Carpet cleaning

What is the carpet cleaning method

Carpet washing method

Scope: chemical fiber carpet

Equipment: carpet brush, sprayer, suction machine, carpet cleaner


1, first with a vacuum cleaner or broom go to dust.

2, the detergent diluted, sprinkled on the carpet.

3, wait 10-15 minutes, then water pumping.

4, if there is a water machine can naturally use a suction machine to absorb the net carpet, can also be used to blow hair.

Dry cleaning carpet

Application: pure wool carpet


1, or use a vacuum cleaner or broom to go to dust

2, with a dedicated cleaning agent for local stains separately.

3, then dilute the high foam cleaner.

4, when cleaning, you can use a larger comb to wash the carpet.

5, until the carpet is dry, then clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a clean broom.

Carpet cleaning tips

1, with flour, salt, talc water to reconcile, add white wine, the mixture heated, transferred into a paste, after cooling, the paste cut into small pieces sprinkled on the carpet, with a dry brush.

2, Soak the broom soap (try not to touch too much water), then sweep it again on the carpet, and then sprinkle some salt and then sweep, the salt can absorb dust.

3, edible oil stains: detergent can not be cleaned, you can use alcohol to clean.

4, fruit juice stains: You can use citric acid or soap to clean, with alcohol is also possible.

5, coffee tea stains: you can use glycerine solution

6, ice cream stains: you can use petrol wipe test.

How to clean the carpet under the dust

For most families are using a vacuum cleaner carpet cleaning dust, but a long time, it is often difficult to work. Here are some ways to do when your vacuum cleaner can do nothing.

1, take a piece of old sheets, soaked in water after wringing. Tiled on the carpet, then beat with a stick, the dust will be wet sheets adsorption. If a cleaning is not clean, repeatable operation.

2, take the fine salt sprinkled on the carpet, with a broom to sweep dust on the carpet a lot, you can use the broom soaked with soap and water to sweep the first sweep 1-2 times before removing salt. The broom should always be dipped in soapy water or swill.

3, take flour 600 grams, 100 grams of salt, 100 grams of talcum powder to reconcile water, add 30 ml of white wine, mixed heated, transferred into a paste. After cooling, evenly applied to the carpet, to be dry and then brush (do not wet) and flannel to clean, to clean up.

Carpet cleaning process

Carpet cleaning program

First, the ordinary carpet cleaning:

1, first with high-power vacuum cleaner will have a lot of dust or serious pollution of the area vacuuming.

2, the carpet cleaner, oil agent diluted in proportion to water and injected into the foam box.

3, if the first cleaning, the first unobtrusive place to try to see if the carpet fade.

4, with “Z” shape uniform cleaning carpet, cleaning at the same time using high-power suction machine to blot out the water stains in the carpet.

5, open the window after cleaning, or open the air conditioner so that the carpet dry naturally, generally after 24 hours to completely dry.

Second, wool carpet cleaning:

1, vacuuming: The first step is to use a vacuum cleaner full vacuum, especially on the ground solid waste and objects need to be cleaned.

2, partial treatment: with a special detergent on the carpet of grease, fruit stains, coffee stains alone for processing.

3, diluted carpet foam cleaner: the detergent into the box diluted.

4, hand brush treatment: hand brush handle the edge of the carpet, the corner and the machine pushed to where.

5, dry foam brushing: equipped with a bubbler, carpet brush single disc sweeping machine, dry foam scrub the carpet. Cleaners and other cleaners have a role in the carpet after repeated brushing work.

6, carding: carpet comb or rake comb carpet hair, which is very important to the appearance of the carpet, especially the longer fiber velvet carpet, but also to speed up the role of carpet drying.

7, suction sewage: carpet hair so completely dry, then vacuum cleaner to absorb dirt and dry bulb crystals

Home carpet cleaning

Commonly used home carpet cleaning steps

1, the carpet hanging or tiled, with a vacuum cleaner or broom dust.

2, and then dilute the cleaning agent sprayed on the stall. Wait patiently for 10 minutes and wash with water.

3, a suction machine can naturally use a suction machine to clean the carpet. No air machine to dry naturally.

Home carpet dry cleaning steps (for pure wool carpet)

1, first with a vacuum cleaner or broom dust.

2, local stains with a dedicated cleaning agent alone.

3, diluted with high foam cleaner, while cleaning with a large tooth comb comb.

4, wait until the carpet dry, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a clean broom simple clean.

Carpet cleaning tips

1, with a soaking soapy water broom, sweep the carpet again, and then sprinkle salt on top of it, because the salt can absorb dust.

2, juice stains, can use citric acid, soap, alcohol cleaning.

3, water, flour, salt and talcum powder, mix well, add a little white wine, mixed with heat, transferred into a paste, cut into small pieces scattered on the blanket, with a dry brush can brush.

How to choose carpet cleaner

The market, a lot of carpet cleaning agent. So how to pick cleaning agent? What kind of cleaning agent easy to use?

1, high foam carpet cleaner. This type of cleaning agent is rich in a variety of surface activity, with decontamination, anti-corrosion, whitening, adding light, but also to extend the life of the carpet. Use this product is best to 1:30 ratio of water rinse. Using this type of cleaning agent will make the carpet more vivid and reduce electrostatic and dust absorption.

2, low foam carpet cleaner. These products are rich in surface activity and brightener, softener, the ability to quickly clean the oil, can be safely used in various types of material carpet. According to the degree of oil stains, use the ratio of 1: 20-1: 30 water distribution. The use of the product to avoid carpet sticky, moldy.

3, dry foam carpet cleaner. These products are rich in active agents, carpet protectants, to anti-corrosion, whitening, suitable for cleaning various types of material carpet. This type of cleaning agent can make the carpet bright and fluffy, reducing static electricity and dust adsorption.

4, carpet oil treatment agent. This type of detergent is a strong detergent, can dissolve the depth of the carpet surface dirt, but should not be used to clean the carpet surface. Because of this alkaline detergent, oil stains, coffee stains, juice has a special cleaning effect.

5, defoamers. It is a highly concentrated product specifically designed to remove residual foam used in cleaning carpets and foam products to quickly eliminate large amounts of foam.

How to care for the carpet

Not only people want to maintain, but also to maintain the carpet. Maintenance process to accumulate some small experience.

1, except scorch marks. If the carpet inadvertently burnt, you can first scrub the place with a hard brush to brush off. Then cut the carpet elsewhere and glue it to the charred area. Then use a book pressure on it, waiting for the adhesive to dry naturally. Finally brush gently comb can be.

2, regain the bright colors of the blanket. The first night with salt sprinkled on the carpet, the next day up with a clean warm rag to remove the salt, the carpet will restore the bright colors.

3, to animal oil stains. Cotton can be stained with high purity gasoline wipe.

4, fruit juice, beer stains. First moistened with a soft cloth detergent solution, then add a little vinegar solution with warm water scrub.

5, daily brush suction method. Usually you can brush the comb with a rolling blanket, brushing dust or dust adhesion, with a vacuum cleaner vacuum.

6, regular cleaning. Frequent pedestrians usually carpet, to be prepared to fight bubble machine, regular cleaning with dry foam cleaning method to remove dirt.