Australian man drought China LangCheng good catch

Australia, according to “sing tao daily” published an article in a population according to the latest survey report shows that parts of Australia Sydney & other; Man drought & throughout; . Some rich area and the north Sydney east side, facing the sex ratio imbalance problem, namely male number less than women, rich region the phenomenon is particularly obvious. At the same time, west of Sydney and some remote areas, then the experience & other; Women waste & throughout; .

Australian press: rich area in Sydney & other; Man drought & throughout; Chinese community list

the article extracts are as follows:

according to the latest census, according to a report in Sydney & other; Man drought & throughout; Areas are mainly concentrated in the rich east and north shore. In the top ten & other; Man drought & throughout; Region, the first name is he le (Woollahra), the sex ratio is 86 to 100. The second is the man (Mosman), the sex ratio is 88 to 100. The third is debao Bay (Double Bay), the sex ratio is 88 to 100. It is worth mentioning that Chinese treasure to live (Burwood) is also on the list, ranked seventh, the sex ratio is 94 to 100.

but others in Sydney, the opposite is true. Statistics of the top ten & other; Women waste & throughout; , this is the first North (Auburn North), the sex ratio is 144 to 100. The second is called darling hurst (Darlinghurst), the sex ratio is 136-136. Third, surrey Hills (Surry Hills), the sex ratio is 133-133.

overall, the number of men and women in Sydney number ratio of 98.5-100, appear & other; Man drought & throughout; The area includes the capital city all except Darwin. Sociologists aubrey McClendon (Mark McCrindle) said, needs to face the whole Australia & other; Man drought & throughout; Problem, this is a population imbalance problem of reality.

cause & other; Man drought & throughout; One of the reasons, including the women accounted for 60% of university graduates, and when they are looking for partners to have the same or higher education background of boys, and less in the female more than male cases, women are difficult to choose a spouse. To this, aubrey McClendon advised women change criteria, due to the high cost of living in Sydney, college students’ unemployment is very high, and some of the skilled workers can get high income.