Learn to understand a man wo n 11 advice to the woman

guide language: about less than 5% of the Chinese girl can is very understand men. Most can be said to be the dark, or quite far wrong. The reason is that they either actual contact with men too little; Either by misleading too much. They don’t like rational summary and thinking, so only the wrong conclusion from the limited experience.

to learn to understand a man wo n the 11 advice for women

1, should be more cool.

instead of impending nuptials, begged, than take time to look pretty packed and pays photogenic, even like the boy see a lot of other men is the pursuit of their own. Man is like this, a woman’s suitor, the more the more I think she is attractive.

2, rather than to a person emotionally constantly pay, rather than spend more time trying to improve their appeal.

a man of feeling, don’t like women so much.

3, should have more date, less to go to bed (or other intimate contact).

let a man feel have a chance to catch up with you, but can not get. The most can lift the man’s appetite. Men generally choose pursuit objective is: among those interested in goal to choose a most likely to catch up with.

so create opportunities and the type of wrap himself as a man interested in is the two elements of popular women. If a man get easily, usually will soon tired of. So, don’t literally go to bed, if necessary, let him taste a little sweet.

4, extensive cultivation, don’t hang in a tree.

to believe three toad of leg not seek, two legs of the man and the land is. Through party, fellowship, dating, a net friend, marriage bureau, etc., many contacts conditions suitable male friends (of course, you must learn to protect themselves, pay attention to safety).

it’s useless to dream light sitting at home, only by constantly practice to combine theory with practice and gradually increase their IQ in love. Every day boring in purdah, prince waiting to be discovered, the probability and the lottery.

5, the key points of chasing boys; not die to tie up lousy dozen of.

if a girl like a boy, suggested that are the most efficient way. Blatant profession is not a good idea, everyone will face this was refused, and the girl will appear very drop!

suggested can be often regards, often go around, but want to keep a certain distance, showing their own advantages, so in the usual communication can get to know each other. If the man is not a fool, or not too shy, the time is right he would do with you! If a man if it is a special introverted, when are you sure he likes you, you can do with him directly.

6, more communication, more listening, more know each other need anything, don’t take it for granted, wishful thinking, kind do bad things.

a man and a woman are two very different animals, the two get along with almost every moment in the misunderstanding. Especially in the case of both sides feel good, is very common to outdo each other because of anger. A lot of times, it is pride and prejudice destroyed a rare fate.

most girls don’t know much about the reasonable and the rational communication, often show the unruly wayward, narrow-minded, or even impossible. Occasionally a few strong interpersonal communication skills, also most is plain. Better the condition of women often have a kind of wrong, think to fall in love should be a men chase women, spoil a woman, coax a woman, I knew there is no need to cater to the other party. There are a lot of women think elegant taste, temperament, but completely don’t understand a man, also not put shelves and man communication, destined to narcissistic, crowds.

actually good at communication in the importance of the relationship between men and women, far more than the so-called taste and temperament. So, if you can do both physical attractiveness, and understanding man, good at communication, basic is invincible in the man there.

Why difficult to have true friendship between men and women? There are four deep level reasons!

is there real friendship between men and women? This is a very old and more controversial topic, I am often asked all the time. Here, I think that it is easy to talk about my opinions.

why difficult there is friendship between men and women

there is no doubt that there are real friendship between men and women. Is only, this relationship tend to be more vulnerable, at the same time, in the eyes of the secular, also can appear some & other; Special & throughout; Just.

its weak reason, mainly reflects in:

one of, true friendship, often is the heart and heart communication, need to have a certain number of independent illicit close sex. But the friendship between men and women, are often difficult to grasp the scale.

this scale, on the one hand, because of the parties often lacks bottom spirit, on the other hand also has the outside world public opinion and pressured by the related personnel.

and these two effects, is not only the objective, also is a subjective subconsciousness. It would be like, we don’t want to do something, but always someone remind us & other; Don’t do STH. & throughout; , then we’ll keep telling myself in silence, must be careful, be careful, after a long time, our minds will be polluted by such warning, even will not consciously go toward that aspect to think about it, until the tie really did that thing.

why difficult there is friendship between men and women

second, in fact, one of the world, the most unstable, difficult to grasp the most is the heart.

so, never use & other; Forever & throughout; To define any kind of interpersonal relationship. Is not only the friendship between men and women, any other relationship.

third, most of the friendship between men and women, are often limited to a certain stage of life.

decided to these stages, in addition to the person’s own emotional and psychological factors, there is love, marriage, maternity and child.

if for such a relationship, can’t put freely, or cannot comply with the rules of the development of things or Suggestions for the don’t start!

4, any kind of relationship, cannot be truly pure single.

why difficult there is friendship between men and women

love always have affection and friendship, good friendship may also have to love, love also can have the best friendship. Is the same between friendship and love, they often can be transformed each other, is not only between men and women, actually friendship between gay also very love. Such as: good gay friend, brother, best friend, we are often unable to emotional colour to distinguish whether it is love or friendship, it would not have been so artificially imposed on gender distinction.

however, there is some real friendship between men and women are. Just based on the above four kinds of reason, the friendship between men and women to men and women both parties tend to have higher requirements, and there’s sort of period of time. Such relationships, tend to cause social public opinion more attention, with the people around me always cooked on the fire and the sun to be basked in the following, the term of quality is always hard to avoid much affected by the point or challenge. (articles from the wind: the sky always blue)

God does not care for me!!!!!!! Confessions from the six “single dog”

in this winter morning, someone help you with your warm heart, wrapped in a by each other, foot rub, rub each other, love also came this overflow & hellip; & hellip; Sounds like a sweet, don’t think slanting, intentional can slowly appreciate.

some people say that wanted to experience didn’t also way, because of what? Women are not perfect, too. There is always a question in the heart, look forward to a woman for you to fill your shortcomings, but this disadvantage you all don’t know that women still have what method to save you?

came several uninvited ~ today is a big man, just to listen to the man, what happened?

love god does not care for me!!!!!!! From the six big & other; Single dog & throughout; Confessions of an

1. The most cowardly men make women hate, got no love compassion

I’m Jacky, my mother said it would help me to take this name for a reason, because the future I can be more outstanding, make the people around wowed, yes, now I am the glasses to my colleagues, I am a office worker, graduate school, directly to the enterprise to work, I left side of the relatives and friends all think I’m quite outstanding, when holding the expected named mother, the son is very proud for me, and the mother is also have been looking forward to, look forward to marry a daughter-in-law.

I am a man who never fall in love, actually this is I this life the most sad thing, after all, I have 35 years old, I have a good job, but I don’t know why so many women, not a value me, although I also very hard in the company, often let a person look down on, the pressure is I always can’t go home, worried about side relatives worship so disappear, also don’t want to get my mother’s dream to break, so I have to busy holiday as an excuse to often precipitation yourself, this is the behavior of escape!

in the environment of society see their most side, before the day of the school life is very happy, in order to meet their own needs, began to try to make friends, through the colleagues, friends meet girls, want to further contact with them, in the face of the girl’s performance is not very natural, often there are girls and I said, & other; Think how are you bored & throughout; , & other You good words! Throughout the &; , & other Everyday you so quiet? Throughout the &; , no matter work or love, is a setback for me… .

2. Are you playing cafe? Liao’s?

I? Work in Taipei, I am a hair stylist, I love to play! You come home from work at night love running club or bar, this is the place where I liberation pressure. I love history can make another series, because I am good in appearance, a woman to seduce me every day.

to be honest I’m a little tired for a one night stand, looking for a good woman, or a woman for long-term relationship, because there is no such experience, couldn’t find such a girl, the woman is always the same frequency.

breakfast before going to a shop to buy breakfast, this girl is my ideal girl, I started to pursue, then I am very confident, chasing a woman I am first-class, girls go out with me and hit me a slap, immediately rejected my request which woman? ! To my quality face, with the other women already have a crush on me, but the girl said a word to me, she actually said I & other; Nausea & throughout; , I am really sick?

What is the difference between chase and liao, exactly?

a reader asked me, & other; Uncle, we talked for two months, he always seconds back to me, it represents what ah? Throughout the &;

I reply: & other; Playing with mobile phone on his behalf. Throughout the &;

she cannot hide lost ground to say: & other; Isn’t that mean he love me & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

at the end of the can understand her mood, each other all the behavior of ambiguity, but silent together.

in fact, a relationship, if you have struggled to find proof that he likes you, it is not so like most.

seconds back, brown sugar water, in the air little ambiguity and micro letter in the early evening, exactly & other; Liao & throughout; Or & other; Chase & throughout; ?

I hope, after finish see below, do you think of the man who did not let you down.

and liao, what’s the difference?

liao is artful, is chasing prevaricated

feeling, can let he artful prey, prevaricated is like.

from the beginning, when I was a student & other; Love & throughout; Is sincerely and awkward:

in front of the person you like, air is a little bit ambiguous immediately blush, stuttering change the subject.

been booing when denied and the dustbin dozens of imperfect love letter, evidence is concerned.

later & other; Liao & throughout; The skills, then bring casual and frivolous.

& other; he may not often say to you Drink hot water more sleep early & throughout; , also won’t directly kua you re beautiful.

but every now and then give you take some praise, then seemingly casually said, & other; Today’s lip gloss go well with you. Throughout the &;

if you said & other; I didn’t make-up today & throughout; More in his heart, then there is a: & other; Doesn’t make up also so good-looking. Throughout the &;

the people who want to chase you, open your circle of friends for countless times, fingers point can be entangled with morning.

to you of person, always can let you move all the time, in a few words is gone with the wind in the air is full of ambiguity.

people who want to chase you, will never make, mark, often can make you feel & other; This guy really want to express? Throughout the &;

Had done such a thing a woman will you accept her?

have done such a thing a woman will you accept her?

once at a conference, met a go-getters molecules, at the same time he is also a region of well-known hospital in a doctor. From SCI papers of medicine translation words said to the women’s health, don’t know why (turn, talked about the abortion.

he told me that: & other; Hospital, some experienced doctors, once saw the relevant data and test results, the preliminary judgment may be the woman with a history of miscarriage, if is husband and wife at the same time, experienced doctors will hold the man ably, or called the woman to private evil examination room, asked in a low voice so the woman can honest answer; Or in my heart there is a judgment, will not say it on the spot. Throughout the &;

I rightfully ask a way: & other; Even if the woman had a history of miscarriage, it may also be her past. Who can guarantee that when she knew she won’t and then let her pregnant people together? The history of man is no any hidden? Throughout the &;

he smiled, look at me, & other; No one man would be willing to accept such, after all, who wants that killed people in the house? Throughout the &;

I feel anything, once the use & other; Absolute & throughout; Adjectives, such as: & other; No one & throughout; , & other; A certain & throughout; & other; Throughout the &; Such as vocabulary, itself is wrong. & ndash; & ndash; Of course, I this sentence is also the same is true of, there must be an exception.

but make me shocked, not the content of he said these words, but the words from his mouth say it out, I think there is a professional medical background and high-cultural level, I don’t think treating women, respect for women and men with vision and vision in his mouth say it out, it makes me really hard to accept, even a bit disappointed.

if these words from a cultural level is low, and the narrowness, the female just as birth machine, I would not be so shocked. There is no any demeaning to no culture, the meaning of narrow concept, the formation of these things is limited by environment and conditions, everyone is different. And & other; Have no culture, narrow conservative ideas & throughout; Is also relatively.

a such background go-getters molecules with thought, is he represents the part of his classes, and even is more than just a man, and woman’s thoughts; Not to mention the rest of the group of general views on the matter.

in some parts of the society and on certain things, treat women really very ugly.

then had a miscarriage of girl, what has become of general?

& have spent