matching up with! Throughout the &;

so, who are happier? Return true to say.

but I wonder: the envy of the three Japanese women, Chinese women really think? The answer is not.

as a reading to see a variety of emotional problems, the author, if let me summary, most Chinese women spit worse over the years several big marriage problems, so it must be:

1. The most afraid of meet baby type treasure to men;

2. The most annoying cut hard also disorderly old woman daughter-in-law relation;

3. The worst is being widowed type form of marriage.

really so smart!

Japanese women’s envy at 3 o ‘clock, and Chinese women the most disturbing at 3 o ‘clock, almost all tit for tat.

someone to help you envy me, that you didn’t see them on the boss of my life and high pressure intervention;

you envy someone help my children, I envy you have more at ease in possessions mother soil and environment;

but as for you envy my child dad occasionally whim & other; Pretend to be a good father & throughout; , that I really want to ah, after all dads put on AIRS with Eva for two hours, mothers all kinds of damage is tidy up for a day or two.

so, if the option to Chinese women, I really believe that so many women to choose: behind closed doors, clear-cut, independent, not be disturbed, a clear division of responsibilities of husband and wife of home life.


this world is really interesting. No matter how much you are annoyed, but someone in envy your life now.

and TA’s envy you that, probably is the most scornful, abandon you like off the point.

about this matter in the marriage, or that I admire the most thorough qian zhongshu gentleman.

he compared marriage to & other; Siege & throughout; Outside, meaning: people always want to break in, and those who are inside want to get out.

read fortress besieged as a teenager, I always like on the square hong gradually personality factors and growth environment to find the reason, then gradually find, also have to admit: this really is a common characteristic of human psychology.

you envy her marriage, husband food on the natural and unrestrained, and she said just want someone to accompany in the side, even if he is willing to bitter point;

she envy you warm considerate, marriage to be very considerate husband, and you don’t think her husband is unintelligent and honest, a lifetime nothing great promise.

marriage is more than just look at the others, to see their own life is the same:

as a teenager, I have great hope to grow up and think it’s good to grow up! Can be bright, free to own life;

but come people say that the most beautiful in the twenties, only to find that their twenties is one of the most bitter, because a nought, is used to experience failure, young and middle-aged groundwork;

to middle-aged adults, found that are a little small, you dare not disease steps did not dare to die even dare not stop & hellip; & hellip; Thinking about only after retirement, can really be enjoying life;

but probably only really arrived when he was dying, only to find that it’s nice to be young! People still carefree childhood, youth hang out of good.

this is why?

or just because: the creator creations, same thing, a personality, a stage, buried a cannot always XiangShengXiangChang, clever and interesting stripping the positive and negative poles, the advantages and disadvantages of both ends.

each to the other side of the faults, must correspond to a natural advantage:

you hate a person’s temper, it is also a kind of power;

you hate a person is very strong, but it is often a determination;

you hate a person roundabout, but on the other hand he is thoughtful;

you hate a person action is slow, but he also have gentle and calm.

character not only so, we each person’s life, each life stage, is almost equal.

in that case, envy other people’s lives, really very very silly.

but it happened again to common human nature not escape in one thousand.

the real master in the marriage of: is whatever fate to me, I can always with me I like.

because I know what you want, and have the ability in the intricate world spins cocoon, find it sunshine positive side.

in other words: chi bound, no attachment, not fighting with yourself;

understand person to see the sparkle of life and in their place, live really earn.

each opposite to a fault, always corresponds to an advantage. If can choose, what would you choose Japanese women’s life, or life now?

this article reprinted from phoenix: marriage and family magazine