Can the wool be washed?

Can the wool be washed?

Many of my friends also asked the wool to be washed, Xiaobian concluded a bit, I hope for your help.

Can I wash the wool? I think before answering this question, let’s take a look at the material of the wool – wool. Wool is an important raw material for the textile industry, which has the advantages of good elasticity, good hygroscopicity and good warmth. However, due to the high price, the use of non-woven fabric is not much used. The use of good wool production of non-woven fabrics, limited to needle-punched paper blankets, high-level needle felt and many other high-level industrial fabrics. Wool processing is generally used in the short hairs, shaggy, through the acupuncture, stitch and other methods of production carpet care pad cloth, acupuncture carpet sandwich layer, thermal insulation materials and other products. This type of wool varies in length, with heterozygosity, spinnability, processing more difficult, the product can be post-chemical treatment to improve the quality. Therefore, the general wool will be more expensive, and whether it is in the washing or collection has a lot of stress. I think that’s why so many people ask the question, “Is it possible to wash the wool?”

That wool can be washed? Wash wool to be aware of what? Wool is generally do not need to be cleaned. If contaminated with dirt to determine when cleaning, please use dry cleaning detergent or send dry cleaners dry cleaning.

Wool is being maintained

First, the use of the process of maintenance

1, when removed from the package, dry in the sun for 2-3 hours, and pat the quilt, the quilt will restore flexibility.

2, please add quilt cover and other objects, and about a week intervals in the sun at the time to dry. To the best of ten o’clock to o’clock in the afternoon at 3 o’clock, positive and negative dry 2 hours can be.

Second, the maintenance after use

1, before storage, dry shelter 4-5 hours, until the quilt cool and then folded.

2, the 2-3 particles of anti-insect repellent such as wool was in the jacket after a plastic bag sealed, please place in a dry place.

3, quilt store, avoid stress. Very easy to deform.

Now that you know the answer to the question “Can wool be washable?” Anyway, if you think your wool is really looking for cleaning, I suggest you take it to a dry cleaner. The only way to ensure the quality of the wool is.

Wool is good or silk is good

Wool is, silk is the pros and cons of which is better? Cold winter night, the most comfortable than to hide in the warm blanket, enjoy a comfortable and comfortable dream. A warm winter is the source of a dream, a good quilt, must be warm and dry, gentle and breathable. There are many types of winter quilts, mellow turn of the real wool is, soft and skin-friendly mulberry silk … What kind of the best? May wish to let us see, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of winter has.

Wool is


1, increase the depth of sleep: According to the experimental results of authoritative agencies, cashmere bedding products can make people more than 25% of deep sleep time, keep the heart rate slowly and smoothly and can be very close to the skin.

2, hygroscopic Paul dry, cool in winter and warm in summer: the body will rule out a lot of water during sleep, cashmere unique molecular structure of water vapor can be sucked into the hollow structure, cashmere can absorb more than 35% of its own weight of water vapor without moisture Sense, and quickly ruled out, so you can keep warm and dry when cold, but also breathe cool when hot.

3, fluffy soft, non-knot: cashmere has a natural elasticity of at least 40%, cashmere is compressed to restore the original thickness of more than 90%, so as to maintain fluffy, soft, non-knot.

Disadvantages: wool may be damp smell, relative to the duvet and silk was, wool is more heavy, a slight sense of oppression, not soft enough.

Silk was


1, feel smooth, comfortable and skin-friendly. Silk is the world’s most recognized as the softest, healthy natural fiber, very fluffy

Well, covered in the body is very gentle; grasping the quilt by hand, you can feel the natural silk was smooth.

2, light and warm, so that no cardiovascular load. Silk is light and warm, no need to pressure other heavy quilt ,.

The heart and blood vessels in the sleep to withstand excessive load and pressure, make sleep more sweet.

3, prevention of rheumatism, arthritis. In natural silk, contains a material called “hydrophilic side amino acids”

It quickly and effectively absorb the moisture inside, and by virtue of a good fetal dialysis dialysis, so that the blanket to maintain dry and wet, and

To prevent rheumatism, arthritis effect.

Disadvantages: silk was light and warm nature is difficult to take into account. For the elderly and infirm, due to poor neuromodulation, often feel not enough warm and comfortable.

How to choose wool

How to choose wool? Xiaobian summed up a bit, come and see it.

The first one: see! General wool is

Will have a zipper on one side, opened, the first, look at the color of wool. Not the more white the better, authentic Australian 9-month-old sheep’s wool is beige, if too white, indicating that the original quality of wool is not very good, decontamination to the more complex procedures may have damage to the surface protein . Second, depends on the thickness of the fiber right and wrong. According to the International Wool Bureau certification delineation, usually 2 to 3 inches long, the fineness of the wool in the 28 to 32 microns is most suitable to do wool, too thin and too thick are not good. Third, look at the package cloth. Outer cloth must not be coated (similar to the kind of light curtains), so it is likely inside the wool grease rate, impurity removal are not customs, with the outer layer to prevent leakage.

The second measure: smell! Smell the taste of wool, through the carbonation, cleaning, combing the wool will not have any odor, including sheep’s taste.

The third measure: touch! Feel the softness of cloth, if the quilt hair stiff or crisp, it may be a sponge or coating fabric, such quilt comfort and may be excessive formaldehyde.

Myth: Guo Mao did not Australia Mao good?

Australian wool produced from the soft and delicate Fairview Connaught, domestic wool in the quality gap. But now most domestic enterprises produce wool products are purchased from Australia, which is commonly known as Australian wool, and then processed at home; even if the domestic wool, as long as large enterprises produce, through national maintenance, especially hanging International Wool Bureau Mark certified products, processing technology and quality are trustworthy.

Myth # 2: Wool can only be covered in winter?

Wool’s warmth is good because it has the dual effect of wicking and sweating, and the same is true for summer as wool is insulated with cotton to keep the popsicles free. The difference is that the summer of the wool is more lightweight, weighs less than 1kg; there are also long in the material for special treatment, so suitable for summer air-conditioned room with the use of cool wool was thrown.

Misunderstanding three: can only take care of the sun?

The wool that can be taken care of by the sun alone has the advantage of convenience. However, experts suggest that if the premise promised, or is the choice of machine washable wool is better. This type of wool is superior in the carbonization of the wool, so the wool has better elasticity and anti-felting properties.