By more than 50% of the second child was born accounted to four second small is a big problem

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& other; Go home during the Spring Festival, the most afraid of be relatives and friends ask, what time do you have two children? Throughout the &; Their hometown in shandong, now work in Beijing jiajie Spring Festival is the most worry about a thing, & other; In-laws at home, many people gave birth to two children, they have been intended to push me to another. Throughout the &;

data figure: shanxi taiyuan railway station, a couple took their two children and driving in a hurry. China news agency reporters WeiLiang taken

the national bureau of statistics data show that in 2017, our second child number rose to 8.83 million people, more than 2016, 1.6 million people, two children accounted for 51.2% of births and a 11% increase over 2016, this is also our country implement & other; Comprehensive two children & throughout; Policy, for the first time in the second child was born several accounts for more than 50%.

just to two children, the women of child-bearing age population has decreased

even if the second child was born of growth, but another group of data is not optimistic. In 2017 the national birth population still down 630000 people from 2016. Why the second child birth ratio rose, births fell?

& other; I was in primary school, 1994 remember scribing entrance, a class has 40 people recruit four classes, such as when we graduated from primary school, the same area, only for the three classes, each class is less than 30 people. Throughout the &; Born and raised in Beijing, now 30, lulu, found that their seems to always catch up with the & other; When most people throughout the &; , & other; Including school, college entrance examination and have children. Throughout the &; She the college entrance examination, the examinee of Beijing for 126000 people, is the highest, and on her at that time, at the beginning of the new primary school is grade a little wet skin of tofu, to the college entrance examination only 73000 people take part in the exam.

this phenomenon is not a Beijing to exist. Thirty years ago the population of change, affecting today’s births. The value of the peak of birth population in our country in 1987, when the birth population is 25.08 million, then began to decline year by year. This means that the number of women who are reproductive age in the 20 to 29, now is reducing year by year. Last year, compared with 2016, 20 to 29 the decrease in the number of women of child-bearing age in our country nearly 6 million people. Women born population a peak in 1987, by 2017 at the age of 30.

however, even if the number of women of childbearing age in decline, & other; Comprehensive two children & throughout; Policy or contribution to population increase. 2017 years before the birth population still much higher than the average, more than in 2015 and 2015. Born in 2016 and 2017, population of more than 17 million mark, and 1786 and 17.23 million respectively, and the earlier time of 17 million mark, was in 2000.

however, the decline of child-bearing age women, is not the sole reason for the birth population decline. Because the birth rate from the point of view, in 2017, the birth rate of 12.43 & permil; , although for the second highest in nearly a decade, but from 2016 to 12.95 & permil; Still fell, women of childbearing age maternity second child will still remain to be promoted.

one more, not just because of lonely

& other; Not so much to have more one child, children are not allowed to alone, don’t let their old age than alone. Throughout the &; This year, just gave birth to two children liu told reporters that his is going to the second child, began in the year before a funeral in the family. & other; The old man died, the children together, and I suddenly realized that I as an only child, and later to deal with such things alone. If I as long as a child, the pressure he is bigger. And crucially, that if this child had an accident, and I don’t have any brothers or sisters, no one has the obligation to support me, I have no legal heir after one hundred, it has to do with my parents’ generation that there are brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. Throughout the &;

from the first generation of only children to the second generation of the one-child family present & other; Throughout 421 &; Structure & ndash; & ndash; Four old man, two middle-aged man with a child, if you don’t have a second child, the shrinking family size, also let family succession more vulnerable. & other; To have a second child, also is to let dabao know, actually not what thing is he was born with, feel at ease, free ride, the property of the two families are certainly belongs to him. Throughout the &; Said to have two children to women of childbearing age.

there are more and more one-child of childbearing age, have realized the significance of the second child to the family. However, can be pregnant with two children, has become many headaches. & other; It will graduate find a job, even if the university entrance exam and one’s deceased father grind didn’t answer read, fastest graduation also almost 25 years old. And then down a steady job, and constantly mutually close, determine the boyfriend, decorate the banquet brought a marriage certificate, a rumbling down also meant, to have children have to be 30 years old. Throughout the &; Back from overseas working weeks, says ms, & other; First the doctor said you is older, more can’t imagine to a second child. Throughout the &;

best female reproductive age between 23 ~ 30 years old, have two children, education time longer, but society as a whole makes an increasing average reproductive age. Have obstetrics and gynecology doctors said, the woman again pregnancy cesarean section is the best in the two years after the surgery, it also makes a lot of older women with two children, is not easy, working pressure also influences the female fertility.

in addition, the male fertility also affects the second child. Human sperm bank, zhejiang province, according to data from recent years to the sperm bank donors men, semen quality declining, average sperm per milliliter of semen in number from 130 million in 2005, descend to 2015 m in 067 million. Another index of sperm activity, will move forward with egg sperm percentage, from 56.5% in 2005 fell to 51.6% in 2015. In the modern society, the electromagnetic radiation, estrogen and plasticizer in food, smoking, drinking too much, long-term wear tight pants and bubble hot spring, affect male fertility and sperm quality.

response & other; Four second small & throughout; Will be a big problem

, since the birth of her second child liu found himself again to look for a job is not easy. & other; Every time the somebody else see my resume, take maternity leave twice, would ask, you have two children, still have the energy to work, who to pick up the child? Throughout the &; , but if looking for a job, not only by the husband of a person’s wages, and can’t fill a family of four needed for daily life. & other; To pay back more and more, for example, if two children later all want to go abroad, always can’t send to one another. Throughout the &;

& other; Two children in kindergarten at the same time, the tuition is $10000 a month, not after-school remedial class, the usual food, toys, clothes. Throughout the &; Now is two daughters father Mr. Huang said, & other; The key is not money, but energy and social resources, more than one child is not more than a pair of chopsticks. Will have enough energy to take care of two children with age difference, whether there is enough social resources, fair to both of them, let them can get a good development in the future? Or, I can give them a resources into two and a half to children, they could compete in the future the one-child? Throughout the &;

more to Mr Huang worry, wait for teens, two children, their parents also in and around age. At that time, how to deal with & other; Four second small & throughout; Will be a big problem. The national bureau of statistics data show that in 2016 the elderly dependency ratio is 15% in our country, children’s dependency ratio is 22.9%, are the highest since 2010, and the two proportion is rising year by year. In some big cities, the elderly and children’s dependency ratio is higher, Shanghai academy of social sciences, according to data from the city’s 2020 permanent population total raising burden will be more than 50%, the dividend disappear. A repeat of the demographic dividend one way is to encourage the second child, but it means that a generation of young people of child-bearing age have a bigger raise pressure on, form a contradiction.

the raising pressure, is not only the raising cost, there are real estate costs. & other; Chat with real estate intermediary downstairs, mother-in-law finally abandoned the idea of advised me to have two children. Throughout the &; Lulu said, & other; Her mother-in-law, said to have two, much more prepared two sets of house for them to get married in the future, how much should I pay for this? Throughout the &;