How to wash hiking shoes

How to wash hiking shoes

Cleaning steps 1: cleaning hiking shoes clever use of toothbrush (scrapped toothbrushes can be) to remove the hidden place and the dirt at the gap, or you can also use “nylon shoe brush.”

Cleaning Step 2: Hiking shoes Brush with nylon shoe brush dust, for stubborn stains and salty, first rinse with water brushed off with a brush, and then care solution spray. (Brush to avoid contact with the metal fasteners to prevent rust.)

Cleaning Step 3: hiking shoes cleaning, it is best to stay outdoors to accept direct sunlight to dry. Drying should be solved when the shoelaces, took out insoles, mountaineering shoes to the maximum extent, then put the newspaper into the shoe to dry the water, which can speed up hiking shoes drying.

Cleaning Step 4: Do not place wet climbing shoes near heat sources, such as fire or heaters. Otherwise the leather will shrink, climbing shoes will become a small half or leather will be split.

Cleaning Step 5: If the climbing shoe’s fabric is dry and begins to lose its color, wet it as soon as possible to prevent cracking.

Cleaning Step 6: hiking shoes were washed as new, please store it in a cool, dry, dark place for the next use.

What is hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are designed for hiking and travel and manufacturing shoes, ideal for outdoor sports. Waterproof is the primary function of modern hiking shoes, waterproof breathable hiking shoes is unmatched by the general sports shoes.

The ideal mountaineering shoes opening must have enough space to wear easily even when wet or snowy. The tongue must be waterproof enough to penetrate. Narrow suture spacing to avoid water intrusion. Toes and heels need 2 to 3 layers of leather or fabric protection. Toes front hard, will not wear ice claw buckle and squeeze or tap the hard ice caused by toe injuries. More hard to increase the heel during walking, the stability of the foot, the snow downhill to tread a foothold. The purpose and choice of mountaineering shoes to maintain balance, support the body, cushioning cushioning capacity, hard soles, water resistance, shoes suitable weight, such as light shoes suitable for walking the traditional route of the light path, rather than the traditional route will 躜In the woods or rock climbing to choose the harder point of the shoes, in general, lightweight shoes can not provide enough smoothness in carrying a heavy backpack while walking in difficult terrain more need to protect their own ankle, heel and toe support force.

How to care hiking shoes

Wear before maintenance: waterproof sutures and pinholes apply, you can improve the upper and suture waterproof. The new purchase of hiking boots waterproofing agent is best to repeat the application of a period of time, the activities one to two days before the best smear, let the leather completely absorbed, after the leather was dark brown. Nylon cloth hiking boots, because the pores are not easy to waterproof, you can use silicone derivative spray.

How to wear: try not to wear a pair of shoes for a long time, prolonged wet and tired environment will shorten the life of shoes.

How to clean: general water cleaning can, but must pay special attention to cleaning, do not put in the sun, sun shine after drying is easy to open the glue, it should be placed in cool and ventilated place to make it dry naturally; Drying, the leather will become dry and easy to crack; but you can take advantage of the wet upper when the sun under the sun, not long sun.

How to store: The most avoid damp shoes, damp shoes inside and outside the water, breathable, cortical, line performance will cause damage. If you want to store more than a few months, it is recommended that you first let the shoes dry outside before storing, placed in a cool, ventilated place, shoe body pressure. Short-term storage (after normal activities) and long-term storage before the best outsole, because the insole itself is more humid.

How to repair: If you open the shoes, the first glue in the glue before cleaning, dry and then sticky.


Do not use 101/502 glue dip shoes, and some ALICE shoes may appear to open the glue problem, do not use their own 101 or 502 glue to stick stick, these two have a higher corrosion will affect the technical performance of hiking shoes.

How to wash canvas shoes

How to wash canvas shoes

Canvas shoes how to wash it? It is not as clean as leather shoes, nor as clothes can be thrown into the washing machine, so how should we wash canvas shoes to clean it? Here I will introduce to you how to wash canvas shoes.

1, do not use water directly

Do not wash the canvas shoes directly when washing, the front part of the soles and the best part of the toothbrush to brush. Take a do not use dry towel with your index finger to withstand a touch of water, and then stick some toothpaste gently toe and shoe edge to the heel part, it should be noted that the heel part should be particularly careful not to be too hard, gently rub, and finally And then wet towel to just clean the toothpaste place once, you can be very clean!

2, how to take care of the canvas part

Canvas parts, you can use the old toothbrush or soap to wash the upper surface of the detergent gently so that you can easily remove the dirt, if you encounter more dirty place to brush several times, brush clean and then use a toothbrush Water wash soap bubbles, so that you can clean the canvas part too clean.

3, try not to put the whole pair of shoes bubble into the water

Try not to put the whole pair of shoes into the water, the bubble will indeed wash very clean, but the life of the shoe will become very short, because after soaking shoes shoes, it is easy to break, so try not to soak .

4, shoelace part

The shoelace section is simple, but be careful not to leave it too lazy to keep the shoelace on the shoe and the shoe should be washed, and it should be removed and cleaned directly with soap or detergent. This will not leave ugly stains on the shoelace.

5, dry tips

After cleaning the recommendations into the ventilation and sun drying place, the best brush in the shoes with toilet paper to wrap the shoes, which is the key to laundering canvas shoes! The package will be very tangible so that shoes are very clean. It is absolutely not possible to get the shoes under the sun, which will yellow the gummy parts of the shoes and will become brittle after the gummy parts are sun-dried, so the shoes are also easily broken.

How to wash white canvas shoes

The most common cleaning method:

1, soaked shoes with warm water, do not have a long time. If possible, put a little vinegar (preferably white vinegar).

2, with pure white toothpaste to brush shoes again, then rinse clean. It is best to use a soft brush.

3, be sure to rinse clean, especially when washing the shoes with detergent, brushing shoes is best to use blisters for some time.

4, wrap the shoes by hand paper, wrap the toilet paper to the place, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

If you can not wash the stains can use white paint brush shoes 1, shoes and laces apart to wash, first with white soap to wash shoes and shoe laces again, shoes to soft shaving toothbrush rinse (canvas to light shabu , Otherwise easy to damage), then rinse with water.

2, the white gouache paint diluted with water (water do not add too much, just not thick appropriate, of course, white paint can not be more), and then toothbrush in the shoe coated with gouache, if the dirty places can be more coated .

3, the shoes dry in the ventilated place on it.


Regardless of when you wash your shoes with a transparent soap, detergent or detergent, remember to be rinsed clean with water, must not be clean because of lazy, resulting in shoes left yellow material.

According to experience, no matter what method of washing shoes, it is best to wash the shoes after the package on the toilet paper, toilet paper is as white as possible, and it is best to wrap the upper.

How to wash board shoes

Many young people love shoes, shoes represent a young, stylish, casual. How can young people do not love it! But how to wash dirty shoes so good? Let’s take a look!

Plate shoes cleaning:

1, if the shoes outsole and side (non-nylon material part), you can spray a little collar net, after ten seconds to take a soft brush gently brushing, brushing time should not be too long.

2, cleaning should pay attention to the place of the eye of the eye, to prevent metal shoe fading lead vamp more dirty. (Usually available transparent nail polish smear on the shoes eye, can prevent oxidation of metal)

3, brushing should be promptly washed with warm water or cold water to wash away the foam, minimize the erosion of chemicals on the shoes time.

4, immediately after cleaning with a dry rag to wipe clean the residual water, if with air cushion, then pay attention to the air around the water wipe clean, so as to avoid some water chemical reaction lead to plastic.

5, if the shoe pattern grip pebbles can be removed with a toothpick, because a long time holding foreign objects will make the soles of the line deformation, to a certain extent, will affect the shoe’s performance.

6, if the shoe upper cracks flawed, careful not to rub in the place where there is a laceration, it will make the wound become dirty, and even crack larger.

7, if the upper is PU material or patent leather, wipe it directly with a damp cloth, another kind of artificial leather is similar to the anti-fur material, pay special attention to the rag when cleaning the degree of wetness, in general, clean the shoes Surface, with too wet cloth but the stain will intensify the dirty.

Plate shoes maintenance:

1, when the shoes worn dirty, available water dipped in detergent gently scrub, then rinse with clean water, ventilated cool place to dry, to avoid direct sunlight and exposure.

2, avoid using heating or open flame drying, so as to avoid aging, plastic, fading and severe deformation.

3, to avoid excessive direct sun and hair dryer hot air, improper care methods will reduce the life of shoes; washing can not be a long time soaking (immersion time shall not exceed 20 minutes).

4, if stored for a long time, you should first wash the shoes clean, dry place cool and ventilated place, so that shoes have sufficient time to dry, so as not to mildew.

How to wash sports shoes

How to wash sports shoes

Wet shoes: throw the shoes into the basin, the basin filled with 2/3 of water, washing temperature not higher than 45 degrees Celsius, so that shoes are soaked with water, for general mesh shoes water can add some washing powder. Note: Do not let the shoes soak in the water, can not be thrown in the basin and soak the same clothes, and only half a day later to wash, so your shoes dry easy to open the plastic.

Wash the soles: This is very easy, with a shoe brush to brush the soles and then brush the soles, what pebbles in the soles of the plastic seam can be picked with a toothpick clean.

Wash the upper and shoes: the old toothbrush, but not the kind of old hair are curled, in fact, you can also buy a more than 3 dollars more soft hair brush new toothbrush to do special shoe brush, shoe brush also Yes, but if it is professional track and field shoes, if the usual running shoes can be too hurt the net. Brush a little soap with a toothbrush, then brush the net, which also can brush, wash the shoe must be removed before the shoelaces, rubbing the shoe with a grab on it, with a toothbrush brush tongue.

Repeatedly washed shoes 1,2 times, dirty water drained for clean water, do not brush the soap brush with a toothbrush to clean. For leather parts only with water scrub, can not add any detergent, or leather yellow, cracking phenomenon, and avoid contact with organic reagents and grease solution.

Throw water: you do not want to put the washing machine thrown, you can put the shoes in front of a sponge and more water after the first thumb squeeze some water. Then grab the middle of the soles, the direction of the heel to be in front of Oh, toe behind, began to lift your arm before and after planning a few times, the more the rejection of the shoes the better.

Drying: You can wear lace just a few holes, and then tied to the triangular clothes rack, while hanging a shoe and hanging clothes hanging in what ventilation will not be exposed to the sun to the place to dry. Precautions

Do not dry the sun when the sun should not be used to avoid heating or open fire, or your shoes will turn yellow hard.

How to wash white sneakers

Now everybody at home will have one or two pairs of white shoes, the summer is beautiful and comfortable, and it is very suitable for sports. If the white shoes are dirty, how to clean it and clean it when it is bought? No matter how to wash, white shoes always leave yellow stains situation? Here to talk about how to clean white shoes, white shoes so your white as new!

The first step, brush the sole. First of all, to use brush the most dirty place is the sole. Use a hard brush to brush the soles of your shoe soles or brushes on the brush with soap or detergent to clean the dirt. If there are stones or sand in the sole, use a small screwdriver buckle out, the texture is also clean brush.

The second step, brush shoes inside. The interior of the shoe is the easiest to forget brush, in fact, easy to accumulate sweat stains inside the sports shoes, it is also necessary to clean it. Put the trumpet brush into the inside of the shoe, brush it underneath, and rinse off with water.

The third step, brush the upper. Sneakers have different materials, different materials have different cleaning methods. Mesh part, you can use a small toothbrush brush, and then rinse. If not clean, you can use some detergent, remember to brush in one direction, or reticular areas easy to fluff. Part of the cloth can be washed directly with water, add some cleanser brush on it.

The fourth step, wrap with toilet paper. This is the most important step in cleaning white shoes. Take toilet paper, the white shoes clean all wrapped in toilet paper, according to the shape of the white shoes, the toilet paper cling to it, do not leave gaps.

The fifth step, air-dried. Put the white shoes wrapped toilet paper in a cool, ventilated place. Remember, must not be placed under the sun sun, white shoes easy to aging shoes material, reducing its service life.

How to wash mesh sneakers

For the mesh, as most of the common PV mesh surface, so you can use the old toothbrush stained with water, then brush from the inside, such as: the mesh is in front of the shoe, you should shoes from the upper to the shoes The direction of the head brush, the only way, it will not make dirty things still remain in the shoes. It is best to use a soft toothbrush dipped in soapy water gently brush it again, and then dipped in water or toothpaste with a toothbrush to the dirt brush off, and finally wrapped in white toilet paper.

After wiping the test and wrapping it, do not put it where the sun can be directly exposed, so as not to turn the white part of the shoes yellow. Should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, if the place is still a little bit of sunshine, the facial tissue can be completely wet, the shoes all covered and placed flat, so there will be no yellowing phenomenon.

Flip shoes maintenance tips

How to clean suede shoes

Flip shoes clean up more trouble, need a lot of patience. You can follow these steps:

1, ash. (Available vacuum cleaner)

2, prop up with the shoe support.

3, with a dedicated brush. Pay attention to copper wire surface treatment of heavy parts and polished parts. First with a rubber-faced brush in one direction, side seam with the side. Stains focus on the ring rubbing, then rubbing the wire.

4, wipe it again with a moist sponge, the upper wet. The purpose is to deal mainly with water-soluble substances.

5, shake the detergent spray on the surface. Repeatedly brush with a rubber brush to remove the stains on both sides of the fiber, dirty foam with a tide sponge suck dry.

6, dry ten minutes, wait a little dry hair, and some moist with a rubber-faced brush in one direction, the hair spread, finishing.

7, dry for half an hour, wait for the shoe soles inside the newspaper after the newspaper is protected, sprays the renewal agent evenly 15 cm away from the shoe. Renewal agent contains a light agent, colloid (to enhance the adhesion of other substances), pigments, solvents (soluble mixture of substances) and so on. The main purpose of spray update agent is complementary color. Black shoes and so easy to wear for a long time, the best qualifier.

8, dry with rubber smooth brush again, so that the same color.

9, finally put desiccant collection

Flip shoes cleaning tips

How to clean fur shoes? Here to talk about cleaning flip hair tips and hoping to help everyone!

First with a plastic brush to the floating ash, shake well before use, about 15CM away from the leather can be evenly sprayed. (Before use with a soft cloth or newspaper will be filled with shoes inside the cage) In addition to these types of nursing products available in specialized leather shoes shop, to the general supermarket can buy, ask the salesman on the line.

Shun fur growth direction, with a pig brown soft brush to remove the skin floating ash. If it is found after the long-term use of fur surface bleaching situation, how to maintain this flip shoes? Copper wire brush can be used along the fur growth direction in the whitening Department and then gently blowing hair (this is a special method of use, should minimize the use of), due to turn the skin surface is a natural two-color effect, so even if there is a little The white condition can be regarded as leather features.

Flip shoes how to clean the grease

Turn the fur shoes drip oil, if the dry erase is not rubbed. Scrub with a damp cloth first, then dry in a cool, ventilated place after scrubbing. When the shoe surface is dry and non-dry, then use a bristle brush dipped in some hair powder, light brush on the upper vamp will vamp up. After blowing air continuously, the hair can be restored to its original shape.

When cleaning the fur shoes, it is recommended to use a special cleaning agent for fur shoes, shaker on the shoe upper, flip fur shoes dripping oil, then brush the rubber surface with repeated brush to remove the stains on the fiber surface. Staining at the focus of circular motion rubbing, then rubbed with copper wire surface. Dirty foam soaked in tide sponge. Dry ten minutes, such as hair a little dry, and some wet with a rubber-faced brush in one direction, the hair spread, finishing. Hang half an hour.

Turn over fur shoes to dry after half an hour to complete, and so on after the shoe soles dry newspaper protection, 15 cm away from the shoes evenly spray update agent. Turn the fur shoes dripping oil, then the need to use more agents. The main purpose of spray update agent is complementary color. Black shoes and so easy to wear for a long time, the best qualifier.

Flip-flops decontamination tips: Flip-flops shoes oiled with dirt, with alcohol and yellow rice noodles into a paste applied to the upper, the yellow rice noodles after drying out, that is, remove the dirt . If your flip leather shoes oil but not too dirty, then use an ordinary clean scouring pad dry wipe, the effect is unexpectedly good.

How to maintain snow boots

Four major snow boots maintenance methods

Snow boots Maintenance Method One: Brand-specific waterproof spray (waterproof, rain, snow)

If you buy a snow boots without waterproof coating, waterproof spray can be used to make the shoes add water. Just spray gently on the surface of the boot, and then allow the boot to dry for 10 minutes before wearing it. Enhance the waterproof boots can protect boots to avoid the oil or sewage on the boots, and can extend the wearing life of boots. If the boots are accidentally wet, spray them with a new protective coating when the boots are dry. The best time to spray waterproof boots for boots is when the boots are up to date.

Snow boots maintenance methods two: brand suede care brush

Brush gently along the bottom edge of the boot brush dust, handle brushes, hair is relatively tough, dirty parts of the surface of the body easier to clean up, brush gently along the bottom edge of the brush to remove dust , A sequential wipe, do not wear the cortex, especially dirty place repeatedly wipe. Wipe with a towel after wiping the care brush.

Snow boots maintenance methods three: brand-specific cleaning care agent – suede renovation agent

Dedicated cleaning agent, using the latest scientific research formula, together with a dedicated velvet care brush, to achieve the best cleaning results, make the snow boots a new look, buy intimate, comfortable to wear, with peace of mind.

Snow boots maintenance methods four: snow boots shoes tablets

Snow boots, shoes can make your baby upright type, usually worn on weekdays, but the soft sheepskin boots can not be as ordinary leather as upright, so snow boots shoe pieces can make your baby upright and stylish, not Worried about the variant aliasing.

How to clean snow boots

1, use cold or warm wet snow boots body, but do not over-soaked, it is very important not to use hot water to clean, because it will reduce the adhesive soles of shoe soles and damage natural leather scalability, causing the sole Glue and shoes shrink.

2, the correct method of cleaning is to use a clean sponge brush or soft brush thoroughly and thoroughly scrub the entire shoe body surface. You can also use a bristle brush to help clean the process. Once brushing rinse clean shoes, snow boots can be placed in the washing machine for a few minutes to remove excess dry boots.

3, snow boots need to place the natural dry, remember not to use the dryer to dry or let the boots in the hot sun exposure. Dry up the soles of the entire body upside down, the shoes will be completely dry in a day or two, you will find that once the shoes have been completely dry, the shoe body will be a little contraction, do not worry, this is a normal phenomenon. After wearing about an hour, the shoes will restore a warm and comfortable wearing feeling, and more importantly — boots clean and beautiful.

4, clean clean dry boots can be used with CGM waterproof spray to enhance the water resistance of boots. Once the boots are fully treated, you can use a special fluff care brush gently brushing the shoe body surface in one direction, to help restore natural velvet suede surface natural beautiful smooth texture appearance.

If you follow the correct cleaning method described above, snow boots can maintain the life of several years.

Snow boots cleaning code Remember:

If possible, do not soak the shoe body.

Do not use knit softener.

Do not use any artificial heating to dry.

Do not in the sun exposure.

Do not dry clean.