What is a quality life

There are a lot of people who like to talk about quality of life. They think that spending more money and spending money is quality of life.

As a result, more and more people threw money at dinner, threw money at the time of buying clothes and squandered their money desperately. When we asked him why, his answer was justified – “In order The pursuit of quality of life, in order to pay attention to the quality of life.

life? quality?

What do these two things mean?

If we say that having money and satisfying many material conditions is called quality of life, do not all rich people have a quality of life while the poor do not have a quality of life?

If you say that education will have a quality of life, are not all college students have a quality of life, no education will not have quality of life?

If there is quality of life in urban areas, is it that rural people do not have quality of life? Is not all urban people have quality of life?

The answer is no. Shows that the quality of life is not a class, a region, or even a certain era of the patent. The ancients can also have the quality of life, poor people, country people, artisans, farmers can have a quality of life. Because, the quality of life is a kind of good spirit, is to seek the best style and way under the limited conditions, this is the quality of life.

The artisan makes a table chair perfect and impeccable, is the quality of life.

Farmers planted paddy rice in the best harvest, is the quality of life.

The poor buy a bread belly, that the same five dollars where you can buy the best quality bread, is the quality of life.

Housewives to buy a piece of tofu, spend the least money to buy the best tofu to eat, is the quality of life.

The whole community can abandon the bad things and seek the best possible. The society will have a quality of life. Therefore, our greatest worry about the quality of life is not the bad taste of a small number of people, but most people’s loss of good spirit.

In such a society, people often mistakenly think that they are outspread, extravagant, and waste is the quality of life. They gradually lose the reality of the quality of life and thus lose their ability to judge the quality of life. They have to chase famous brands and use famous perfumes and clothing , Leather shoes, and even the house built by the architect, to affirm the quality of the life of oneself, which is why the flood of famous brands in modern society.

Rich people from head to toe, from the house to the car, from the audio to the television are brand names, many of those brand-name people forget their own name.

Most people Xin envy, heart abject, think it is the quality of life, so try every means to pursue the “quality of life”, and even get power and disdain, with hate death. Do not you see the hooligans caught by the police, wear Rolex, open the car imports, the whole body is a brand?

The real quality of life is to return to self, clearly measure their abilities and conditions, and pursue the best things and life under limited conditions. Further, the quality of life is due to long-term cultivation of the spirit of seeking good, so confident, have a rich heart, outside, there are sensitive intuitions to find the best things in life; Spiritual space.

The quality of life is so simple. It is not from comparison with others, but their own personality and style of performance.