Beijing subway in compulsory indecency investigated for the first time sex maniac penalties, industry: have a deterrent effect

legal evening news & bull; View the news, in Beijing metro line 5 ceng female passengers with a lower body, in the face of the victim back to look at would not move to uncover her nakedness, bitten by resist arrest, police also early thirties hua-ping Yang is the Beijing chaoyang district court to compulsory indecency, obstructing public business sentenced to 1 year 3 months.

view news reporter learned that the subway Wolf to compulsory indecency, criterions for the conviction of the first in Beijing. The lawyer & other; Is obscene, is not a crime & throughout; Claim in court, the judge wrote in the judgment, the defendant pulled out in public organ in direct contact with the victim’s behavior, is have no prior knowledge of the victim of sexual assault, has already been completed when the defendant body organ in contact with the victim, and the victim can’t resist, this kind of behavior has both also have indecent violent, so constitute compulsory indecency.

a number of legal experts say, it’s case for blow the subway Wolf effect and deterrent.

subway Wolf

sex maniac with lron invade female passengers were an civilian police to witness

at 8 a.m. on July 10, 20, 2017 points, the Beijing municipal public security bureau of undercover investigation team engaged in an officer officer lee and his colleagues cao in Beijing metro line 5 beiyuan professional standing on the platform of () to songjiazhuang direction work, find a man continuously peep female passenger train, and for its control.

police officer lee testified that the man get on the car, he and his colleagues also together on the bus, when the train passed through DaTun road station, he saw the man behind a woman wearing a brown jacket, black skirt, will their genitals pulls out, top female passengers of the hip.

according to previous media reports, officer lee said, the man eyes looked at the young woman passenger, looking at is not very normal, he put the body with a female passenger, this female passengers to detect abnormal obviously moved many times, but was unable to get rid of, crowded car dealership to hui new west street nankou station, with the help of getting abortion female passengers move in position, to duck the moments of the body, li police officer saw the man’s nakedness exposed, then he will pull open jeans wear quickly.

the murdered woman also testified that later in the day from the metro line no. 5 LiShuiQiao south station get on the bus, she stood next to open the door, don’t open the door, and oriented at 8 20 points in the train to DaTun road station come up a lot of people, there is a man standing behind his body with the peak of her hips, her side, but the man still continues next to himself, she looked back at him, the man was down or cling to her hips is not willing to leave, after her sideways to avoid many times, but this man is not convergent, continue to top and rub.

police wound

resist arrest Wolf bite arm ten seconds police don’t let go

& other; At this moment, there are two male passenger asked me if I came across a rogue. Throughout the &; The woman testified that face asked, she admitted that are obscene, and identify the man.

the two & other; Passengers & throughout; , that is, officer lee and his colleagues. To confirm the fact that the victim, officer lee and his colleagues bright Ming identity to make arrests, during which the man resist, tried to break away. Officer lee and his colleagues grabbed his arm, the feeling be nasty under the person mouth biting officer lee right forearm, according to the officer lee’s statement, & other; This a bitten by a full 10 seconds, what all don’t let go & throughout; .

person after let go, officer lee right forearm appear obvious tooth marks, the wound is bleeding.

at this point, the more passengers come forward to help, a person as control. Then that person was sent to the police station bus corps DaTun under investigation.

according to previous media reports, lee officer later hit tetanic needle and rabies vaccine.

& other; Metro line 5 in the morning to grab a bite of sex maniac, bus corps now police station to make legal documents & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; In the evening, officer lee in weibo & other; Beijing plainclothes throughout an &; Images posted injury. On July 12, the Beijing municipal public security bureau official weibo & other; Peace throughout Beijing &; Also forward a picture of li police officer was injured.

the police was & other The subway Wolf & throughout; Bite incident was reported, netizens attention, in & other; Peace throughout Beijing &; Leave a message after weibo to strongly condemn sex maniac.

was obscene detained by public security belongs to crime again

the censored, person called hua-ping Yang, born on October 3, 1985 in henan xinxiang county, high school culture. For obscenity, impede law enforcement, in December 2008 by the Beijing municipal public security bureau haidian sub-bureau 20 administrative detention.

after appraisal, officer lee skin laceration, soft tissue contusion, the damage degree in accordance with minor injury.

on October 23, 2017, Beijing chaoyang district people’s procuratorate to compulsory indecency, obstructing public business hua-ping Yang to Sue.

court, hua-ping Yang for prosecutors accused the content of no objection. He acknowledged that in the implementation of obscene, he kicked off the pants zipper, took out genital top female passengers hip directly.

the lawyer thinks, hua-ping Yang no to violence, coercion or other means, the victim is lewd behavior, does not constitute a compulsory indecency; Relatives hua-ping Yang has been made to the police compensation, may be given a lighter punishment.

court: women with genital contact in public places is a crime shall be sentenced to

after trial chaoyang court said hua-ping Yang compulsory indecent others other ways, its behavior constituted a compulsory indecency. With violence obstructs a national office working personnel in performing duties according to law, its behavior constituted a obstructing public business, shall be punished in accordance with the law and practice the combined punishment for several crimes.

defenders on the defendant does not constitute a compulsory indecency defense opinions, as the defendant did not implement independent for the victim of violence, intimidation, but its out in public organ in direct contact with the victim’s behavior is against the will of the victim, violated the rights of the victim. This kind of have no prior knowledge of the victim of sexual assault, has already been completed when the defendant body organ in contact with the victim, the victim is not resistance; In this case the defendant with organ in direct contact with the victim the behavior of the body, not only has violent also has obscene sex; Therefore, the defendants’ ACTS constitute compulsory indecency, advice to the lawyer’s defense will not be adopted.

given hua-ping Yang can truthfully confesses crimes, has the economic loss, the compensation for police court to the punishment according to law.

on December 1, 2017, Beijing chaoyang district court in compulsory indecency hua-ping Yang was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment 1 year; With obstructing public business hua-ping Yang was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for 6 months, execution of imprisonment 1 year 3 months.

the Wolf was found guilty of compulsory indecency in Beijing first

the reporter understands from Beijing court, subway Wolf to compulsory indecency, criterions for the conviction of the first in Beijing. A number of legal experts say that the underground sex maniac precedents effects and deterrent.

in the summer of 2017, Beijing police carried out a special action to crack down on the subway sex maniac, only half a month’s time, was captured more than 20 metro sex maniac.

police said that blow & other; Wolf & throughout; Face the difficulties of including some victims are reluctant to come forward against after are violated, are not willing to cooperate with police to do the record. A plainclothes policeman tells a reporter, grasp Wolf again painstakingly again tired all not afraid, is afraid of the Lord is not cooperate, there’s almost nothing a Wolf because Lord report to provide clues to capture.

the police call for the victim, don’t because of fear, and silence, once the victim shouted, most wolves will stop the illegal behavior, and should be reported in the first time, actively cooperate with public security organs investigation, can in the shortest possible time to arrest the criminal suspect, because & other; Your silence will only make them to venture out of suitors & throughout; .

police also suggest women also have the consciousness of evidence, to seek around the masses to help to testify, or leave contact information, your fellow passengers first provided to assist in the investigation, the police will not only reflect the situation with photo or video on the Internet, after the public security organs to handle such cases need to contact shooting citizens know the situation, after upload network without actually increases the working time.

in the summer of 2017 on the sex maniac action of four hui subway station police chief Wang Jinguang told media that massive hit the Wolf action is the first time, although there are still a lot of difficulties, but the point of much more special, let the police work enthusiasm.

Wang Jinguang divides into the Wolf & other; Professional & throughout; And & other Impulsive style & throughout; . Some professional sex maniac, he says, in line with & other; Play rascal & throughout; On the purpose of transportation, and other Before we grabbed a person, place, where he lives and work across a road, only need 5 minutes’ walk. But in the morning and evening peak, he is specialized in home that stand subway, several times back and forth between two stations, in order to meet the demand of their abnormal condition. Throughout the &;

he said that if during the rush hours, the car arrived but don’t worry, instead of queuing for buses in the platform, and like the man staring at female passengers, female passengers to be careful.

he also suggests that the traffic is more moderate, but can squeeze up and not get the hand of no place to put the subway stations, sex maniac particularly easy, female passengers should be vigilant.