By spectrum? Experts suggest that the legal marriage age dropped to 18 years old!

guide language: recently, when everyone is what get married fuck broken heart. Pinched his fingers at the end of 2015 when marriage can make a late marriage leave, heard advice He Yafu hair article population in early 2016, the legal age of marriage to 18. Previously, there is also a NPC suggest reduce the legal age for marriage, but marriage is 18 years old in funny?

experts recommend legal age to 18 (image: canopy originality. Graphic has nothing to do.

small make up brush found that 18 of the legal age for marriage is not high.

in ancient times, the human life is not high, low productivity and other reasons, men and women married very early age. At that time, the legal age for marriage is mainly composed of a biological sense of the human physiological needs to decide.

due to women’s 14 years old, have mature man 16 years old or so, start with fertility. Tang and song dynasties men shall be 15 years old, women need to full 13 years old; Yuan dynasty: the men and women must be 15 years old; Ming and qing is male 16, female 14 years old.

in medieval Europe, the legal age of many countries around the age of 12.

along with the progress of The Times, the legal age for marriage begins to be late.

first of all, the modern medical science thinks premature birth against both maternal and child health.

second, in determining the legal age for marriage in addition to consider the physiological factors, but also with social factors.

if women have a chance to accept education, to women who marry from various unfavorable factors; Both men and women in the psychological maturity; Can the economic independence and so on.

once again, the legal age for marriage or regulating the small population, improve the legal age for marriage to control population growth.

so, with more and more developed economy, the legal age for marriage is in our country during the period of the republic of China from the male 18 years old, female 16 years old to: male 22 years old, female 20 years old. Ethnic autonomous regions may, in accordance with the national actual situation, the legal age for flexible rules.

but, in fact, it’s not that we imagine, in the more advanced, the late legal age for marriage.

Hong Kong, China, the legal age for marriage is only 16 one full year of life.

according to the Macao special administrative region shall be the second “civil code” in the fourth article 1484 to 1479, the legal age for marriage is 16 years of age. 16 to 18 one full year of life is subject to the consent of the parents or legal guardians may get married; Or under the consent of the guardian cannot be obtained, by the court ruled that the franchise to get married.

China Taiwan legal marriage age is 20 years old. Parental consent under male 18, female 16 years of age.

most of the European and American developed countries the legal age for marriage is only about 18 & ndash; & ndash;

Denmark, Finland, Poland: male, female, 18, 21

Switzerland, Vietnam: male, female, 18, 20

Germany, Italy, men and women are 18

in Japan and South Korea: male 18 years old, female 16 years old

France: male 18 years old, female 15

UK, Greece: men and women are all 16

the Philippines: male 16, female as long as 14

Spain: 16 one full year of life

United States: states is differ, part of the state provisions, if the two sides under adult age, subject to the consent of the parents to get married, Idaho, Mississippi, New Jersey and Washington state allow at least 14 year old boy, girl married to persons aged 12 or above.

a resolution passed at the UN general assembly in 1965, member states should be minimum age for marriage however shall not be less than 15 years old.

so, scholars suggest that the legal age for marriage to reduce is not funny.

in fact, our country has entered the aging of the population is a consensus. Owing to the rise in the cost of house prices high, marriage, high expectations of marriage, life and work pressure big, the marriage of modern age had been postponed. For example, statistics show that 2013 residents of Shanghai first marriage age 30.17 years for men and women at 28.19 years, respectively 0.17 and 0.89 higher than 2012 years old.

suggest to reduce the legal age, didn’t have to worry too much encouraged early marriage.

He Yafu also in the article expounds the reason of his proposed reduces the legal age for marriage: since 18 one full year of life is having a complete civil capacity of the adult, if a crime, criminal responsibility shall take full, how also not allowed to marry? If not allowed to marry, it means not having a complete civil capacity.

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