Can silk be sun?

Can silk be sun?

More and more people are using silk, but many people do not know how to maintain silk. Because of the high price of silk, so usually pay special attention to maintenance methods. First silk can be sun it?

1, silk can be sun, but not exposure. Because long-term exposure to the silk will be easily spoiled. Although it is often said that the drying quilt is bactericidal, in fact, the exposure time can not be too long.

2, the newly bought silk can not be prolonged exposure. Because the newly bought silk will be the taste of silkworm pupa, generally we will be placed in a ventilated position. And come out once every two weeks, then gently tap. However, it is not recommended for prolonged exposure.

3, half a month or a month drying time. In silkworm silk was, the time control in 3-4 hours, both positive and negative sun.

Can silk be washed?

Silk can be sun, then silk can not be washed it? The answer is no. If you buy silk is 100% silk, washing will make the quilt worse. why?

1, the function of silk. We all know that silk is silkworm silkworm cocoon secretion of fiber, is a natural silk. The silk has a good moisture absorption, breathable, soft, but the silk will be concentrated after the deformation of water.

2, affect the life of silk. After being washed by silk, the silk shrinks into lumps, loses its inherent loftiness and warmth, and can not be used normally. It seriously damages the internal fiber structure of silk and greatly affects its longevity.

The benefits of silk

About 97% of the composition of silk is a pure natural animal protein, with human skin close, so have a good skin-friendly. Originally silk enough soft, slender, is the people’s favorite green health bedding. What are the benefits of silk?

1, green. Because silk is silkworm silkworm secreted fiber, silkworms generally eat only mulberry leaves, does not contain any chemical pesticides, is a pure natural green products.

2, soft and comfortable. The composition of silk is silk fiber, is the industry’s “Queen of fibers”, also known as “the second human skin,” care of delicate skin.

3, beauty beauty. Because the silk contains 18 amino acids, the female, baby skin nourish the amount of effect. Often used silk, women can extend aging, the baby can place skin allergies.

4, high air permeability. Because silk is highly breathable, to quickly absorb sweat, take away the heat, reduce the temperature within the quilt. So do not be afraid boring stuffed baby.

Can the wool be sunblown?

Wool can be sun, but the same can not be exposed. Because the wool is made of curly wool, the material contains a lot of air, and the air heat transfer rate, to prevent cold air into the high thermal insulation. At the same time, the wool is very soft, the quality of the human body to promote sleep. So, usually when the sun was wool, it is recommended not to choose the time of the sun and the sky, so choose the morning sun wool is the best. High temperature will make wool oil changes, resulting in changes in the composition of the wool structure, because the best drying 1-2 hours to achieve sterilization, to moisture. If you find the quilt dirty, do not wash, can only choose dry cleaning.